First Methodist Church
Forest City, Iowa

In 1858, the first Methodist services were held in Forest City. The church has been known as the Methodist Episcopal Church Society, the Norwegian Methodist Church, the First American Methodist Episcopal Church (aka First Methodist) and currently the United Methodist Church.

~source: United Methodist church website


First Methodist Church Baptisms

The following children were baptized Sunday morning in the First Methodist church by Rev. Chas. Seward:  Jack Wayne, son of Dr. and Mrs. E.W. Alder; William John and Bob Irwin, sons of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Hansen; Jerry Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bowen; Earl Hiram and Robert Perle, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Miller, Leland; and Richard Day, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Gorball.
~newspaper clipping, unknown newspaper, dated March 25, 1937
~contributed by Christine Gorball


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