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Index to Winnebago County History Files

Transcriptions of any type of Winnebago County. history are welcomed and
needed! Email the County Coordinator if you'd like to contribute.

The Floating Bog on Dead Man's Lake
The Flax Palace
A compiled history and pictures of this long-gone landmark
Forest City Diamond Jubilee & Winnebago County Homecoming, 1930
Early settlers attending the celebration
Forest City Fire Department History
(includes 2 photos)
Forest City History
Forest City Hotel Fight
Mt. Valley Township, An Early History
(link will open in a new window)
Winnebago County History, An Overview
(lots of information)
Winnebago County & Courthouse History
(includes courthouse photos)
Winnebago County History, 1875
Winnebago County History, 1884
Extracted from: History of Kossuth, Hancock and Winnebago Counties, Iowa.  Springfield, Illinois:  Union Publishcing Company, 1884. 
Winnebago County History, 1903
Winnebago County History, 1917
Extracted from: A History of Winnebago County and Hancock County, Iowa. Vol. 2.  Chicago:  Pioneer Publishing Company, 1917.