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      Aid, John - cover page,

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      [in John Aid bible] Rebecca Goodwin - Rose - Aid - page 4, page 5, page 6
      Perry, Louisa Aid - page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4


      Bible Record of Lemon Family

      submitted by:

       James Hey LEMON and Adelaide Montezuma KATER family bible
      5 Oct 1883

      These pages were transcribed exactly how I found them to the best of my ability. I have made an attempt to correct nothing except capitalize surnames. Brackets show illegible or obvious corrections. These records were taken from color photo-copies I personally made of the original bible pages as the originals are too fragile to handle.
      I am a direct descendent of James Hey LEMON and Adelaide Montezuma KATER being their great-great-granddaughter.
      The original bible is in the possession of Mary Elizabeth MCCOY.
      Thanks once again to all that have posted info and helped me in my searches. Good luck to all!
      ALSWORTH- witness
      GREENBANK- witness
      ROSS- witness

      PAGE 1


      James H. LEMON,
      and Adelaide Montozuma KATER
      At Philadelphia on the 29th day of
      Febuary in the year of our lord 1852
      In Presence of John KATER and James ROSS.
      Signed Margaret KATER Susan LEMON
      Minister of the gospil

      PAGE 2

      First Child- Rudolph Kater LEMON} Born Dec 17th 1852 in Philadelphia Pen Christned 6th July 1854 Was a remarkabely. Small child when born. But healthey. Grew finaly the first year. But [p]om a breaking out of hes Ears while cutting he’s Teath.

      Second Child- William Stewart LEMON. Born March 4th 1854 in City of Phil= Pen Was a fine large child had a good disposion

      Third Child- John. T. LEMON. Born 6th Nov. 1855 in Union Township Rock County Wisconsin. On Homstead 2 miles W. of Evansville

      Fourth Child- Adelaide Montazum. Born on 2nd Nov. 1857 on the Home Farm 3 miles S.W. of Evansville Rock Co Wisconsin

      Fifth Child- Hasting[s] A. LEMON. Born October 1858, on the above Farm 3 m. S.W. of Evansville Rock Co Wisconsin

      Sixth Child- Addie Jane LEMON. Born Oct 24th 1860 in the T.s. Magnolia. 3 M. S.W. Evansville Rock Co Wisconsin. She walked at one year old was alway a good Baby we thought her Very smart speaking Plain words at 15 months old.

      Seventh Child- Frank Hey LEMON. Born Christmas Eve 1862 on farm Sec" 28 [T].4.N. of R 10 East Wisconsin Was kicked in the face by a Horse 5th July 1865 left a S[c/e]are[i]ous Scar

      Eight Child- May McAlester LEMON Born March 20th 1865 one and a half miles West of Evansville on said Sce 28. Rock Co Wisconsin (old [K]ane farm) Was a quiet Infant.

      Ninth Child- James Carr LEMON. Born 15th May 1867 in Evansville Rock Co Wisconsin

      Tenth Child- Clara Bell LEMON. Born April 7th 1872 on Home farm in Sect" 21. Platt.T. 2 M East o Kent, Union Co IOWA

      Eleventh Child- Sarah Eliza LEMON. Born 31 Dec 1873 in the New House. On Scet 21 Platt. T. Union Co. Iowa

      And Now this 5th day of Oct" 1883, The above being copied from the original Entries into this Beautifull Book I have compared and found it all correct May our Family be unbroken in this life and in Heaven
      [sig] J.H.LEMON.

      PAGE 3


      1st Rudolph K. LEMON. April 16 1876 at the residence of Bride’s Parents. [3] Miles North of Lenonx Adams Co Iowa
      2nd W.S. LEMON To Sarah A MANN July 3rd 1878 at the residence of her Parents in Platt Township Union Co Iowa
      3rd John T. LEMON, to Josephine CLUTE . August 27 1882 at 3-O Clk pm. at the residence of Brides Parents
      4th Hastings. A. LEMON to Mattie VERTREES at Morning Sun Iowa April 14th 1885
      Richard S. SPURRIER. to Addie. M. LEMON on April 10th 1884 at Residence of Brides Parents. 2 Miles East of Kent Union Co Iowa A. J. GARR[E]LS[E]N Officiating
      Henry J. KENNEDY}*
      May M. LEMON}*
      June 19th 18(89 crossed out)90 at Lenox Iowa at the Residence of the Brides Parents Ty ELDER[?]. H.A.LEMON and F.H.LEMON of the Christian Church A Company comprising a Gret part of the Family (22) ware witnesses
      PAGE 4
      Frank Hey LEMON} 2" Maradge to Fayetta M. HARTAN[?] at Lake City
      Iowa 15 Nov 1903- in Woodlaw Christian Church
      Odessa WALTERS} In the Christian Church Exira. Audubon Co Iowa on the 21st December 1892 President ALSWORTH of Drak Unversity Officiating. Many Presents. [fun] a large company and a weding heard untill
      After Midnight. Music and Song.
      [1st marriage to Odessa WALTERS, names in brackets and text follows. 2nd marriage to Fayetta M. HARTAN added outside of said brackets.]
      [T] Estella Young to H Adolphus Lemon on 14" day August 1895 At Bethany Nebraska
      Miss [T] Estella Young To Hasting Adolph Lemon (mourned[?][underlined]) Augt. 14th 1895 at Beathany Neb.
      May Lemon} Married June 19. 1890
      Ha[r]ry Kennedy}
      enr[ added by someone to show Henry]
      Clara B. Lemon} Married June 27 1895-
      Herman Hasche}
      Sadie E Lemon to John L. Wherry on the 27th day of October 1900 at the Home residene Lenox Iowa.

      PAGE 5
      Fourth}Adelaide M. Lemon. Died on the 17th December 1857 aged 5 weeks
      Child }and was buried in the Evansville Cemetery on lot no. [blank] her
      }death was Caused by Hooping Cough. There is a Marbel Monument
      }8 feet High Erected over her remains. With inscription +c._______
      [nothing filled in over the underline] She was a very fine Infant and
      }dearly beloved
      Died at Bethany, Neb. Mattie. Lemon (ne Vertees[Vertrees]). Wife of H A Lemon on [blank] of [blank] 1893. leaving 2 childern. Delbert and Allie[Hallie].
      Delbert died by gun shot acident 1 Jan 1903
      Delbert was acidently shot 1902=
      + - I have more information.
      *1- Mary Elizabeth MCCOY wrote " This marriage was written in Clara's handwriting. James Lemon, father wrote in all the rest of the marriages."

      Osburn Family

      This family record is written on the front leaf of a book, The Business Guide; or, Safe Methods of Business, copyright date 1893.

      Nathan Osburn was born April 23rd A.D. 1840
      his wife Mary Jane Osburn was born September 26th, 1842

      our children:
      John Ambrose Osburn was born January 1st, 1867
      Martha Francis Osburn was born September 21, 1868
      Charley Osburn was born October 3rd, 1870
      Walter E. Osburn was born April 3rd, 1872
      Addie Osburn was born April 18, 1876
      Israel Osburn was born July 22nd, 1878
      Eddie N. Osburn was born October 25, 1883

      Martha Francis Osburn deceased March 23, 1871
      John Ambrose Osburn deceased March 25, 1871
      Israel Osburn deceased March 15th, 1879
      Addie Osburn deceased April 5th, 1879
      Mary Jane Osburn deceased 19th Apr 1896

      (the above is all in one handwriting)

      (the following is in several handwritings)

      Walter E. Osburn passed away Sept. 29, 1936
      Nathan Osburn deceased Feb 18, 1911
      Edd Osburn passed away Nov 27, 1923
      Charlie Osburn passed away Apr 15, 1935

      In 1974, Edd Osburn's son, Lloyde, of Newberg, Oregon, was the only living descendant of the Osburn family.

      Larsen Family

      I have a Bible that is written in a script that I can not altogether read. I will give the highlights of the information, only, because I'm afraid that I will copy it incorrectly. The Bible was left in a house in Gravity, Iowa.

      In the front cover is says, Mr and Mrs Louis Larsen, Looking Glass, Nebr.

      Brudebibel, kjobenhaun, Bibeffeffkabet for Danmark, Fr Bagges Bogtryfferi, 1899.

      Christian Christensen, 23 Juli 1866 pan Karlskovs, Mark, Danmark
      Christine Halvorsen, 4 August 1871 in Sverns? Proste gjeld, Norge
      viede den 24 Aug 1894

      Louis Larsen, 3 April 1869 pan Washington Island, Wis
      Christine Christensen, (Halvorsen) viede den 24 Aug 1906 i Bethania d.w. luth. Kirke, Looking Glass, Nebr

      page 2

      Hans Christensen
      Christine Christensen

      Lars Halvorsen
      Bretha Halvorsen

      Christian Larsen
      oz Maria Christine Larsen

      (There is more to this, but I need to get it translated before transcribing it. Anyone interested in this may get some clues from the above - Pat)