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Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette; July 23, 1909
Blairstown Man Dies Suddenly
Neal Hambleton Yocum

N. H. Yocum Taken Suddenly Ill at Pullman this Morning

Complained of Being Ill While at Breakfast Table and Was Taken to Wash Room, Where He Died Shortly Afterwards - Was Prominent Lumberman

N. H. Yocum, a prominent lumber dealer and one of the older residents of Blairstown, Benton county, died at the Pullman restaurant shortly before 10 o'clock this afternoon, after a short illness which came upon him as he was at the breakfast table. As soon as it was discovered that the man was dead, Coroner King was called and after making an examination ordered the body taken to the Beatty undertaking parlors, where it is being held pending advice from his family at Blairstown. Just what caused his death is not known, but it was thought to have been a heart failure aggravated by weakness from an operation three weeks ago for appendicitis.

Taken Ill at Breakfast

Mr. Yocum came to the city yesterday with a number of friends from Blairstown to see the circus, and remained over night at the Grand hotel. He arose rather late this morning and went to the Pullman restaurant for breakfast, accompanied by two of his friends from Blairstown. Shortly after they had begun eating Mr. Yocum complained of feeling ill, and rapidly grew worse until his condition became rather alarming. His friends supposed that his illness was due to weakness from the operation and the strenuous day in the city yesterday and one of them brought him a brink of brandy, which Mr. Yocum had asked for.

After drinking the brandy the sick man was taken down stairs to the wash room and placed in a rocking chair. He seemed to feel much better, and after after talking with him a few minutes the friends went back upstairs and left him, thinking that he would soon follow them up. Shortly afterwards the porter went down to the washroom, and seeing the man lying in a rather unusual position in the chair he went up to him and was horrified to find that he was dead. He immediately notified Mr. Sprague, one of the proprietors of the restaurant. Coroner King was called and body was taken to the undertaking establishment.

Well Known Business Man

N. P. Yocum was about 48 years of age, and was the son of Daniel Yocum, one of the pioneer residents of Benton county. After the father, who was engaged in the lumber business in Blairstown died, the son took charge of the business, and had been prominent in the lumber business for about twenty-five years, first with his father and later having charge of the business himself. He leaves a wife and three son, all of whom are grown. Two of the sons live in Blairstown and the other in Ohio, but the latter is also in Blairstown at present on a visit. He had an elegant home in Blairstown and was in very comfortable circumstances so far as world's goods are concerned. No arrangements have been made as yet for the funeral which will undoubtedly be held in Blairstown.

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Name also spelled Yocom}

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