3351 250th Avenue (E36), Elberon, Tama County, IA
A Pioneer Cemetery

Recorded by Von Mings Stachon and Stuart Whannel on August 2, 2010. 
Donated to IAGenWeb for their use. All rights reserved.

This cemetery is a Pioneer Cemetery located at the top of a small hill.  There are indications of other graves that are no longer visible: there is a small cement block with no writing on it; there is a cement base but the upright portion is missing and there are pieces of a wooden marker broken off at ground level.

The WPA recorded this cemetery in about 1935 with the following five names: Agnes Bowen, A.W. Byam, Anna E. Byam, Jacob Edzen and Maria Elisa Hansen.  The first three can still be found, but the last two were not found in August 2010. It is unclear why the WPA did not find all the graves here since all the people died prior to 1935.

IAGenWeb lists this cemetery as East Oneida Cemetery; the WPA listing calls it East Oneida Cemetery; Google Maps and other sites lists this cemetery as Lamprecht Cemetery, and the marker at the street lists it as Lone Pine (Hill).  I called Tama County Historical Society on 24 Aug 2010, but they had no information other than it has been Lone Pine for as long as they can remember.

In the late 1930's one of the tasks the WPA was assigned was recording cemeteries. It is unknown whether the WPA workers actually viewed the tombstones or collected the info from death records at the courthouse or from newspaper obituaries. However, even with the inaccuracies in their recordings due to a variety of reasons, we are still grateful for the resource. Since some of the markers are no longer readable, the WPA records may be the only records we have.

Last First Birth Death Comments
BOWEN Agnes   04 Nov 1869  71y 5m; (can't read more)
BURRIS ?ic????a?? 07 Dec 1876 d/o H. G. & N. J.; age 14d 8m 4(?)y - very worn
BYAM A. W. 1812 23 Mar 1875 63y 2m 6d
BYAM Anna E. 1822 15 Jan 1877 55y 8m 11d; w/o A.W.; shared stone
EDZEN Jacob 1814 1895 age 81 (NOT FOUND IN Aug 2010)
ERIATT Very worn stone - name may be wrong)
FINDLAY Almea 15 Aug 1869 d/o J. & E.; aged (can't read)
HANSEN Maria Elisa 1854 1897 age 43 (NOT FOUND in Aug 2010)
KUHL Anna Margaretha 23 May 1886 d/o F. & M. Kuhl (possibly d/o Frank & Mary Kuhl per 1870 census; their dau. Is listed as Anna M. born 1867)
LANDON? Elivmx  T. or Leivxx T. or?? SEE PHOTO son or dau of D. & M. (maybe) - very worn; middle initial of 1st name looks like a T.
OFT Hans 15 July 1822 09 Jan 1874 51y 5m 21d (Oft may be incorrect - very worn stone)
STEARNS ????rs  J. 1873 Aged (can't read years).  It appears that J. is a middle initial)
STOLTENBERG Johnnie 17 May 1876 Age 2d

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