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The Toledo Chronicle
Sept. 7, 1883

Mrs. C. A. Palmer is having her residence very much improved.

Mrs. J. S. Moore started for Des Moines Monday morning, where she will visit friends and attend the State Fair.

Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Reedy started Tuesday evening for a few weeks visit among friends and relatives in Nebraska

Ladies, Misses and children’s custom made calf shoes at Kremenak’s. Every pair warranted.

C. J. Wonser, of the Tama Herald has purchased the Kenneth (Kansas) Tribune, the paper established by the late Geo. N. Palmer.

Mr. J. D. DeCreet, having sold his fine residence to J. F. Coatesworth, is moving his furniture and household goods to Chicago.

The wanderers, Mr. & Mrs. L. B. Blinn, Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Walters, Mr. & Mrs. John Connell, Mr. & Mrs. G. R. Struble, have returned from their journeys.

Mr. J. C. Tolan presented to us some beets that can’t be beat – at least we have not seen any beet that would beat them for size and general excellence.

The Close of the Normal Institute

The Session for 1882 of the Tama County Normal Institute which closed last week was the most successful one ever held in Tama County. Dr. S. M. Fellows, of the State University, said it was one of the most harmonious, enthusiastic and successful Institutes he ever saw, and gave Superintendent Hendricks great credit for the arrangement and management of it, which resulted in such a success.

On Thursday evening of last week occurred the graduating exercises of a class of 36 – those who had completed the Normal Course of Study. The A Class numbered 57, and of that class 36 were the recipients of Diplomas, showing that like “the ruler or the queen’s navee” in Pinafore, they “had passed examination at the Institute.” This examination was rigid. In order to obtain the Diploma the candidate for graduation was required to make an average of 92 per cent, in all branches, besides having a record as a successful teacher for three or more terms and had attended three or more institutes. But so carefully had the work been done that there were few of the class whose average was less than 96 per cent. This class was composed of the most experienced and successful teachers of the county. We give a list of the graduates, as follows:

Eva AldrichW. W. Hunter
Anna E. Bruner Mary E. Helen
Agnes Brown Almetta B. Hiatt
Orpha K. Bruner Jesse Johnson
Laura J. Bruner Julia M. Kennedy
Rena M. Cody W. D. Livingstone
M. D. Crittenden Fannie B. McClung
Mary S. Childs Matilda Nauerth
Ida E. Dutton Eva Olney
Elma Dexter Ida F. Peck
Mrs. W. J. Dean Mary E. Potter
Geo. S. Dick Ida Redfield
Dora Dobson May E. Raines
S. S. Dobson Emma Spencer
Lizzie Gravatt E. J. H. Sanborn
Mrs. R. E. Gallion Lizzie B. Wilson
Hanna J. Hitchner Zina Young

The evening’s program was as follows:

Prayer, by Rev. H. O. Pratt

Singing by Ladies quartette, a Waltz song.

Essay by Miss Ida E. Dutton, “The Educated Teacher.”

Essay by Mr. S. S. Dobson, “The Practical Teacher.”

Essay by Miss Fannie B. McClung” The Ideal Teacher.”

Solo, by Miss Gertie Hogan.

Address- “ The School and the State, by L. G. Kinne.

Address by Pres’t Beardshear “The School and the Church.

Conferring of Diplomas by Prof S. N. Fellows.

The essays and address were appropriate and interesting and Prof. Fellows’ short address in conferring the Diplomas was especially fine. This was followed by a very pleasant occurrence not on the program. After the class had resumed their seats, Miss Ida Peck advanced in from of the stage and in a few well chosen words, presented Superintendent Hendricks with a fine set of Bancrofts History of the United States, in Half calf binding, and large Photograph Album.. Mr. H. was taken completely by surprise, but thanked the institute for the handsome presents. The exercises of the evening then closed, after which a sociable was held for some time which was a very enjoyable affair.

County Exchange Notes
Montour Review

J. G. Cronk started for Colorado last Monday morning. He will stop in Nebraska on his way out, and then take a trip through Colorado.

Traer Clipper

W. W. Blanchard has sold his farm to Thos. McBride, 160 acres for $4,500.

J. E. Noll, of Luverne, Kossuth county is in town this week. John thinks there is no place like home, and he will move back to good old Tama Co, this fall.

Miss Steinberger, niece to Mrs. M. Simon, arrived, in town direct from Germany on Tuesday. She came over on the steamer “Mosel” which caught on a sand bar and went to pieces, some three weeks ago. She was saved with all the rest of the passengers and crew, but lost all her baggage.

Tama Free Press

Mr. L. Carmichael, will start the first of the week for a visit to Middletown, N. Y. ; for the purpose of attending the sixtieth anniversary of his parents wedding day.

Tama Herald

Mrs. R. H. Hollenbeck started for Dakota last Wednesday where she will visit her sister for a few weeks.

We hear much in regard to old ladies’ patch-work quilts. The latest we have heard is the best: Mrs. Welcom Beal, an old lade seventy-two years old, living seven miles south of Tama City, has just completed a quilt composed of 3,090 different pieces. Who can beat it?

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