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1903 Directory of Audubon County, Iowa, C. W. Marlin Cover Image

Containing the Names, Place of Residence and Occupation of all
Heads of Families in Audubon County according to the
Canvass of the County made from April to August, 1903.
Census Returns of 1900, Election Statistics, State and County
Maps, Cooking Recipes, Weights, Measures, Etc., and Valuable Hints.

Compiled and Published by C. W. Marlin, Publisher of Audubon County Journal
Free to Cash Subscribers to the Journal; Price to others, $1.00

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Advertisements - Hensley Bros. & Hamler, Exira 
Advertisements - S. G. Hunter's Iron Works, Atlantic 
Printer's Statement 
Advertisements: - First National Bank; La Meres Land Agency4
Advertisements: - Johnson & Buck5
Advertisements: - C. H. Wildes, Exira6
Map of Iowa7
Population & Location of all Inc. Towns & Cities in Iowa (1900)8
Brief History of Iowa9-17
Outline Map of Audubon County18
Audubon County19
Advertisements: C. C. McDonald, Ross; R. W. Smith, Exira20
Directory of Audubon County.21-100
Audubon Township21, 23, 25-27
Advertisement: H. F. Andrews, Lawyer, Exira22
Advertisement: Theodore Patty, Exira24
Advertisement: Gellerup & Bliss, Wisc.25
Misc: Historical "Fifty-cent Pieces",
A. B. Houston, N. Hamlin
Advertisement: John Rutherford, Ross28
Cameron Township28-31
Advertisement: Weighton's Livery, Audubon;
J. F. Fraziers Studio, Audubon
Douglas Township33-35, 37
Advertisement: S. A. McHargue, Agent for Watkins36
Exira Township37-39, 41-42
Advertisement: Wilkin Monument Works, Atlantic;
Nick Doffing & Co. Drug Store, Exira
Advertisement: Deen & Welch, Harlan & Audubon41
Town of Exira43, 45, 47
Advertisement: Frank Gault & Co., Exira44
Advertisement: E. A. Voorhees, Exira46
Advertisement: J. O. Howard, Exira; Mrs. A. Spoo's Bakery; Peterman & Voss, Exira48
Town of Oakfield49
Town of Brayton49
Greeley Township50-53
Hamlin Township54-58
Town of Hamlin58
Advertisement: Johnson & Carstensen, Hamlin58
Leroy Township59, 61, 63, 65
Advertisement: Brockway & McCall, Audubon; Cedar Ridge Farm, John C. Davis, Audubon60
Advertisement: Corn Exchange Bank, Audubon; Nash, Phelps & Phelps, Audubon62
Advertisement: F. M. Tharnish, Audubon; W. A. Smutney, AUdubon64
Advertisement: Dr. J. M. Rendleman, Exira; City Steam Laundry, C. H. Stocking, Audubon66
Town of Audubon67, 69, 71-73, 75-76
Advertisement: Green Bay Lumber Co., Gray, Audubon, Exira & Brayton; Maple Hill Stock Farm, Owen David, Audubon; C. S. McLeran, D.D.S., Atlantic68
Advertisement: Audubon County Journal, C. W. Marlin70
Advertisement: John Weighton Lumber & Building, Calves, Hogs, Audubon72
Advertisement: G. W. Hoover, Hardware, Farm Impl., Furniture & Undertaking, Audubon74
Advertisement: The Big Store, E. Bilharz & Son, Audubon75
Advertisement: Morrissey & Ruhs, Audubon76
Town of Ross77
Misc: Weights77
Lincoln Township78-81
Town of Gray81
Melville Township82-83, 85
Advertisement: Bethel Hillside Stock Farm, W. W. Weston84
Misc: Shingles; Seed to the Acre85
Oakfield Township86-87, 90-92
Advertisement: Oldaker & Hammer, Dentists, North Branch & Brayton87
Lithograph: G. B. Russel Dry Goods & Groceries88-89
Sharon Township92-97
Advertisement: P. Andersen, Photographer, Kimballton94
Town of Kimballton97
Viola Township97-100
Advertisement: C. B. Hendricks' Viola Store98
Towns and Townships.101
Page Header/Footer Ads (on most pages): W. H. Cowles, Audubon & M. O. Roland, Harlan; OR E. D. Cotton, Exira & Nelson & Christensen's, Audubon.

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