Torbjorn Halverson

Torbjorn Aaste Halverson Family

Torbjorn & Aaste Halverson and their family

Photographer G.W. Elder, Forest City, Iowa
The baby on Torbjorns lap is Gilbert, the grandfather of the contributor.
Exactly who the little boy in the inset photo is, isn't known.

Family Notes

Torbjorn Halverson, his wife Aaste, and their family, immigrated to the United States in April 1883 from Telemark, Norway (Dalen/Fosse farm).

Torbjorn moved his family to Barnesville MN in about 1902. Torbjorn died on June 21, 1906 ... the same day his daughter Inga was to be married. He insisted that Inga go through with her wedding so he could give the bride and her groom a father's blessing after. Their home in Barnesville was only a short distance from the church they attended.

In 1907 Aaste moved her family to a farm a few miles from Sauk Centre, Stearns County, MN where she lived till her death in 1933.

Torbjorn & Aaste's daughter Tony married Svenung Svenungsen Strand. Their children were - Julia A., Alma G. (obit), Selmer T., Gina & Marie. Julia Amalia, died in infancy (West Prairie church records: born 8 March 1905 and died 18 March 1905). Tony died in a horrible accident in July 1913 (obit). A few years later when their youngest daughter Marie was 12, Sven Strand left for a visit to Norway and the family never heard from him again.

Torbjorns sister Anne Halversdatter, also of Dalen/Fosse farm in Telemark, Norway, married Leif Leifson and they immigrated in 1894 to Forest City. Anne died young and I am currently looking for information about her death.

Torbjorn Halverson

Torbjorn Halverson is on the right, the identies of the other men are unknown

Photos and family notes contributed by Susan H.C.Vera, great-granddaughter of Torbjorn & Aaste Halverson.
(Susan's email address can be found in the surname registry)

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