East Oneida Cemetery (Oneida Twp) WPA Records

Contributed for use in IAGenWeb by Von Mings Stachon.

In the late 1930's one of the tasks the WPA was assigned was recording cemeteries. It is unknown whether the WPA workers actually viewed the tombstones or collected the info from death records at the courthouse or from newspaper obituaries. However, even with the inaccuracies in their recordings due to a variety of reasons, we are still grateful for the resource. Since some of the markers are no longer readable, the WPA records may be the only records we have.

Last First Birth Death Comments
BOWEN Agnes  04 Nov 1869 
BYAM A. W. 1812 23 Mar 1875 age 63
BYAM Anna E. 1822 15 Jan 1877 age 55 -- w/o A.W.
EDZEN Jacob 1814 1895 age 81
HANSEN Maria Elisa 1854 1897 age 43
LANDON Oliver T. 02 Feb 1843 04 Jan 1871 
OFT Hans 18 Jul 1822 03 Jan 1874 Tama

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