Towns of Taylor County, Iowa 
Athelstan - town history
Bedford - Doc Golliday story, part 2
Blockton - Mormantown
Clearfield - A man near Clearfield found gold while digging a well. Assay of the ore said it had $3.65 worth of gold and silver in it. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Mo, 21 Jan 1897
Conway - There were recently 16 buildings destroyed in a fire at Conway, Ia. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Mo. 07 Sep 1893
Conway - history from IOWA SOUTH-WEST, 1878

1) Article by Mrs Celesta Smith published in The Gravity Independent; 1934

2) Taylor County, Iowa History, 1881

3) Gravity location correction

4) TAYLOR COUNTY REPUBLICAN, Bedford, Iowa: Mar 2, 1882 - Gravity items

5) History of Gravity, Iowa. Written by Mrs Frank (Lena) Ambrose

6) 1875 map of Gravity

Iowa City - Iowa City is the name of the new town located on "diagonal road," half of the town in Taylor county, Iowa and half in Worth county, Mo. It's 17 mi from Bedford, 16 mi from Grant City, and 17 mi from Hopkins. Nodaway Democrat, Maryville, Mo, 13 Oct 1887
Henshaw - Mabel Weil, 3 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Weil of near Henshaw, died Wednesday, Sept. 26, 1917, of blood poisoning. Her parents brought her to Clarinda the day of her death. A physician here was consulted. It was thought that she was getting along well. On their way home near the residence of Ed Fiddler, in Nebraska township, she died. The funeral took place Friday at 2 p.m., at the Methodist Episcopal church in Hawleyville, conducted by Rev. E. P. Douglas of New Market, and burial was
in the Hawleyville cemetery. CLARINDA JOURNAL, Clarinda, Iowa, Oct 4, 1917
Ladoga - by Georgia Glasmann
Lenox - Lenox Area Chamber of Commerce, 200 1/2 South Main Street, Lenox, Ia 50851: 641.333.4272.
Lenox Hotel, picture and article. Lenox Times-Table 31 Mar 1921
Lenox - 85 years of progress
Lenox - Lenox Centennial Book
New Market
New Market early history
New Market telephone system
The new town over at Memory, on the & & S. Ry., is now laid off and platted, and the parties over there who have been anxious to get lots can do so at once. PAGE COUNTY DEMOCRAT, Clarinda, Iowa, Mar 30, 1882
Taylor County Republican, Bedford, Iowa, 1883 04 12 : Dallas Doings: Newmarket is one year old to-day. That is, it has been one year since the first stakes were drove in surveying off the town. She has now 90 houses, 30 of which are business houses and over 300 inhabitants.
Platteville by Marilyn Mutti
Platteville Town History from Julia Johnson
Platteville Town History, 1878 from Pat O'Dell