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History of Benton County, Iowa
The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, 1910; Luther B. Hill, Ed.

Page 425

THE IOWA CANNING COMPANY is the largest corporate enterprise of Benton county and is likewise the largest corn-canning business in the world. Several well known business men of the county have organized and developed this business, the present officials of the company being: C. C. Griffin, president; W. C. Ellis, vice president; George Knox, treasurer; Frank G. Ray, secretary; the other directors being: J. E. Marietta, M. W. Jones and A. H. Ellis.

The business was established in 1892 with W. C. Ellis and Frank G. Bay, respectively, president and vice president, while H. B. Kelley was secretary. At first it was called the Kelley Canning Company, but about 1895 there was a re-organization, and since then the officers have remained about the same and the name has been the Iowa Canning Company.

Soon after the re-organization the company bought the LaPorte City and Garrison canning plants. Later they erected a plant at Shellsburg, and thus had four plants under one management, their business being exclusively the canning of corn. The highest output of the business in a year has been ten million cans, and the average is about eight million. The company owns and operates for its purposes a thousand acres in the vicinity of Vinton, and each of the plants affords a market for produce and labor. During the packing season the Vinton and LaPorte City plants employ as many as two hundred and fifty persons, the other two plants being smaller. The business is thoroughly organized, the equipment of the plants comprises the most modern machinery and methods.

The original capital of the company was $20,000. This has been increased to $200,000, and a surplus of over $100,000 indicates how successfully the business has been conducted.

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