Murder Cases in
Tama County, Iowa

1898 Sherman Wilcox murdered John Kosina

1920 Frank Linhart Murder

David A. Prosser convicted of the 1921 murder of Issac West, Marshal of Gas City, KS, and former Toledo, IA resident

The Iowa Unsolved Murders site has descriptions of many cases, with six in Tama County. Here are links to those cases:

The Czech Marble Cutter: Murder of Matej Straka 1878
Green Corn Dance Tragedy: Murder of Se-Ton-a-Qua 1897
Drinking Bout: Suspicious Death of John F. Brennan 1898
"Trio of Thugs": Murder of Officer Rolland P. Smith 1901
"The Belle of the Tribe": Murder of Ma-Sha-Che 1905
"No Women Or Children Allowed": Murder of Winfield Scott Rouse 1929

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