Contributed for use in USGenWeb by Von Mings Stachon and Stuart L. Whannel.

Recorded in August 2005.

Located at M Avenue-Reinbeck-Tama Co-IA; 4/10 mi from Hwy D-65.

Sign on D-65 says 'Pioneer Cemetery' but refers to the Dinsdale Cemetery.

ABBREVIATIONS: ss=shared stone; d/o=daughter of; s/o=son of; w/o=wife of; w/=with

Location letters here match up with letters on Dinsdale diagram.

Loc Last First Day/Mo. Year Day/Mo. Year Comments
A Fothergill Martha Eleanor 13 May 1865 03 May 1878 Age 13y 11m 20d; ss w/Elizabeth Isabelle (Parents: Robert & Mary (Dinsdale) Fothergill)
A Fothergill Elizabeth Isabelle 12 Aug 1879 14 Mar 1880 Age 7m 8d (Parents: Robert & Mary (Dinsdale) Fothergill)
B Mother           Small marker; no other info
C Fothergill Thomas 15 May 1837 22 Dec 1907 Our Father
C Fothergill Ellen     06 Sep 1887 Our mother; only one date; aged 37y; ss w/Thomas/J.P./Eliz.E.
C Fothergill J. P.     31 Jan 1891 Only one date; aged 21y 3m
C Fothergill Elizabeth E.     07 Sep 1878 Only one date; aged 11m 17d
D Fothergill? Alex         Small marker; no other info; possibly Fothergill
E Fothergill? E.E.         Small marker; no other info; possibly Fothergill
F Fothergill? W. F.         Small marker; no other info; possibly Fothergill
G Fothergill? Lawarnce         Small marker; no other info; possibly Fothergill; Lawrence spelled as shown.
H Dinsdale Martha     22 Jul 1873 Aged 63y; ss w/L.P./Jno/Mary A.
H Dinsdale L. P.     05 Aug 1891 Aged 74y 5m 11d
H Dinsdale Jno. (John)     10 Feb 1871 Aged 24y 3m 8d
H Dinsdale Mary A.     08 Nov 1869 Aged 23y 9m 24d; w/o J. Dinsdale
I Dinsdale? Martha         Small marker; no other info; possibly Dinsdale
J Dinsdale? Willie     16 Mar 1874 Marker reads : 'For Little Willie'; aged 5m 11d
K Unreadable           Appears to be a child marker
L Robertson Nellie Bell     14 Aug 1900 Aged 1y 1m 20d; d/o Mr. & Mrs. John Robertson
M Robertson           'NBR' footstone-probably Nellie Bell
N Dinsdale James     12 Aug 1878 Aged 3m 10d; s/o J. and A. Dinsdale
N Dinsdale Ann     29 May 1878 Aged 38y 5m 27d; w/o James
O Dinsdale Willie     18 Mar 1870 Marker reads: 'For Little Willie'; aged 1y 1m 2d; death date could be 1870 or 1876
P Dinsdale? W. D.         Small marker; no other info; possibly Dinsdale
Q Dinsdale?           Cement base for stone-no marker
R Eagan Honora         Mother. No other info
S Eagan Patrick, Jr         No other info
T Eagan Annie     26 Mar 1905 Aged 56y
U Eagan           Marker only - no names or dates
V Eagan Daniel     27 Feb 1909 Aged 78y
W Eagan Patrick, Sr     20 Jul 1871 Aged 73y
X Eagan Owen         Small marker; no other info