This a full congressional township containing thirty-six sections of land and known as township 84, north of range 14, west of the fifth principal meridian. The surface of this township is generally hilly, and somewhat rough in the southern and southeastern portions. The northern part lies more nearly level. Nearly all the available land is under cultivation. It is well watered by a number of streams, the largest of which is Salt creek, which enters the township on the western side and running a southeasterly course, passes through sections 18, 19,20,28,27,34 and 35, leaving from section 36. This is known as the “South Fork”. The “North Fork” enters the township in he northwest quarter of section 2, runs through sections 2,11,12 and crosses the line into Oneida on section 13.

Carroll township is surrounded by Perry township on the north, Howard county on the west, Otter Creek on the south and Oneida on the east. It is strictly an agricultural township, having no railroad or town within its limits. The inhabitants are industrious and thrifty and nearly all well to do, owning as good farms as are in the county. The land is nearly one third covered with timber. The soil is generally a sandy loam on the prairies, and on the timber lands it consists of a light clay mixed with a vegetable mold. These lands are productive, although in places too much broken to be desirable for agricultural purposes. Quite a number of the farmers are engaged to a limited extent in stock raising and through the township, there are many well improved farms.

Settlement of Carroll.

The first settlement in this township was made by Levi Haworth and family, Nathan Fisher and family, Joseph Powell and family and Shepard Haworth. Of these, Levi Haworth settled on section 98, in the fall of 1853. He was born in Vermilion county, Ohio, on the 24th day of February, 1811. He remained in Vermilion county until 1824, when his parents moved to Hendricks county, Indiana, afterwards to Hamilton county, same State. Levi was married, on the first day of December, 1832, to Miss Phoebe Haworth, a native of North Carolina. In 1853 they came to Tama county and settled on a farm in Carroll township, where, with the exception of three years, two of which were spent in Hardin county and one in Toledo, he remained engaged in farming until his death, which occurred on the 5th of August, 1881. His wife died February 25, 1878. Their children are: Alpheus, Solomon, James, Howard, Mary, William, Louisa, Dillon, Sarah, Ellen and Eli.

JAMES HAWORTH, third son of Levi and Phoebe (Haworth) Haworth, was born in Hamilton county, Indiana, on the 6th day of August, 1838, and came to Tama county with his parents in 1853. He was reared on his father’s farm, and has made Carroll township his home, with the exception of three years spent in Hardin county and Toledo. Mr. Haworth is a Republican. He was married, January 17, 1869, to Miss Agnes Hamburg, and they have four children: Ruby M., Charles L., Freddie G. and Ida L.

ALPHEUS HAWORTH is also a son of Levi and Phoebe (Haworth) Haworth, born on the 6th of February, 1845, in Hamilton county, Indiana. In 1853, he came to Tama county, settling in Carroll township. He enlisted, n 1864, in Company G, Fourth Iowa Infantry and served until honorably discharged at the close of the war, in 1865. He then returned to his home and has since been engaged in farming on section 19, Carroll township. He was married on the 4th day of April, 1856, to Miss Elizabeth Margaret Fee, daughter of Elias and Mary (Carter) Fee. This was the first marriage ceremony performed in Carroll township. Three children bless this union: Perry, Miranda and Francis.

NATHAN FISHER also came to Carroll township in the fall of 1853. He settled on section 28, building his house on the southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of that section. He is now living in Toledo.

Joseph Powell settled on the southwest quarter of section 27, where he remained until 1882, when he moved to Toledo.

SHEPARD HAWORTH settled on section 20, remaining until 1860, when he returned to Indiana. Elias Fee and family, William Riley and family, Adam and Asa Wise, came in June, 1854. Of these Elias Fee is dead. He was born in Clermont county, Ohio, August 9, 1804. His early life was spent in that county where he learned the blacksmith trade. December 15, 1829, they removed to Indiana, settling in Marion county, about nine miles from Indianapolis, where he was engaged in blacksmithing. In June, 1854, they came to Tama county and settled on section 20, Carroll township, Mr. Fee at this time entering and buying 1,200 acres of land. Both he and his wife were members of the M. E. Church, of which he was a local preacher devoting a great deal of his time to church affairs. Mr. Fee died December 11, 1879; his wife still survives him. They were blessed with ten children, eight of whom are living. Sarah, now the wife of Adam Wise, of Carroll township; Eliza, wife of Wm. Riley, of Toledo; Elizabeth, wife of Alpheus Haworth; James Henry, resident of Fullerton, Nebraska; William A. now living in Toledo, where he is engaged in the dry goods business; Amanda J. wife of Wm. Strain, of Carroll township; Nancy, wife of Joseph McRoberts, of Forestburg, Dakota, and George M. living on the old homestead. William Perry died in Indiana, January 14, 1841. Francis, enlisted September 13, 1861, in Company D, 10th Iowa, and was killed at the battle of Champion Hills, Mississippi, May 16, 1863.

GEORGE M. FEE, youngest son of Elias and Mary (Carter) Fee, was born in Marion county, Indiana, on the 1st day of may, 1848, and came to Tama county with his parents in 1854. He has since made Carroll township his home. In politics he is a staunch Republican having always taken an active interest in political affairs. He was elected Justice of the Peace when but twenty-one years of age and has held that office for ten years. He was married May 25, 1876 to Miss Eliza M. Dexter, a native of Columbia county, Wisconsin. Three children have been born unto them, Ira B., Knight E. and an infant.

ADAM and ASA WISE are still living in the township and are prominent citizens. Adam Wise, was a son of Michael and Susan (Bowers) Wise, born in 1823, in Hamilton county, Indiana. He grew to manhood on his father’s farm and on the 3rd of October 1850, was married to Miss Sarah Fee. Eight children have been born to them, four of whom are now living, Mary, now the wife of James Taylor, Susan A., Martha C. and Wilbur O. In 1854, they came to Tama county and entered 240 acres of land on section 27, of Carroll township, where he has since made his home. In politics, Mr. Wise is a Republican and has always taken an active part in township affairs.

Andrew Wise came later, bringing his mother. They made their home with Adam Wise until 1856 when Andrew located on section 35, In 1879 he removed to Kansas where he still lives.

William Harmon came to Carroll township in November, 1855, and made a selection of land on section 10, where he still lives.

Lucius Kibbee also came in 1855 and settled on the same section. In 1870, he removed to Kansas, where he has since died.

William Randolph came also in 1855, and settled on section 2. He afterward removed to Richland township where he has since died.

After this date, the settlers arrived in such rapid succession that it is impossible to trace them. Among those who have arrived since that time and are now prominent citizens and farmers of Carroll township, are John Hild, V. B. Pennell, William McClain, J. L. Surface, George Vogt, James O’Neill and Jacob Arter.

JOHN HILD was born in Carroll county, Illinois, in September, 1842, and is a son of Conrad and Regina (Plough) Hild, both native of Germany. His early life was spent assisting his father on the farm. August 9, 1864, he enlisted in Company A, 146th Illinois Infantry, and was honorably discharged July 8, 1865, at Springfield, Illinois. He then returned to this native county, and in 1868, came to Tama county, where he settled on section 5, Carroll township. Mr. Hild is a staunch Republican and has always taken an active part in local politics. He is, at present, Treasurer of the school board and Justice of the Peace. He was married in 1872, to Miss Jane McBride, a native of Pennsylvania. Five children have been born unto them - John M, Olive A., Robert H., Mattie P., and Beyrl M. Mr. and Mrs. Hild are both members of the Presbyterian Church.

V. B. PENNELL was born in Trumball county, Ohio, July 7, 1838, his parents being William and Blackhawk county, where V.B., grew to manhood. In a866, he came to Tama county, settling in Carroll township, on section 31, where he now owns a fine farm of 180 acres. He was married in 1862 to Miss Elizabeth Gasten, a native of Pennsylvania. They have eight children - William, Walter, Irving, Ira, David, Ida, James and Harry.

WILLIAM McCLAIN was born in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, march 30, 1822. His native county remained his home until 1864, when he came west to Bureau county, Illinois, where he spent three years and in 1867, came to Tama county, locating for a time in Perry township. In 1874, he was married to Miss Mary Kelso, a native of Pennsylvania. They have twelve children living - Susanna, William, Thomas, Rebecca, James, John, Walter, Joseph, Lewis, Stephen, Herman, George and three deceased - Deliliah, Mary and Elva. Susanna, Thomas and Rebecca are married. Susanna is living in Bureau county, Illinois; Thomas in O’Brien, and Rebecca in Ida county, this state. William is a graduate of the Medical Department of Northwestern University, and resides in Beaman, Grundy county, where he has practiced medicine for five years. James is also studying medicine at the above named college.

J.L. SURFACE was burn in Warren county, Ohio, on he 9th day of January, 1816. His parents were Henry and Catherine (Long) Surface, both native of Virginia. When J.L. was four years old his parents removed to Preble county, Ohio, where he grew to manhood on his father’s farm. He was married there in 1841 to Miss Amelia Tosh, a native of Preble county. In 1859, they came west as far as Randolph county, Indiana, remained eight years and then came to Tama county. After spending the first winter in Toledo, they then settled in Carroll township, and in 1868, on their present farm on section 18. Seven children have been born to them - Hannah, wife of Jonathan Wheeler, of Indiana; Elvira, wife of A.J. Gaines, a resident of Dakota; Emily C., wife of E.N. Wing now living in Toledo; William Franklin, John A., George L. and Flora O., wife of T.J. Wise.

GEORGE VOGT was born in Germany, December 10, 1835, and came to America in 1856,locating in Scott county, Iowa, where he resided seven years. In 1863, he crossed the plains to California and was there engaged in mining until 1867, at which time he returned to Tama county and purchased a farm in Carroll township, on section 12. He was married in 1868 to Miss Annie Matthesen, a native of Germany. Four children bless this union - Katie, Henry, Annie and Mary.

JAMES O'NEILL is a son of William and Abigail (Sherman) O’Neill. He is a native of Canada East, born the 27th of July, 1833. He attained his majority in his native town, and soon after came west to Kalb county, Illinois. In February, 1865, he came to Tama county, locating in Howard township, where he was engaged in farming until 1875, at which time he removed to Carroll township. He now owns a fine farm of 120 acres on section 5. Mr. O'Neill has held the office of Township Trustee for two terms and is the present Assessor of the township. He was married December 25, 1860, to Miss Sarah Smith, who bore him three sons: William, Asa, and Sydney. Mrs. O'Neill died in July, 1873. Mr. O'Neill was again married, September 25, 1874, to Miss Katie Carr, a native of Illinois, by whom he has had one child - Devina Estella.

JACOB ARTER is a native of Ohio, born in richland county on the 3d of May, 1849. His parents were Michael and Susanna (Erb) Arter. Mr. Arter remained in his native county until 1870, when he came to Iowa, locating on section 2, of Carroll township, where he now owns a finely improved farm of four hundred and five acres. Mr. Arter was married to Miss Anna Maria Sparks, a native of Ohio, in 1872. They have three children living: Willie O., Orlie E. and Susanna. Mr. Arter has met with good success since coming here and is now one of the leding farmers of this part of Tama County.

The first records of this township have been destroyed and the officers elected prior to 1876 are not known. Since that time they are as follows for the years mentioned:

1876 - Clerk, John Roberts; Assessor, John Hild; Trustees, G. B. Lawson, James O'Neill and F. A. Belt; Justice's , J. D. McNeil and G. W. Fee; Constables, S. A. Smith and C. A. Whiteley;

1877- Assessor, S. A. Smith; Clerk, A. M. Smith; Trustees, Robert Foster, Alfred Loder and John Hild;

1878- Assessor, S. A. Smith; Clerk, G. B. Lawson; Trustees, James O'Neill, A. C. Cochran and G. M. Fee;

1879 - Assessor, S. A. Smith; Clerk, John Roberts; Trustee, John Hild;

1880 - Assessor, S. A. Smith; Clerk, John Roberts; Trustee A. C. Cochran; Constables, w. W. Strain and James McClain;

1881- Justice, T. J. Hartley; Trustee, G. M. Fee; Constable to fill vacancy, John Hanus;

1882- Justices, John Hild and Lee Graham; Clerk John Roberts; Constables, G. Budgett and J. M. Taylor; Assessor, James O'Neill; Trustee John Nachazel.


The first service of this character was conducted by Rev. D. Petefish, a Methodist divine, at the residence of Nathan Fisher, soon after the first settlement in 1853. The only church organization within the limits of the township is a Methodist Episcopal. A class was organized soon after the first settlement, and services were held at private residences and school houses until March 1881, when the society purchased a building which had been used for shcool purposes on the southwest corner of section 20. This building they remodeled and in June 1882, it was dedicated as a church by Rev. H. O. Pratt, who is now engaged in the ministry at Cedar Rapids, and who at one time was Representative in Congress from the fourth district.

Miss Martha Ann Fisher taught the first school in this townhsip in a house owned by the widow Bailey, on section 28, in the fall of 1855. The first school house was a log building erected originally by Nathan Fisher for a dwelling, and sold by him to the district for school purposes. There are now nine districts consisting of four sections each, the school houses all standing in the center of their respective districts, excepting the one in district number nine, which stands about twenty rods from the north of the center. The houses are all frame and valued at $3,025. There were 314 children of school age in 1882, and there where registered 259 scholars with an average dialy attendance of 122.

The first birth in the township was James Andrew, a son of Adam and Sarah Ellen Wise, born November 3, 1854. He died September 26, 1864. The next birth in the township was Eli, a son to Levi and Phoebe Haworth, born April 25, 1855. He is now living in Sac county Iowa, and was married July 2, 1876, to Miss Matilda Strain.

The first marriage was Alpheus Haworth to Miss Elizabeth Margaret Fee, April 4, 1856, at the residence of Elias Fee. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Brown. They are still living in the township.

The first death was that of Samuel Bailey, which occurred in the fall of 1855. He was buried on section 33, on land owned at this time by J. Yarham.

A cemetery is located on the northwest corner of section 29. the first interment was the wife of Levi Haworth. She departed this life February 25, 1878. another cemetery is located on the southeast corner of the southwest quarter of section 27. The first burial here was Alice H., a daughter of Adam Wise and wife; she died September 5, 1864.

The second burial was James A., a son of the same couple. He died September 26, 1864. There is also a private burying ground of the Bates family which is located on the southwest quarter of section 18.

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