Woodbury County Cemetery List and Burial sites

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State Association for the Preservation of Iowa Cemeteries (SAPIC)


Name Area
Arlington Cemetery Moville (USGS map name)
Banner Cemetery Lawton (USGS map name)
Bethel Cemetery Rock Township (USGS map name)
Calvary Cemetery - Business Office:1821 Jackson - Sioux City - IA 51105 - (712) 255-7933 - ( Year's ago it was called Mt. Calvary Cemetery)Sioux City North and West (USGS map name)
Concordia Cemetery Near Lawton - Union Center SW - (USGS map name)
Correctionville Cemetery Correctionville - (USGS map name)
Cushing Cemetery - a.k.a Rock #2Cushing
Eberly Cemetery - a.k.a Concord Township Cemetery near Lawton
Elliott Creek Cemetery - a.k.a Floyd Township Cemetery Bronson
Fairfield Cemetery - a.k.a Rock Branch or Batchellor Correctionville - (Wolf Creek Township)
First Bride's Grave - Rosalie Menard LeonaisSioux City - South Ravine Park
Floyd Cemetery - City of Sioux City - Parks Dept. - 405 6th ST. Sioux City - IA 51101 - (712) 279-6126 2500 E 7th ST. - Sioux City (Midtown)
German City Cemetery Holly Springs - Willow Township
Good Hope Cemetery Pierson
Graceland Park Cemetery - City of Sioux City, Parks Dept. - 405 6th ST. - Sioux City, IA 51101 - (712) 279-6126 2701 South Lakeport St. - Sioux City (Morningside)
Grange CemeteryLuton (Grange Township)
Greenwood Cemetery Pierson (Rutland Township)
Woodbury Township Cemetery - a.k.a Holman Cemetery - Hill Cemetery - Sgt. Bluff CemeterySergeant Bluff
Liberty Township Cemetery Salix
Liston Township Cemetery Danbury
Little Sioux Township Cemetery - a.k.a Smithland Cemetery Smithland
Logan Park Cemetery - City of Sioux City Parks Dept. 405 6th ST. Sioux City IA 51101 - (712) 279-6126 3901 Stone Park Blvd - Sioux City
Lucky Valley Cemetery - a.k.a Zion Cemetery Correctionville SW
Memorial Park Cemetery - incorporated on the 19th of August 1936Sioux City (South)
Midway Cemetery - aka Saint Paul's Cemetery Morgan Township
Oak Hill CemeteryAnthon
Oto CemeteryOto
Peiro Cemetery 
Pleasant Hill Baptist CemeteryWolf Creek Township
Rock CemeteryCushing
Saint Joseph's Cemetery Salix (Liberty Township)
St.Joseph North CemeterySalix (Liberty Township)
Saint Joseph's Cemetery Miller Twp., near the town of Anthon
Saint Mary's CemeteryOto Township, Oto Iowa
St. Mary's and St. Patrick's Cemetery Danbury (Liston Township)
Saint Patrick's Cemetery Danbury
St Paulís Cemetery Midway, (Morgan Township)
Sgt. Charles Floyd Monument (Lewis and Clark Expedition)Sioux City
Sloan CemeterySloan
Walnut Grove CemeterySalix
War Eagle GraveSioux City
Wellington Cemetery - a.k.a. Advent a.k.a HollisterSmithland
West Fork CemeteryClimbing Hill
Willow (Township) Cemetery - a.k.a Lee Cemetery Holly SpringsClimbing Hill


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