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Military Township elected these officials in 1873: Geo. McWilliams, clerk; E. Pennington, collector; Smith Crippen, constable; John DeCow, assessor; Henry Scheidelmantel, justice; John DeCow, J. J. Schmitz, and James Cameron, trustees.

The winter of 73 was very severe. Trains became snowbound and many people were reported frozen to death. A snowdrift on the railroad tracks near Ossian was reported to be one thousand feet long and averaging over six feet in depth. Between 250 and 300 carloads of swine and 75,000 bushels of wheat were overflowing shipping facilities before the cars reached Winneshiek county following a severe blizzard.

Township teachers this year included: Miss Alida Bullard—wages $26, pupils 31; Ole T. Lommen—wages $26, pupils 25; Susie Steinson--wages $26, pupils 24. There were a total of 280 school children with $207.40 apportioned to pay for their education. By 1874 this sum had been increased to 980 per pupil.

Miss Elsie Nicholson taught in Springfield Township. The county school director, after a visit to her school, remarked: "All 27 pupils are foreigners; the blackboard is unnecessary--there was no such nonsense in my time!"

The Republican editor visited Castalia, Calmar and Ossian, evidently to collect delinquent subscription accounts. He writes; "Every man on our list had the dollars in their pockets and paid without a grumble. Ossian has lately most effectively dried up the liquor traffic in their midst, and not a drop is to be had anywhere.

A committee, of which Hon. John DeCow and R. N. Sawyer were two, went around early in the winter and told the dealers they must dry up by January 1st. Those who wish to drink must now send to McGregor and buy by the jug. Ossian has fair hotels, but we prefer the genuine hospitality of our friend, John Fisher, a man who has a commodius home with comforts to match."


An Ossian correspondent writes in May of 1874: "The village is lively this season in the mercantile and building business. The stores are full of goods and customers. Grain is coming in briskly; wheat over $1 a bushel—$1.10 last week.

Several parties have built in town this spring. Dr. Drake has put up an office; Sile Harvey a house near the Catholic Church; Mr. White is finishing a large dwelling; one of our shoemakers a shop with living quarters; L. A. Meyer has started a Large farm house similar to Uncle John Fisher's home in town.

McWilliam's elevator is nearly completed. It measures 32 X 48', and is 60' in eighth. It provides a splendid view of a magnificent fanning country as far as tie eye can see.

A subscription paper is being circulated for a Union Church, 30 X 46', to be erected near the Rosa school."

P. H. Mills lists these markets for December 1874: wheat--76¢, corn--40¢, oats—42 to 44¢, barley—80¢ to $1.10 and dressed hogs—$7.20.

The taxes for Military township this year totaled $8,276.87.

A tornado hit the town late in the fall. J. Davidson's livery barn was destroyed; the roof blown from Langbien & Bro. brick harness shop; Baker & Bro. dry goods Store was badly damaged along with Neilings & Bergen hardware and Schoonmaker's rrocery. Dr. Small's barn was moved at least 20 yards from its foundation.

The dancing men of Ossian have arranged for a series of club dances commencing December 10th and continuing every two weeks. Ervin's band will furnish the music.


We are indebted to Mrs. John Moellers for the minutes of a meeting held in 1875 for the purpose of forming school district no. 4. The records were kept by William Derr (sic). This district was know as: "The Collins School."

A meeting was held for the purpose of forming a school district with the follower neighbors in attendance:

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