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This page is the original queries page for Webster County that was created in 1998.
Today please use the Webster County Query Board. Just click on the logo below.

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Archived Queries

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Newer queries
14 April 2022 Note The email address for these 2 requests are no longer any good. If you have information, and are willing to share it on this page, please contact me use the link here.

Surnames Needing Help With:

Hawkes, Spence THE FACTS: I am a volunteer helping to research the descendants of Adam Hawkes of Saugus MA. On of them, Laura Hawkes, married a James Spence from Canada and in 1920, 1925, and 1930 the couple resided in Webster Co. of Iowa. In 1920 & 1930 I find them in Fort Dodge. And in the 1925 Iowa census they are in Wahkonsa which I gather is still in Webster County. In 1930 they were 67 and 68 respectively. It is possible that they returned to DeKalb Co. in Illinois but..they are not in the Illinois statewide death index. Can anyone help with identifying the death location and death date?

More on James Spence and his family: Apparently Gabriel Spence received his naturalization papers in Kossuth Co. Iowa in 1877, if I read the document correctly. There is a copy of the paper and also Gabriel's obit on Ancestry.com. There were seven out of Gabriel's children alive when he died in Wisconsin in 1991 with James listed as residing in Racine, WI at that time. The 1920 and 1930 censuses show James and Laura in Iowa but one of both could have returned to the Spence family in Wisconsin or famly in Iowa. Perhaps the fact that it appears that his father was Gabriel Spence from Ireland and his mother Eliz Bailey from Canada may click with some descendants from his siblings. James and Laura do not appear to have had any children.

Surnames Needing Help With: Nyhart, Rigby

THE FACTS: I'm looking for the burial information of where Charles and Hannah Nyhart are buried. Hannah died on the 22nd of March, 1930 in Fort Dodge. Their daughter Nellie Nyhart died in Fort Dodge on the 27th of April, 1953 and is buried in Fort Dodge as well. Nellie would marry Walter Francis Rigby in 1907.
Location:Webster County
Date:Thu, 16 Sep 1999

Searching for any info on my maternal grandfather George Frances Crilly. The name is one of the three things I know about him, his name, the fact he was from Iowa and he marrried my grandmother Hattie mae Crilly in No. Dakota, February 12, 1998. I don't know which county in IA.

Location:Fort Dodge
Date:Sun, 12 Sep 1999

hi! any info on john alexander toler fort dodge. iowa. married elsie l. burns on 10-13-1924. thany-you for any help. KERRY TOLER

Location:Fort Dodge
Date:Thu, 09 Sep 1999


Name:Sharleen Newton
Email: email no longer good
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999

I am looking for anyone who can share information with me on the following members of my family: 1. Murtagh DEMPSEY Born:1799 Ireland Died:1871 Clare, IA Married: Catherine O'BOYLE (or BRADY) Born:1801 Ireland, Died:1885 Clare, IA

I believe both are buried near Clare. I would like more information on their birth and death dates and locations, their parents, and their children. I know they had 6 children, Mary, Catherine, James, Anne, Margaret, and Alice but don't know their exact birth and death dates and locations.

2. James MOHAHAN Born: 1831 County Clare, Ireland, Died: 3-16-1886 Clare IA Married: Mary DEMPSEY Born: 3- -1839 County Clare, Ireland Died: 11-9-1874 Clare IA

I believe both are buried in Lizard Cemetary. I would like more information on their birth and death dates and locations and the parents of James Monahan. (Mary's parents were Murtagh and Catherine listed in #1). I know they had 6 children, Frank, Barney, John, James, Pete, and Mary Ann but don't know all their exact birth and death dates and locations.

3. Thomas John BRENNAN Born: 1837 Iowa, Died: 7-9-1882 Clare, IA Married: Anna Maria NOONAN Born: 11-1-1852 Illinois, Died: 12-19-1928 West Bend, IA

I would like more information on their birth and death dates and locations, their parents, and their children. I know they had 7 children, Mary Ann, Ellen Alice, Eliza J, Magdaline, John, Matthew, and Margaret but I don't know the exact birth and death dates and locations. I also know that Anna married John CORCORAN after Thomas' death and they had 5 children, Lily, Eugene (Gene), Emmett, Timothy, and Willy (William).

I would appreciate any information I can get on any of the above people. Thanks for the opportunity to post my query.

Sharleen Newton, Des Moines, IA

Name:Blake Donner
Location:Webster County
Date:Fri, 3 Sep 1999

Any chance Gary Ramthum is related to a FRANK Ramthum from the 1900's...... I'm trying to find the history of my Great Grandfather. He was a muralist in New York and died leaving my Grand mother orphaned very young. Please if there is anyway you can check or have Gary get in touch with me I'd appreciate this.

Thank You Blake Donner

Name:Ronald Nickelson
Date:Wed, 1 Sep 1999

I am looking for any information on a GEORGE SCOTT - wife - ADA BRENNAMON of Webster Co. I am told they lived near the town of Dayton. They had a son HARRISON EDWARED - born 12 - 23 -1890, he married a EMMA ELIZABETH DOULCH [ dolch ] . In 1933 Harrison and his family moved to Salem, Oregon. I would like any help.

Thank You Ronald Nickelson, 14219 SE 259th PL. Kent, Washington 98042 or Pilotman53@aol.com

Name:Joan Leber
Email: jfleber@email.msn.com
Location:McGuire Bend Cemetery
Date:Fri, 27 Aug 1999

I have been looking for a George Steinshower b. abt 1857 d. 1888. That much I know for sure, he is my great grandfather and his son my grandfather told me that his father died when he was 4 years old in Dunlap, Harrison twp, Harrison Co., Iowa. I have been unable to find him there.

I recieved information just this week and it said that George lived in Webster County (Iosa) and is buried in McGuire Bend cemetery, near Dayton, Iowa. On your cemetery page I didn't see McGuire Bend Cemetery but at the bottom of the page I noticed a mention of this cemetery.

Is there anyway that you could check to see if he is buried there. If not could you send me the location of McGuire Bend cemetery and if it is acessible.

Thanks for you time and I would appreciate any help you can give me
Joan Leber

Name:Carol Entrikin
Email: 03/30/17
Location:Webster County
Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999

My family and my husband's family also go back many generations in Iowa. I have been searching for the death record of my great grandmother, Lydia Jane (Mitchell) Hollingsworth, b. 1828/29 in Mercer Co. Pa. and died ca. 1905 in Otho twp. Cannot find her burial site. Her husband, John Hollingsworth is buried in Jackson Center Cemetery according to the index but no headstone. She was a postmistress in the 1880's in Otho. I have corresponded with Webster Co. Gen. Soc. many times but to no avail. Her son, William McKean Brown, by her first husband, became Lt. Governor of Pa. in the early 1900's. She was widowed and left with 3 small sons in Pa. and she moved to Jackson Co. and was married in 1858 to John Hollingsworth. He was from England and naturalized there in 1860 when their son Hugh Harper Hollingsworth was born. Hugh was my grandfather. There also seems to be no obituary about her, although I found one about her son, J.M.Q. Brown when he died in 1903 (former resident of Webster Co.) She is really a mystery to me. There is absolutely no record of her death in Iowa records. Family stories from elderly aunts said she died in Elkhart.

I take this to mean Elkhorn and there is a cemetery there that I have not checked. Anyway, must end this "great American saga" taking up your time.

My husband's family was in Wright Co. in 1854 or so and came from Wisconsin.

My grandmother on my father's side was a Rowley and they were pioneers in Chickasaw Co. It goes on and on . . .

Would like to hear from someone who may know these names. Sincerely, Carol Entrikin

Name:Charles Nelson
Location:Fort Dodge
Date:Thu, 26 Aug 1999


I am seeking information relative to Judge JOHN CHEYNEY who was living in Fort Dodge in 1890. At that time he was 80 years old. I am interested in any family as well

Charles Nelson

Name:Lesli Asay
Location:Fort Dodge
Date:Tue, 22 Jun 1999

RODGERS: I am doing research on this family, originally from Fort Dodge. Could you please post my name, Lesli Asay, as a researcher for this name. Thanks

Lesli Asay

Name:Betty McCoy
Location:Webster County
Date:Fri, 20 Aug 1999

Am trying to find the birth place of Abner Billings. He was born about 1811 in Tennessee we believe. He married Martha Key on Dec. 31,1835 in Shelby Co., Ohio and he died on May 12,1877 in Webster Co., Iowa and is buried in Washington Tsp. cemetery. Are there land records, newspaper stories etc. for this period? Thanks a million! Betty McCoy

Name:Nancy Wilkerson
Email: email no longer good.
Date:Wed, 18 Aug 1999

Surnames: Swanson, Ober, Austin, McCune

Young children of Julia and Andrew Swanson were thought to have been sent to an orphange after the death of their parents in the early 1890's. Does anyone know where that might have been? Also, Julia spent some time in a sanitarium for the treatment of "Consumption" (tuberculosis). Does anyone have any idea where that might be? They resided in Otho at the time of their deaths. (Andrew - 1891 and Julia - 1895)

Thank you, Nancy Wilkerson

Name:Don Kessel
Location:Fort Dodge
Date:Wed, 18 Aug 1999

I am looking for information on Oscar J. Kessel. Oscar's parents' were Reinhold Kessel and Caroline (Barding) Kessel. Oscar was born on August 6, 1874 in Fort Dodge, IA. The problem I have is that I cannot place either of Oscar's parents ever having been to Fort Dodge. Both parents lived in Chicago. Any help would be appreciated.

Don Kessel

Name:Therese Seaver Matthys
Location:Webster County, Fort Dodge
Date:Sat, 14 Aug 1999

I am seeking information about my paternal Grandfather's family. The surname is SEAVER and I believe they lived in or near Ft. Dodge. My Grandfather's name was Russell George SEAVER, and his parents were George SEAVER and Evie SMITH. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Therese Seaver Matthys McHenry, Illinois

Name:Rick Albright
Location:Webster County, Dayton, Burnside
Date:Fri, 13 Aug 1999

13 Aug 1999.
Rick Albright, kd6dkc@aol.com

Seek info on Daniel CONKLIN(G), 1825-1896, an Indiana Civil War vet living in Dayton, Webster Co., IA in 1886. His mother, Rebecca CONKLIN reportedly died in Burnside, Webster Co., in 1893. His brother, Hiram B., 1843-1909, was a photographer in Des Moines. Their father, William CONKLIN, died in Putnam Co., IN in 1860.

Name:Rick Albright
Location:Webster County, Dayton, Burnside
Date:Fri, 13 Aug 1999

Seek info on Daniel CONKLIN(G), 1825-1896, an Indiana Civil War vet living in Dayton, Webster Co., IA in 1886. His mother, Rebecca CONKLIN reportedly died in Burnside, Webster Co., in 1893. His brother, Hiram B., 1843-1909, was a photographer in Des Moines. Their father, William CONKLIN, died in Putnam Co., IN in 1860.

Name:Karol Wiekamp
Location:Webster County
Date:Wed, 11 Aug 1999

Comments: My e-mail address has changed, so am resending the message I posted in December 1998.

Am searching for information on my maternal grandfather, Eugene Pierce SINNOTT b. July 14, 1900 (don't know Where but believe in Iowa) and d. November 1960 in Lynwood, California. Married Esther Elizabeth ERTL on September 26, 1926 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

Also my great grandfather, Martin ERTL (could be spelled ERTEL, ERTHEL or ERTEL) b. May 11, 1874 in Weiden, Germany and d. March 24, 1944 in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Martin married (1) Jane PATERSON on May 9, 1899 and had two sons George (b. June 3, 1901 in Fort Dodge, Iowa) and Adam. Don't have any information on Adam. Jane died in 1903 and Martin married (2) Isabell PATERSON (Jane's sister) September 6, 1905. They had two children, a daughter and a son. The daughter was my grandmother, Esther Elizabeth ERTL SINNOTT b. June 16, 1906. The son was Robert Matthew ERTL. Don't have Robert's date of birth. Looking for any relatives that might still be living in or around Fort Dodge.

If anyone can help me locate information on these names, I would greatly appreciate it.
Karol Knutzon-Wiekamp

Name:Pam Shipley
Location:Webster County, Fort Dodge
Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999

Comments: James (Vaclav) Opatrny was born in Bohemia in the late 1800's and moved to America and married Katherine FIALA, who was also born in Bohemia, they married in Ft. Dodge, Iowa around 1900. They were the parents of 6 children, Fred, Frank, Rose, Mary, Elsie and Sophia. Around 1910 they made thier final move to Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri where they are buried. If you are related I would be very happy to hear from you and share information.

Thank You, Pam Shipley
email: jshipley@tayloric.com

Name:Steve Chase
Location:Webster County, Fort Dodge
Date:Tue, 10 Aug 1999

Comments: Coincidentally, both my wife and I have ancestors who lived in Ft. Dodge. On my side I am looking for information about Peter and Bertha (Berseth) CRONENBERGER. They lived in Ft. Dodge from the 1890's until Peter died in 1939. They had two sons; Fredrich (b. 1905) and Burnell (b. 1903) Also, Peter's brother, William, lived in Ft. Dodge.

On my wife's side, I am looking for information on Lawrence BRANNON and his wife Margaret HART. Lawrence was the son of Patrick Henry Brannon who was born in Waticoma in 1855. Margaret was the daughter of James (d. 1945) and Maggie (Reilly) Hart (d. 1936), both of whom died in Webster County.

If anyone has information on any of these individuals, I would greatly appreciate it if you would email me. Thank you.

Name:Pamela Farmer-Scott
Location:Webster County, Gowrie
Date:Mon, 9 Aug 1999

Comments: I am researching the family of Timothy GARVEY and his wife Almina (maiden name unknown). They lived in Webster County during the 2nd half of the nineteenth century and some still appeared there on the 1910 census. Their farm was located in Gowrie, but appears to have been sold prior to 1900. Timothy was born in Ireland in 1835 and migrated to the US in 1849. Almina was born 1840 in Ohio, her parents originating from PA. They had 11 children: Francis Patrick (b. 1863, m. Addie SHAVER), John (b. 1864), Timothy (b. 1868, m. Ella SPRINGER), Mary Ann (b. 1872, m. ___MIDDLEKOF), Martin (b. 1871), Eliza (b. 1875), E. Harry (b. 1878), Isaac (b. 1880), Orville (b. 1881), Addie (b. 1883), and Thomas (b. 1887). Submitted by: Pamela Farmer-Scott ati@aerotropic.com

Location:Webster County, Vincent
Date:Sun, 8 Aug 1999

Comments: HINTCH, CHARIUS, DILLINGHAM, RICHTER : Researching these surnames in the Vincent area of Webster County. Especially decendants of Wilhelm HINTCH and Augusta Marie _____ RICHTER HINTCH b 1865 Germany, died 10 Oct 1930.

Seek information on Minnie Augusta RICHTER LEHMAN b 1886, wife of Louis Frederick LEHMAN of Humboldt Co., and WESSEL family of Humboldt and Webster Co., Iowa.


Name:Nancy Wilkerson
Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 3 Aug 1999

Comments:  Researching Swanson, Ober, Austin I have been told that my great grandmother spent some time in a sanitarium in the early 1890's. She had tuberculosis. Does anyone know the logical name she may have stayed? Also, when she and my great-grandfather died, the children were sent to an orphanage. Is there a likely place to look or records anywhere that anyone might know of?

Thanks for or any help.

Nancy Wilkerson

Name:Alberta Fitch
Location:Webster County, Otho
Date:Sat, 24 Jul 1999

Comments: I am searching for the family of Dever L. FINCH, b. 1851 in Otsego Co.,NY, d. Mar 1893, Fort Dodge, IA.. Buried in Otho Cem.. Webster Co., IA.. Married 31 Oct 1882 to Flora REES(E) and had issue one daughter, Frances. Flora is listed on the 1920 Census, age 60, living in the Twn. of Lehigh. Last mention of Frances is with her mother on 1900 Census, Fort Dodge, age 14, b. 1886. She is not with her mother on the 1910 Census so must have relocated, married or died before that date. Can anyone tell me when and where Flora died and where she is buried. Also whom did Frances marry? Any descendants? Will share information. Alberta Fitch. email address: fitch@n-jcenter.com

Name:Sue Dahlen
Location:Webster County, Otho
Date:Wed, 23 Jun 1999

Comments: I am looking for information on my Grandfather's relatives. My Grandfather was Ralph V. OTTO, born in Ft. Dodge in 1915. His parent's were Frank and Emma Catherine Otto. His sister was Mary Neff, brother's were Frank, Francis, Bob, and I'm not sure if there were any more. Ralph was living in Clinton, Indiana at the time of his death, June of 1984. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking for information on my Grandmother's father, Albert Earnest. Spelling may also be Ernest. All I know, is he was buried in a cemetery for poor people in Otho, Iowa. Possibly Graceland. His wife was Anna Earnest, she was living in Highland, Indiana at the time of her death, and was transferred to Graceland Cemetery in Otho. Or so it says on her death certificate. Again, I would appreciate any information possible.

Thank you for your time,

Sue Dahlen

Name:Pam Sherry
Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 22 Jun 1999

Comments: Hi, I am very interested in locating any family members of Patrick (John) BELLEW and Anne (CULLY) BELLEW. My grandmother Josephine MALONE was a BELLEW. They lived in Ft. Dodge, Iowa and belonged to the Corpus Christi Catholic Church. Thank you.

Pam Sherry nee Malone

Location:Webster County
Date:Sat, 19 Jun 1999

Comments: Hi, Looking for a Robert O. JONES. Born: in Wales. and died in 1876 in Lehigh, Webster Co, Ia This all we know.

Thank You.

Name:Nita Liska
Location:Fort Dodge
Date:Sat, 19 Jun 1999

Comments: I am in search of anyone who may have knowledge of Anton & Marie LISKA. I only have the names of my great grandparents and reference that they lived near Fort Dodge. My Gr Grandmother's maiden name was HIMMER. Perhaps her family may have also been in Iowa. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Always searching,
Nita S. Liska

Name:James Hamilton
Location:Webster County
Date:Sun, 13 Jun 1999

Comments: I am seeking information regarding my grand parents Maude MORGAN and her husband Carl { or Karl} HAMILTON who were married Abt. 1890 in a place called New Virginia , Ia. They had two children :Helen , who was born in 1895 in New Virginia, and Rex Morgan Hamilton who was born Nov. 9, 1897 in Ft. Dodge , Ia

James Hamilton

Location:Webster County
Date:Wed, 9 Jun 1999

Comments: Seeking Husske Surname in Webster County, family also trails into WI.

ZCBJ LODGE: Seeking information, newsletteres, bokks, articles, ets. on this association.

Seeking family of Sheker, Webster County, IA Seeking Machovecs from Webster County, IA Seeking KUBESH-KOBUSEK from Webster County, IA

Name:Rod Von Krog
Location:Webster County
Date:Fri, 04 Jun 1999

Comments: William or John CROUSE left Owen County Indiana after 1870. They both may have moved to Webster County. I am seeking any information on these two and any of their relatives.

Rod Von Krog

I want to provde a correction to my query. I went back to the Owen County site and found that John and/or William Crouse left Marion County in Indiana not Owen County for Webster County Iowa.

Name:Terry and Debra Williams
Location:Webster County
Date:Fri, 04 Jun 1999

Comments: I am looking for information on family members in the Ft. Dodge, Carroll and Mason City, Iowa. The names of some of the people are:Fred SCHAUBERG and Hazes BELL married, but I don't know when. Any children either one had, that kind of information would be really appreciated.

Name:Kathy Minder
Location:Vincent, Webster County
Date:Fri, 04 Jun 1999

Comments: Still looking for information about William CURRAN, died Jan 1913-14, possibly Vincent, Iowa. He may be buried in a small cemetary, I just don't know. Any one run into this name? William Curran was married to Bridget BREEN, father of Grace and Marie. Help?!
Kathy Minder
Geneseo, Henry County, IL

Name:James McLaughlin
Location:Barnum, Webster County
Date:Thu, 03 Jun 1999

Comments: If there is some one living near the town of Barnum, or is passing by there, my father Patrick CONNORS is resting in the St. Johns Cemetery. The grave site is on the north-westen edge and i think there is a pine tree growing close to it. If it is possible, i need someone to look for other CONNORS grave sites in the area, as i believe that my grandparents are buried there as well. I am just starting the family tree and live on the other side of Iowa. Thank you all so much!!
James McLaughlin

Name:Shirley Gray Tathwell
Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 1 Jun 1999

Comments: Do you know if any records exist for Emmett Ellsworth DYER ,born circa 1870 in Webster,City,Iowa? Married Ida Mae GITCHELL,I don't know where they married. He died in ,Cherokee,Iowa circa 1910.. 8 children from the marriage,3 died in child hood. Interest:: my grandfather,and I am doing family research. would appreciate any help you could give me. Will pay expenses if any occur. Thanks. Shirley Gray Tathwell. His father was William H. Dyer,born 1840,Niles(Berrien Co.),MI, I think his wife was born in Bremmer Co,IA> No dates.

Name:Jerry Lundgren
Location:Lundgren,Webster County
Date:Fri, 28 May 1999

Comments: Can someone please give the location of a town called Lundgren, Iowa. I think it was west of Lehigh. Also if anyone has any history of the town it would be appreciated.
Thank you, Jerry Lundgren

Name:Joy Cleaver
Location:Webster County
Date:Thu, 27 May 1999

Comments: Looking for family name AUSTIN. Homer b. 1856 in Vermont and Mae (Vennum) Austin b. 6/24/1866 in Webster City. Also need to know how to find birth certificate for my grandmother Zoe. O. Austin, b. 6/11/1880 in Webster, Iowa.
Many thanks,
Jo Cleaver

Name:Darlena Howey
Location:Fort Dodge, Webster County
Date:Mon, 24 May 1999

Comments: I am researching the Howey family and I found that Frank HOWEY married Rose CRAWFORD in Webster, Fort dodge, Iowa. I would like more information.

Name:Jeanne Sadorus Varnell
Location:Duncombe, Webster County
Date:Mon, 24 May 1999

Comments: My great-great grandfather David MATTIX died February 13, 1901 in Dencombe, Webster, Iowa. I would like to obtain more information about him. Thanks for your help,
Jeanne Sadorus Varnell (Los Angeles)

Location:Fort Dodge, Webster County
Date:Sun, 23 May 1999

Comments: Martha R. MCGUIRE... This was my Grandmother . She was the daughter of Gilbert Doran McGuire of Fort Dodge . Thank you for the possilbility of posting this announcement .
Have a nice day , Robert

Name:Sherri Wright
Location:Webster County
Date:Fri, 21 May 1999

Comments: I'm doing research on my family tree. I was looking for a specific name of one of my ancestors,but wasn't able to find the name in the obits,or the surnames. Could you help me . The name was Mary Viola Delle WHEELER. She was born in Gilmore City, and died in Ft. Dodge. The date of birth was 4-7-1892.And her date of death was 4-7-1958. And she married a gentleman by the name of Leslie Lee Wheeler. Any information you can give me would help a great deal.
Sherri Wright
HC 1 Box 18A
Mullen, Ne. 69152

Name:Nola Fanger
Location:Webster County
Date:Mon, 17 May 1999

Comments: I am looking for information on my mothers sisters family my mothers sister was EVA WINK she married a CON W. SULLIVAN. They had one daughter EVONNE SULLIVAN who married a RED MALY. They had one daughter DIANNE MALY who married a GARY MILLER.

I have been told on my query for information on the EVA WINK SULLIVAN group that DIANNE MALY was born 9/18/1945 and graduated from you catholic high school in 1963. She married GARY MILLER in June, 1965. Any information will be appreciated.

I have learned that my mothers sister EVA WINK SULLLIVAN died 1/3/1924, I have nothing on her husband CON W. SULLIVAN. She is buried in the Corpus Christi Cemetery at Fort Dodge. They had a daughter EVONNE who married a man named RED MALY. They had a daughter DIANNE MARIE MALY, she was born in 1945 and was a 1963 graduate of the catholic high school in Fort Dodge. She was married in June of 1965 to a Gary Miller. Anyone who could fill in any of my missing links would be greatly appreciated. Most of all if any one knows where Dianne is now?

Location:Webster County
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999

Comments: I am looking for information about Lawrence William SMITH born in Moorland, Ia 11/7/1854. His father's name was Henry Smith and mother Mary Luke Smith. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks,

Name: Gale Mabley Lewis
Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 11 May 1999

Comments:  Hi my name is Gale Mabley Lewis. I am searching for information on my Grandfather Franklin Degarmo LEWIS born 1872 and his brothers Edward and George, they were born somewhere in Iowa. Franklin met and married my grandmother Osa Belle UNDERWOOD in 1899-1900.
If you have any information please email me at gmabley@incentre.net Thank you.

Name:Connie Mincy
Location:Webster County
Date:Mon, 10 May 1999

Comments:  Seeking any information on Benjamin REED who was married to PE LYONS. Supposed to have lived in Webster County with their family in the mid to late 1800's. Would like any information I can get on any of their ancesotors or descendants.
Connie Mincy

Name: John Starry
Location:Webster County
Date:Mon, 10 May 1999

Comments:  I am looking for the cemetery name and tombstone inscription for Miles P. CHUMLEA, died 2-22-1920 in Fort Dodge, IA.
Thank you for your help
Jack Starry
Surprise, AZ

Name:John Starry
Location:Webster County
Date:Mon, 10 May 1999

Comments:  I just recently obtained an obituary that states a Miles P. CHUMLEA was married in Fort Dodge in 1907. I do not have the brides name or actual date. I am looking for the marriage information, including the record ID.
Thank you for your help
Jack Starry
Surprise, AZ

Name: MBaran6859@aol.com

Email: MBaran6859@aol.com Location:Badger Ia
Date:Sat, 8 May 1999

Comments:  I am searching for information on a TOM THOMPSON family who lived around Badger and Eagle Grove Ia. His w's name was Julia (ERICKSON). Came from Norway. children were Martha (mar. OLE LARSON and moved to Bode, Ia area) Tillie, (mar CARL HOVICK and lived near Ft Dodge) "Minnie" real name Tomina (mar. ED MICHALSON and lived near Humboldt b 1 Nov 1884-d. 16 Dec 1959 in Humboldt, Ia, Sadie (mar BARNEY PAULSON) and males Nels and Theodore. I need info on Nels and Julia. I believe Julia's parents also lived with them for a time in Eagle Grove. Ia. Who were the parents?. They were born in Norway. When did they arrive? Any info will be gratefully appreciated.

Location:Webster County
Date:Mon, 03 May 1999

Comments:  AUSTIN, Nettie; d. 12 JUL 1947, Duluth, MN, buried in Otho, IA; Married: Martin SWANSON; b. 17 AUG 1876, Lehigh, IA; d. 25 DEC 1946, Davenport, IA, buried in Otho, IA. Children: Robert, Ada, Oskey, Florence, Esther. I am looking for any information about these family descendants, particularly information regarding Nettie AUSTIN's background.

Location:Webster County
Date:Mon, 03 May 1999

Comments:  I am looking for information about a train accident that killed 5 or 6 people of the IRA ROUSH family. I don't know when this occurred, but would be early 1900s. Any info would be appreciated.


Email:pattyjo@iceinternet.com Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 27 Apr 1999

Comments:  John and Martha M. MILLER came to Webster Co. IA between 1850 & 1860. Their son Anderson Allen GAYLOR married Sarah Catherin RITTER, daughter of Charles P. & Huldah SWALLUM Ritter. I have been unable to find their marriage. According to what I have found, they were married 17 Jun 1875, but I don't have a town or county. Since they lived in Webster Co. IA in 1860, and their first child was born in Fort Dodge, Webster, IA, I thought maybe they might have been married there. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 27 Apr 1999

Comments:  SWANSON, Martin; b.17 AUG 1876, Lehigh,IA; d. 25 DEC 1946, Davenport, IA; Married: Nettie AUSTIN; Known children: Robert, Ada (Hill), Oskey (Thompson), Florence (Benoit), Esther (Bourquin) Looking for any information about Nettie AUSTIN or the children

Name:Karen McCarty
Location:Webster County
Date:Sat, 24 Apr 1999

Comments:  Searching information on Clara Bittner married Albert Stader.
Thank you.Karen McCarty

Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 27 Apr 1999

Comments:  SWANSON, Martin; b.17 AUG 1876, Lehigh,IA; d. 25 DEC 1946, Davenport, IA; Married: Nettie AUSTIN; Known children: Robert, Ada (Hill), Oskey (Thompson), Florence (Benoit), Esther (Bourquin) Looking for any information about Nettie AUSTIN or the children

Name:Jo Ann Foresee
Location:Gowrie, Webster County
Date:24 April 1999

Comments:  Looking for info on Henderson/Henry RUSHTON b. abt. 1859 Novia Scotia. Married Minerva BARNETT 27 June 1886 Gowrie, Iowa. Two sons born, William Henry b. 1889 and Perl Lee b 20 Sept. 1892 (my grandfather) Webster County. Henderson died 1900, Minerva died abt. 1901 in Calhoun Co? Minerva's parents were L.A. BARNETT and Ruth A. SUTTON. The two sons moved to Oregon after the death of their parents. Any family left in Iowa?
Any info appreciated
Jo Ann Foresee

Name:Ed Glassgow
Location:Webster County
Date:Fri, 02 Apr 1999

Comments: I have uncovered a mystery this week and maybe you can help me solve it. I have known that Reuben Columbus RICHARDSON died in Fall River County, South Dakota. He is a brother to my Great-grandfather and I thought his obituary might give me some information on the family. Reuben Columbus Richardson died 9 Aug 1910 in Fall River County, South Dakota.

He was born 5 Aug 1844 in Indiana (?), married to Margaret Ann CRIM Apr 9 1874, and had four children, George b 1875, Jennie b 1876, Fannie b 1878, and Harley b 1880.

However, when I found the record of his death in the Register of Deeds, I found he had only been in Fall River County 7 days and had been sick all seven days. His place of residence is listed as Dayton, Iowa, (the same place my mother was born.) Also, he was not buried there. I am wondering what he was doing in Fall River County. Was he planning to live there or if he was just traveling through when he fell ill. Also, was his body shipped back to Webster County for burial.

Do you have any information on him? hopefully an obituary. Does any of the family still live there?
Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Ed Glassgow

Location:Webster County
Date:Fri, 9 Apr 1999

Comments:  My great-grandfather James BANKS (he Americanized his named from BUNKSEN) emigrated from Denmark in the 1870's or 1880's; he lived in the Fort Dodge area and raised four children after the early death of his (unknown) wife. His children were James, Margaret BANKS LARSEN, Ethel BANKS STEVENS, and my grandmother, Jennie BANKS LARSEN. Margaret and Jennie married brothers, Martin and John Larsen, respectively. Jennie and John Larsen were married May 30th, 1907 in Webster County, perhaps Fort Dodge. John died in 1935, Jennie in 1980. James Sr.'s only son, James, died childless and the line ended at that point. I would like to hear from anyone who has information about the BANKS/BUNKSEN/BUNTSEN family line, including the name of John's wife and any of his siblings who may have settled there.

Name:Mark Negri
Location:Webster County
Date:Tue, 23 Mar 1999

Comments:  I am trying to locate my family. The last name is KEASEY:
Harry Ullyses Keasey
Samuel Keasey
Nina Keasey
Eva Boganwright Keasey
Can you help me??

Location:Webster County
Date:Wed, 14 Apr 1999

Comments:  I'm looking for any records for Josiah & Priscilla(CRAWFORD) CONLEE. They would be my GGGGrandparents. They would have been 79 yrs in 1882, and lived in the Ft Dodge area. Any information or leads would be extremely helpful. Thank you very much. Zack ziarnek@egyptian.net

Name:Ann Erbar
Location:Fort Dodge, Webster County
Date:Sat, 17 Apr 1999

Comments:  Looking for any info on the following folks: WHITE, Elmer, 50; his wife Nellie DURAN White, 47; Daughters, Allie, 17; Tressia, 10 and Georgia, 9 as they appeared in the 1900 census. They are listed as having lived at North 22nd, Fort Dodge, Wahkonsa Township, Webster County. Tressia was my grandmother. Thanks! Ann Erbar

Name:John Haviland
Location:Fort Dodge, Webster County
Date: Sunday, April 18, 1999

Comments:  I was searching through the Webster County, Iowa GenWeb pages trying to trace the migration of my Great-Grandfather, Theodore HAVILAND (b. 1849 d. 1912). He lived most of his life in South Dakota, but I have found reference to relatives in Hawarden, IA Seney, IA and the Fort Dodge area. Do you know of anyone in your area who has done research on the Haviland family?
Thank You,
John Haviland

Name:Jean BREWER
Location:Webster County
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999

Comments:  Looking for any information on Francis BREWER b. 17 Mar. 1819 Luzerne Co., PA, his wife Agnes JAYNE b. 12 Dec. 1823 Luzerne Co., PA, m. 4 July 1844 PA removed to Webster Co., IA ca. 1855, known children James Monroe or James Francis, killed Civil War; Oliver, killed Civil War; Volney d. PA; Alonzo, went to CO; Harriet m. George Hite WILLIAMS, d. IA; Mary Emma m. Peter LUENGEN, d. CO; Rose m. James CLARK d. IA; Sarah Isabelle m. Ira T. BRANIGAN d. Canada; Jane Jean BREWER, 104 DARK HOLLOW ROAD, TUNKHANNOCK, PA 18657

Location:Webster County
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999

Comments: Seeking family of Anton STUPKA and Christina HEJLIK, Fort Dodge.

Seeking family from Anna HRUBES and Martin Joseph STUPKA fron Fort Dodge.

Seeking STANEK from Fort Dodge, IA, WI and MN

Seeking family with any name spelled like this. - RASMUSSEN

Seeking any family with this name or any name remotely close to the spelling. - KUBOUSHEK

Seeking family from Anna VONDRACK and John HUSSKE, Ringold, IA


Location:Fort Dodge, Webster County
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999

Comments:  My Grandfather-Fredrick DAHLEEN lived in Fort Dodge with wife Addie. Son John Wesley was Born on 12-3-11. He had a grocery store on the East Side for many years. If you are searching for information on my Grandfather, please reply. Judy

Location:Fort Dodge, Webster County
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999

Comments:  My Grandfather Thomas Arthur MCCALL and Grandmother Leola F. MORRIS McCall moved to Webster County between 1911 and 1912. They lived Around the Moorland area on a farm. My grandfather was born in New York City to parents who had come over from Ireland. My Grandmother was born in Monticello, Illinois to Charles and Rachel HUPMAN Morris. Any information would be appreciated. Judy

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