Buena Vista County, IA
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Sioux Rapids High School Graduates
"The Winding Sioux Year Book 1911-1912"
Transcribed and contributed by Janice Danielson

Class of 1890

Winfield Sanderson Logan, Webb, IA
Mary Bell Ney Phipps, Sioux Rapids, IA
Luella Hoskins Fairchild, Sioux Rapids, IA
Emma Jacobson, teacher, Sioux Rapids, IA
Chas. A. Hoskins, prop. drug store, 101 Albana St., St. Paul, MN
Wallace W. Bennett, County Auditor, Storm Lake, IA
George Frazer, cannot locate
Wallace M. Struble, painter and decorator, Sioux Rapids, IA

Class of 1891

Libby Tabor McKinney, Bowdle, SD
Calla M. Hand
Mary Green, deceased
Julia Jacobson Thompson, Provo, UT
Edwin Carter
C. R. Duroe, banker, Jeffers, MN
O. A. Hoskins, editor, Kulm, ND
Martin Christenson, graduate Ames, mail clerk C & NW City

Class of 1893

L. R. White, graduate Iowa State University, merchant, Sioux Rapids, IA
L. A. Duroe, graduate Ames, hardware and furniture, Jeffers, MN
Cora Stevens Starbuck, Marion, IA
Nellie Pratt Duroe, Sioux Rapids, IA
Olivia Osmundson, deceased
Agnes Leighton Lundvall, Sioux Rapids, IA
Dona Carter EBersole, Glasgow, MT
Godfrey J. Johnson, banker, Donaldson, MN
Severt Christenson, bookstore, Sioux Falls, SD
Norma McKenzie Pearson, Manning, ND
Edwin Sickles, contractor and builder, Sioux Rapids, IA
Duane Carter, Pastor M E Church, Richfield, UT

Class of 1895

Nellie Brown Daley, 1311 S. 10th St., Omaha, NE
Birdie E. Hoskins, deceased
Mary Bennett Welch, Alton, MT
Anna Mogster Olson, teacher, Rembrandt Mail, Sioux Rapids, IA
Mayme Stevens Peterson, Spokane, WA
Belle Blount Pewsey, Sioux Rapids, IA
Ada Skinner Thomas, 104 W. Kemp Ave., Watertown, SD

Class of 1896

Ramond F. Thomas, confectionary & wholesale house, 104 W. Kemp Ave., Watertown, SD
Hannah Osmundson Nelson, Alta, IA
Olive Sickles Wright, Laurens, IA
Nubert E. Carter, Portland, OR
Daisy Murry, cannot locate
Laleta Thompson Monsrud, Humboldt, SD
Alice Skinner Carter, Windom, MN
Sarah Thorgerson Brandvold, Hauska, MN

Class of 1897

Anna Marsh Reinhart, Sioux City, IA

Class of 1898

Elilabeth Cuthbert Pulford, Sioux Rapids, IA
Charles Clancy, cannot locate
May Darnell, graduate nurse, Chicago, IL
Harry Farmer, Asst Cashier, Bank of Sioux Rapids, IA
Chas. Helsell, lawyer, Ft. Dodge, IA
James Parker, graduate Grinnell, Pastor, Morris, MN
Nelson Thompson, Baltigate, ND
Berdie Jenson, graduate nurse, 374 3rd St., Portland, OR
Lyman Johnson, lawyer, Birmingham, AL
Ottis King, corporation officer, Wayne, NE
Albert Norby Parrish, 516 Cliff Ave., Sioux Falls, SD
Oral Thurber, White, SD
Effie White Clark, 290 Jefferson St., Rockford, IL

Class of 1899

Aura Smith Jaquetta, Grand Junction, CO
W. H. Pratt, Jr., connected with bank in Chamberlain, SD

Class of 1900

Ida Leighton Thayer, 600 Central Ave., Wilmette, IL
Doubty Bennett, RR Mail clerk, 601 Iowa St., Burlington, IA
Daniel Eiler, farmer, Appleton City, MO
Nellie Cuthbert Cook, Spencer, IA
Anna Johnson, Minneapolis, MN
Agnes Mosher, teacher of mathematics, State College, Ames, IA
Eva Rae Baker, Straton, CO

Class of 1901

Eva Nesler, Palisades, CO
Lloyd Johnson, lawyer, Philadelphia, PA

Class of 1902

Clara Farmer, Sioux Rapids, IA
Jennie Halkney, stenographer for the Stove Repair Co., Ewing Bldg., Des Moines, IA
Corinne Helsell Adams, Sioux City, IA
Maud Lamb, attended Normal, primary teacher, Storm Lake, IA
DeNora Skinner, Principal of Sioux Rapids High School

Class of 1903

Clara Bennett, teacher, Grangeville, ID
Ethel Brown, deceased
Edith Byam Hayes, Ormsby, MN
Jennie Cuthbert Cone, Sheldon, IA
Frank Parker, lawyer, Jeffers, MN
Mabel Bennett, teacher, 715 14th St., Sioux City, IA
Floy Umphrey Helms, Scranton, IA
Hazel Paul, deceased

Class of 1904

Ammie Buland Eiler, Appleton City, MO
Maud Graves Strong
Virginia Helsell, Fort Dodge, IA
Madeline Jacobson
Minnie Steen, attending Normal, Cedar Falls, IA
Clara Thompson Winslow, Cedar Rapids, IA
Nellie Clough Richards, Elk Falls, KS
Geo. Farmer, lawyer, Fort Dodge, IA
Florence Jeffrey, teaching, Tyndall, ND
Gena Refsland, teacher in grammar room, Viborg, SD
Julius Osmundson, assistant cashier Bank of Sioux Rapids
Joseph Jeffrey, graduated from Morningside and the School Social Economy and received his Masters Degree at Washington University last spring, Birmingham, AL

Class of 1906

Verna Colwell Moon, Manson, IA
Frank Mosher, attending Iowa State College, Ames, IA
Jean Norris, attended the C C C in Des Moines, is Asst Cashier in Reliance, SD
Ethel Skeels, cannot locate
Henry Burkholder, farmer residing near Webb, IA
Ira Gabrielson, attending Morningside College, Sioux City, IA
Blanch Lee Leonard, Sioux Rapids, IA
Carl Roselle, studying dentistry, Iowa City, IA
Chas. Gustafson, attended C C C and graduated from Iowa City having completed the L.A., Iowa City, IA
Agnes Conley, music instructor in Minneapolis, MN

Class of 1907

Effie Thompson, instructor of music and penmanship, Waverly, IA
Clyde Cate, Assistant Cashier, Linn Grove, IA
Florence Gilmore Honneberg, Sioux Rapids, IA
Lillie Landsness, attending I S T C, Cedar Falls, IA
Morley Cate, deceased
Jessie Mills Werts, Gillett Grove, IA
Elizabeth Kidman, attending Drake University, 1153 28th St, Des Moines, IA
Edith Jeffrey, teacher 2d Intermediate, Buffalo Center, IA
Marjory Grange Burkholder, Webb, IA

Class of 1895

Minnie Johnson, teacher in primary room, Galva, IA
Mable Johnson, deceased
Guy Gabrielson, studying law, Iowa City, IA
Raymond Buland, attending Iowa State College, Ames, IA
Flossy Brown, attended Iowa State Teachers College last year, now is teacher of 2nd primary, Sioux Rapids, IA
Laura Hellell, attending Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH
Inga Refsland, deceased
Louis Bennett, attending Iowa State College, Ames, IA

Class of 1910

Everett Norris, attending Iowa State University, Iowa City, IA
Anna Umphrey, attended Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Rapids, is now at home, Sioux Rapids, IA
Beatrice Ruff, teacher, Otteson, IA
Della Streeter Tutt, Marathon, IA
Ross Clark, attending Iowa State College, Ames, IA
Erwin Northey, attending Iowa State College, Ames, IA
Arthur Cady, Assistant Cashier, Laurens, IA
Howard Watson, farmer near Rossie, IA
Ira McFarland, minister, Elliot, ND

Class of 1911

Lucy Clark, attending college, Ames, IA
Wm. Farmer, attending Iowa State College, Ames, IA
Minnie Refsland, teaching school, Sioux Rapids, IA
Mary Gustafson, attending Iowa State University, Iowa City, IA
Leonard Buland, Appleton City, MO
Geo. Johnson, Sioux Rapids, IA
Wm. Osmundson, studying dentistry, Iowa City, IA
Hilma Johnson, attending Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, IA
Edwin Conley, real estate, Minneapolis, MN
Leah Cate, teaching school, Sioux Rapids, IA

Class of 1912

Alma Olson, teaching school, Sioux Rapids, IA
Alice Jeffrey, Sioux Rapids, IA
Ana Steen, millinery, Sioux Rapids, IA
Oscar Rosell, attending Iowa State University, Iowa City, IA
Bertha Streeter Potter, Clarion, IA