Blackhawk County, IA (near Tama County border)

Located On D63, at cor. Of D63 and West Tama Road (directly behind the Immaculate Conception (Blessing) Church - which is now closed). The church was started in 1875 and the cemtetery may have followed not long after that date.

There was a fire in the church in 1906 and all records were lost, so it is possible that there may be graves which have not been identified. When names appear with no dates and no markers, it may be that the plots were purchased but the people are still living.

The data was collected by walking the cemetery and later meeting with Reno Rodeghiero who maintains the cemetery records. We are grateful for his assistance in identifying graves which had no markers. Also assisting was Dr. Donald P. Hayes who was helpful in supplying some data for the following names: Hayes, Beenken, Pals, Conry, Cummings, McBride, Simon, Frawley, and Thornton.

Submitted by Von Mings Stachon and Stuart Whannel, for use on IAGenWeb.org.  Recorded July 2008 and revised June 2009.

Abbreviations used:

c/o = child of

p/o = parents of

d/o = daughter of

m/o = mother of

s/o = son of

f/o = father of

ms = matching stone

w/o = wife of

ss= shared stone

h/o = husband of

LDS = Latter Day Saints

The cemetery diagrams are composed of Chart I and Chart II. Example: the 1st name below would be found on Chart I, column L, row 3, etc.
These charts are in JPG format and may be slow loading depending upon your internet service.

CHART I (part 1)     CHART I (part 2)     CHART II (part 1)     CHART II (part 2)

Loc Last First Birth Day-Mo Year Death Day-Mo Year Comments
I-L3 Ahearn Margaret   1836   1900 Mother; w/o Jerimiah
I-L3 Ahern Cathern   1857   1909 ms w/Jerimiah
I-L3 Ahern Emma   1877   1929 ms w/Jerimiah
I-L3 Ahern Jerimiah         ss w/Margaret
I-L3 Ahern John   1865   1882 ms w/Jerimiah
I-L3 Ahern Margaret   1863   1925 ms w/Jerimiah
I-M5 Baker Jeffrey A.   1963     no death date; ss w/Norma
I-M5 Baker Leeann M.   1967   1967 ss w/Norma 
I-M5 Baker Norma (Fobian)   1946     no death date; c/o Larry & Norma
I-M5 Baker Thomas J.   1969     no death date; ss w/Norma
I-K2 Barry Catherine     8-Oct 1899 Age 89y; w/o James
I-K2 Barry James     4-Aug 1900 Age 90y; h/o Catherine
I-K2 Barry Thomas   1842   1903  
II-E6 Bedard Agnes G.   1918   1999 ss w/Joseph W.; marr. 26 Apr 1939
I-D5 Bedard Jeanette 21-May 1940 3-Sep   no death yr shown (1940 is presumed); d/o Agnes & Joe.
II-E6 Bedard Joseph W.   1915   1996 ss w/Michael & Mary Agnes; p/o Jeanette, Donald, Patrick, Richard, Michael, Mary Agnes (per Soc Sec b. 4 Oct 1915; d. 21 Dec 1996,  LaPorte City, Black Hawk, IA)
I-D5 Bedard Mary Agnes 25-Feb 1955     only one date; d/o Agnes & Joe
II-B20 Beenken Donald J. 9-Oct 1920 9-Mar 2006 WW II; ss with Regina M; marr. 25 Mar 1944; p/o James, Margaret, Jean, Janet, David, Mary (s/o Geo. & Marguerite Beenken)
I-D6 Beenken Donna M.   1949   1950 d/o J. and L. Beenken
I-D6 Beenken George 2-Feb 1885 11-Aug 1972 b. Lakota, Kossuth Co., IA, father of Robert-1917, John-1918, Donald J.-1920, Kathryn-1928, Inf Girl-1933;  ss w/Marguerite; s/o Henry  Beenken & Grace Pals.
I-D6 Beenken Marguerite Sarah (Hayes) 15-Apr 1892 Apr 1933 Am Legion Aux; ss w/George, m. 17 Jun 1916 in IA; children shown under listing for George.
II-B19 Beenken Regina M. (Duffy)  29-Sep 1919 25-Jan 2003 Am. Legion Aux; ss w/o Donald J. (per Waterloo Courier, died 26 Jan 2003. 
I-D6 Beenken Robert H. 17-Apr 1917 24-Mar 1992 WW II, Pfc US Army; s/o George & Marguerite
I-I6 Blocker Albert   1897   1944  
I-I6 Blocker Mary E.   1916     No death date
II-B8 Boss Maud L.   1893   1984 ss w/Walter J.
II-B9 Boss Walter J.   1892   1986 ss w/Maud L.
I-F1 Cavanaugh Anna   1874   1953 ms w/Wm & Elizabeth
II-I1 Cavanaugh Bernice   1923     no death date; p/o Claudia, Stephen, David, Kevin.
II-I3 Cavanaugh Betty J.   1923   1991 ss w/Donald
I-A3 Cavanaugh Catherine   1853   1928 Mother; ss w/Christopher
I-F5 Cavanaugh Cecilia M.   1884   1967 ww w/John P.
I-K5 Cavanaugh Charles J. 22-Jun 1891 28-Mar 1972 WW I, Pfc Co. D, 31 Engineers; ss w/Clara.
I-L2 Cavanaugh Charles J. 12-Feb 1829 3-Feb 1911 Father; ss w/Sarah
I-A3 Cavanaugh Christopher   1848   1924 Father; ss w/Catherine
I-M5 Cavanaugh Christopher T. 12-Feb 1886 18-Nov 1949  
I-K5 Cavanaugh Clara E.   1893   1982 Am Vets; ss w/Charles J.
I-M1 Cavanaugh Clarence R. 12-Sep 1905 14-Jul 1954 WW II, Iowa ML 3 USNR
II-A22 Cavanaugh Dagny Jensen   1904   1993 ss w/Edw James
II-I4 Cavanaugh Donald   1918   2004 ss w/Betty J.; p/o Donna, Linda, Deborah.
II-I6 Cavanaugh Donna L.   1939     no death date; m/o Dawn, Kathy, Dana.
II-A21 Cavanaugh Edward James   1896   1985 WW I; ss w/Dagny
I-F1 Cavanaugh Elizabeth 5-Jun 1857 8-Dec 1890 Mother; w/o William
I-M1 Cavanaugh Elizabeth 17-Nov 1869 4-Oct 1948  
I-M1 Cavanaugh Elmer Daniel 25-Nov 1907 4-Jun 1990 WW II, Sgt US Army
I-K5 Cavanaugh Erwin F.   1923   1950 son; ss w/Charles J.; WW II 9th US Air Force
II-I2 Cavanaugh Francis   1921   1991 WW II;ss w/Bernice
I-K5 Cavanaugh Harry C.   1922   1949 son; ss w/Charles J.
I-M1 Cavanaugh James 25-May 1902 15-Mar 1905 s/o J. & L.; stone partially buried
I-M1 Cavanaugh James, Sr 22-Jul 1863 13-Apr 1923  
I-F5 Cavanaugh John P.   1878   1968 ss w/Cecilia M.
I-K4 Cavanaugh Joseph F.   1896   1944 son; WW I; ms w/Joseph M.
I-K4 Cavanaugh Joseph M., Sr   1861   1940 ss w/Mary Ann (Lonergan)
I-H5 Cavanaugh Kathryn  20-Jan 1912 30-Jun 1912 ms w/Nell & Wm J.
I-A3 Cavanaugh Leo A. 17-Nov 1888 6-Nov 1948 WW I, Pfc 308 Repair Unit MTC
II-I5 Cavanaugh Linda A. 1-Jun 1947 2-Nov 2007 d/o Donald and Betty
I-H5 Cavanaugh Loren 13-Feb 1924 6-Jan 1926 ms w/Nell & Wm J.
I-K4 Cavanaugh Lucile    1903   1954 Dau.
I-L2 Cavanaugh Mary 4-Jan 1866 21-May 1883 d/o Charles & Sarah
I-K4 Cavanaugh Mary Ann (Lonergan) 16-Feb 1864   1937 ss w/Joseph M. (16 Feb per LDS)
I-M5 Cavanaugh Mary E. 21-Jun 1887 20-Apr 1970 Am Legion Aux & Am Vet
I-I4 Cavanaugh Mary L. 4-Jan 1880 18-Jul 1958 WW I, Army Nurse Corps
I-H5 Cavanaugh Nell   1885   1965 ss w/William J.
I-M2 Cavanaugh Nellie A.     13-Oct 1881 Age 12y 9m 4d; d/o J. & B. (John & Bridgett per census)
I-L2 Cavanaugh Sarah 10-Jun 1832 20-Jan 1906 Mother; w/o Charles (per LDS b. IRE)
I-F1 Cavanaugh William   1859   1921 Father; ss w/Elizabeth
I-M2 Cavanaugh William     27-Sep 1881 27y 11m 7d; s/o J. & B.
I-H5 Cavanaugh William J.   1883   1971 ss w/Nell
I-I3 Conry Amer E.   1902   1950  
I-E6 Conry Andrew Patrick 25-Aug 1969 31-Aug 1969 ms w/Daniel & Essie
II-A12 Conry Catherine A.   1902 4-Sep 2000 ss w/Harold D; p/o Janice, Jeanette, Kay Frances, Daniel, Rita
I-E6 Conry Daniel 7-Jan 1867 4-Feb 1939 ss w/Essie
I-E6 Conry Essie 28-Feb 1877 10-Dec 1949 ss w/Daniel
II-A12 Conry Harold D.   1901   1971 ss w/Catherine A.; children listed under Catherine A. Conry.
II-A13 Conry-Zimmerman Janice M.   1935   2001  
I-D2 Corrigan Ann     21-Nov 1892 Age 51; w/o Terrance
I-D2 Corrigan Francis     28-Sep 1881 Age13y 1m 6d; s/o T. & A. (per online calculator birth date would be 22 Aug 1868)
I-D2 Corrigan John J.   1906   1919  
I-D2 Corrigan Terrance     4-Nov 1883 46y; ss w/Ann
II-F7 Coulter Brent         No dates
II-F8 Coulter Ingrid         No dates
I-B2 Cranny Ellen   1850   1955 Mother; ss/Timothy; ms w/John F.
I-B2 Cranny John F.   1876   1971 ms Timothy/Ellen/ Margaret
I-B2 Cranny Margaret   1881   1972 ms w/John F.
I-B2 Cranny Timothy   1845   1912 Father; ss w/Ellen; ms w/John F.
I-D3 Cummings Albert         Marker location should be under tree - not found - name per church records.
I-D3 Cummings Anthony        16-Apr 1883 Aged 60y 11m 16d (per online calculator birth date would be 31 Apr 1822)
I-G3 Cummings Clement A.   1892   1952 M.D.; WW I; ms w/Thos.B.
I-G3 Cummings Edward F.   1901   1964 ms w/Thomas B.
I-G3 Cummings Elizabeth D.   1888   1966 ms w/Thomas B.
I-D3 Cummings Eunace         Marker location should be under tree - not found - name per church records.
I-B6 Cummings Francis   1856   1920 ms with John & Rose
I-F3 Cummings Hannah C.     4-Sep 1887 Age 42y; b. VA; w/o John; small stone nearby-possibly theirs-unmarked.
I-F3 Cummings John     30-Jan 1886 Age 52y; ss w/Hannah
I-B6 Cummings John    1857   1941 ms with Francis & Rose
I-E4 Cummings John, Jr   1898   1960 ms w/Thomas B.; s/o Thomas Cummings & Mary (Mamie) Hayes.
I-D3 Cummings Kate         Marker location should be under tree - not found - name per church records.
I-E4 Cummings Lenore L. 8-Aug 1895 10-Jul 1986 ms w/Thomas B.; d/o Thomas Cummings & Mary (Mamie) Hayes.
I-G3 Cummings Louise S.   1890   1958 ms w/Thomas B.
I-E4 Cummings Mae E.   1888   1956 Am Leg Aux; ms w/Thomas B.; d/o Thomas Cummings & Mary (Mamie) Hayes.
I-E4 Cummings Margaret A.   1886   1890 ms w/Thomas B.
I-E4 Cummings Mary A.   1862   1950 ms w/Thomas B.
I-G3 Cummings Mary A.   1903   2002 ms w/Thomas B.
I-D3 Cummings Mother         Marker location should be under tree - not found - name per church records.
I-B6 Cummings Rose   1854   1936 ms with John & Francis
I-E4 Cummings Thomas B.   1853   1930  
I-G3 Cummings Thomas B.   1890   1964 ms w/Louise
II-A16 Curley Anne         No marker
II-A17 Curley Thomas         No marker
I-H3 Doran Mr.         No marker - name from church records. Could be George Doran- he was one of first settlers of Lincoln Parish (Blessing).
I-H3 Doran Mrs.         No marker - name from church records
I-A7 Dufek Antonia 12-Feb 1876 16-Jan 1932 Mother; ms w/Joseph G.
I-A7 Dufek Joseph G. 10-Jul 1871 1-Feb 1957 Father; ms w/Antonia
II-B12 Duffy Ambrose G.   1913   1969 ms w/Gerald E.
I-B1 Duffy Ann 25-Dec 1843 6-Sep 1913  
II-B10 Duffy Edward   1877   1967 ss w/Margaret
II-B13 Duffy Gerald E.   1911   1976 WW II, Sgt Army Air Force; ms w/Ambrose
II-B14 Duffy Ignatius W.   1910   1970 ss w/Mildred M.
II-B11 Duffy Margaret   1881   1971 ss w/Edward
I-B1 Duffy Mary S. 22-Mar 1883 11-Jan 1928 ms w/William, Jr.
II-B15 Duffy Mildred M. (Herrmann)   1912   1998 ss w/Ignatius; p/o Regis, Roger, Rita, Roland, Robert
I-B1 Duffy William, Jr 6-May 1873 8-May 1915 ms w/Mary S.
II-D5 Eckerman Clarence J. 1-Feb 1912 16-Apr 1997 ss w/Zinetta
II-D6 Eckerman Zinetta C. 16-May 1913     no death date; ss w/Clarence J.
I-L1 Emmet Marion         ms w/Patrick & Mary A.; no dates
I-L1 Emmet Mary         ms w/Patrick & Mary A.; no dates
I-L1 Emmet Mary A. 15-Mar 1859 8-Apr 1897 w/o Patrick
I-L1 Emmet Patrick 6-Jan 1858 2-Oct 1918 ss w/Mary A.
I-M4 Emmett Catherine C. (Katie)   1858   1936 w/o James W.
I-M3 Emmett Charley T.   1880   1882 ms w/Katie A. (s/o Catherine C.)
I-M4 Emmett Daniel 31-Aug 1914 20-Apr 1944 In memory of Daniel-lost at sea on USS Destroyer Lansdale,   S 1/c, WW II
I-M3 Emmett Honora     4-Jul 1889 Age 56y; w/o Patrick
I-M4 Emmett James W.   1855   1918 ms w/Catherine C.; h/o Catherine C.
I-M3 Emmett Katie A.   1881   1884 Per LDS she is d/o James & Katie.
I-M4 Emmett Mary Ellen 8-Apr   25-Apr 1887 d/o Thomas & Mary; no birth year shown; birth year possibly same as death year.
I-M3 Emmett Norah   1889   1900 ms w/Katie A.
I-M4 Emmett Ralph J.   1893   1929 WW I; ms w/Catherine C.
I-D4 Farrell Annie   1880   1961 Daughter; ms with Bridget
I-D5 Farrell Anthony J.   1883   1944 ss w/Mary V.
I-D5 Farrell Baby   1920   1920  
I-D4 Farrell Bridget     18-Mar 1884 38y 7m 2d; w/o Patrick; Mother
I-C5 Farrell Daniel P., Jr   1952   1978  
I-C5 Farrell Daniel P., Sr 24-Oct 1910 30-Jan 1991 ss w/Marcella M.
I-C5 Farrell Joanne M.   1937   1970  
II-D11 Farrell Juli Ann 21-Jan 1980 5-Oct 1996 Cheerleader pic engraved on stone
I-C5 Farrell Karen         No marker
I-C5 Farrell Marcella M. 27-Mar 1914 17-Jul 1986 marr Nov 29, 1933; ss w/Daniel P.
I-D5 Farrell Mary V.   1883   1963 ss w/Anthony; marr. 1910
I-D4 Farrell Patrick   1840   1923 Father; ms w/Bridget & Annie
II-D12 Farrell Wanda         No marker - name from church records
I-E5 Ferguson Anna   1866   1934 Mother
I-E5 Ferguson Edward     21-Apr 1935 WW I, Pvt 7 SN TN 7 Div.
II-A20 Ferguson Kathryn    1898   1978  
II-J1 Fikejs Lloyd A. 30-Sep 1913 9-Mar 1994 WW II, 776  T.D. Bn; ss w/Mina G.
II-J2 Fikejs Mina G. (Brunson)   1912   1975 ss w/Lloyd A.; intered at Waterloo, IA.
I-L5 Funk Carrie   1855   1931 ms w/Peter W.
I-L5 Funk Mamie   1879   1952 ms w/Peter W.
I-L5 Funk Peter    1853   1925 ms w/Carrie
I-I2 Gallogly Elizabeth 15-Apr 1854 23-May 1919 ss w/Michael/Mary/Katie
I-J1 Gallogly James   1857   1939 ss w/Margaret (b. 18 Aug 1856 per Tama Biographies)
I-I2 Gallogly Katie A. 13-May 1863 12-Jul 1888 d/o M. and Mary
I-J1 Gallogly Margaret (Tierney)   1869   1934 ss w/James (maiden name per Tama Biographies)
I-I2 Gallogly Mary (Peppard) 12-Feb 1824 15-Nov 1899 w/o Michael (maiden name per Tama Biographies)
I-I2 Gallogly Michael 18-Jun 1815 22-Aug 1902 ss w/Mary/Katie/Elizabeth
I-I2 Gallogly Tommy         Gallogly is assumed-stone located between Mary & Katie; no dates.
I-H1 Gleason Ambrose   1893   1904 ms w/Caterine & Michael
I-G2 Gleason Catharine 22-Jul 1862 20-Apr 1888 w/o Michael; 26y 11m 28d; worn stone.
I-H1 Gleason Catherine   1864   1951 ss w/Michael
I-J2 Gleason Joseph Francis 15-Jan 1882 7-Dec 1888  s/o P. M. & E. Gleason.
I-G1 Gleason M.         No marker - name from church records
I-G2 Gleason Martin     21-Jan 1886 Native of T-----(worn stone); b. IRE in 1830 per LDS.
I-H1 Gleason Michael   1849   1909 ss w/Catherine; b. ILL; s/o Martin & Sarah.
I-G2 Gleason Sarah     31-Jan 1899 w/o Martin Gleason; per LDS b. 1830.
I-C3 Greany Joseph J.   1883   1970 ss w/Josephine G.
I-C3 Greany Josephine G.   1887   1965 ss w/Joseph J.
I-B5 Greany Margaret   1865   1917 Mother; ss w/Michael
I-B5 Greany Mary Juanita   1927     Dau of William & Gertrude.  No death date.
I-B5 Greany Michael   1858   1917 Father; ss w/Margaret
I-K1 Greelis Robert 24-Jul 1902 1-Dec 1902 s/o R.G. & G.
II-A10 Green Alex   1889   1969 ss w/Mary J.
II-A11 Green Mary J.   1887   1979 ss w/Alex
I-E6 Griffin James W.   1850   1936 ss w/Mary
I-E6 Griffin Mary   1857   1939 ss w/James
II-C3 Haley B. Michael   1943   1977 ms w/Doris M.
II-C6 Haley Bernard M. 1-Nov 1917 7-Jul 1992 Father; ss w/Doris M.
II-C5 Haley Doris M. 18-Mar 1921     no death date; Mother; ss w/Bernard M.
II-E8 Halupnick Alfred M. "Fritz"   1923   2004 ss w/Mildred; p/o Jeanette, Dwayne, Steven, Craig, Bonnie
II-E7 Halupnick Mildred K. (Cizek)   1924     ss w/Alfred M.; no death dte; marr 5 Sep 1944
I-J6 Hayes Anna E.   1884   1974 ss w/John "Jack"
II-D3&4 Hayes Donald P. 16-Aug 1932     no death date; DPH-PhD, Educator-humorist-philosopher (on stone)
I-F2 Hayes Edward P.   1870   1948 ms w/Thomas & Margaret
I-F4 Hayes Ellen L.(McBride) 24-Oct 1864 24-Mar 1938 b. Philadelphia, PA, d/o Thomas McBride  & Sarah McBride; ss w/John F., m. 5 Feb 1890; her siblings: Wm-1862, John-1869, Jane-1874.
I-F4 Hayes Genevieve   1908   1910 No last name on stone - church records indicate she is Genevieve Hayes.
II-D2 Hayes Henrietta   1903   1993 Memorial
I-C3 Hayes Henrietta I. (Hines/Hinz) 10-Oct 1903 23-Jul 1993 ss w/Thomas L., m. 10 Feb 1926, IA; m/o two sons: Carroll T.-1926 and Dr.Donald P.-1932; d/o Henry Hinz & Emma Strohbehn.
I-J6 Hayes John "Jack"   1880   1961 ss w/Anna E.
I-F4 Hayes John F. 22-Jun 1865 2-Jan 1949 b. IL, ss /Ellen L. (McBride); p/o Clara Loretta-1890, Marguerite Sarah-1892, Louise-1893, John F, Jr-1895, Thomas LeRoy-1899, Edw. Leo-1901, Catherine M-1902, & 3  daughters-died in infancy.
I-F4 Hayes John F., Jr   1895   1955 WW I, ss w/Magdalen Simon
I-F4 Hayes Magdalen (Simon)   1895   1976 Am Legion Aux;ss w/John F. Jr
I-F3 Hayes Margaret   1876   1965 ms w/Thomas & wife
I-F2 Hayes Margaret (Frawley) 15-May 1837 22-Nov 1907 Mother, d/o James Frawley & Honora Hayes, b. Rathkeale, County Limerick, IRE; w/o Thomas J.; m. 11 Apr or 4 Nov 1861 in Rathkeale, Co., Limereick, IRE.
I-F2 Hayes Marie      1897     only one date; m/s w/Thomas & Margaret; m/o Margaret-1841, son, son, & Thomas J.-1836.
I-F2 Hayes Mary   1907     No last name on stone - church records indicate she is Mary Hayes.
I-F4 Hayes Mary (Downey)   1811 7-Apr 1885 Age 74y,  w/o Paul Hayes-he was born  Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, IRE and he died there; m/o Thomas J. Hayes, Sr-1836, a son, another son, & Margaret-1841. 
I-F2 Hayes Thomas J., Sr 11-May 1836 7-Nov 1929 Father; ss w/Margaret (Frawley); b. Rathkeale, Co. Limerick, IRE.; p/o Margaret-1862, John F, Sr-1865, Thomas J, Jr-1867, Mary (Mamie).
II-D1 Hayes Thomas LeRoy 15-Mar 1899 16-Jul 1978 b. Grannville, IA, ss w/Henrietta (Hinz), p/o two sons: Carroll T.-1926 and Dr. Donald P. Hayes-1932.
I-B3 Hegarty Margaret   1829   1941 Mother
I-D1 Howell Bridget     14-Nov 1895 w/o Edward; 55y 9m (9 mo is hard to read); (per online calculator her birthdate would be 14 Feb 1840)
I-D1 Howell Francis          
I-D1 Howell Leland W. 17-May 1908 1-Oct 1908 s/o E.A. & R.C. Howell
I-I4 Huber Frances K.   1891   1972 b. 6 Jun 1891 and d. Aug 1966 per LDS.
II-I6 Johannes Patrick Edward 8-Oct 1938 10-Feb 2004 h/o Carolyn O'Hearn Johannes; f/o Michelle, Mary, Patrick, Brian Johannes & Miles and Mariah Raventon.
I-G5 Johannes Phyllis M.   1912   2001 The M probably for Mahoney; ms w/Nora & Philip Mahoney
II-B27 Karnish Diane         No marker.
II-B28 Karnish Thomas         No marker.
I-B4 Kelly Catherin 15-Mar 1851 14-Mar 1931 ms w/Patrick and Timothy Kelly
I-A4 Kelly Clem J.   1896   1962  
II-F1 Kelly Emma L.   1922   1997 WW II, AMVETS; p/o Donald, Raymond, John, Nancy, Robert, William, Patrick, Mark.
I-C1 Kelly John L.   1913   1996 WW II, ms w/Ray & Kathy
I-C1 Kelly Kathryn    1893   1979 ss/Ray W.
I-A4 Kelly Mabel   1892   1926 w/o R. W. Kelly
I-A4 Kelly Mary 12-Jul 1872 8-Oct 1968  
II-F2 Kelly Maxwell Timothy 23-Feb 1919 16-Feb 1990 WW II, Pvt US Army Air Corps.
I-B4 Kelly Patrick D. 1-Nov 1837 3-Feb 1926 ms w/Catherin & Timothy
I-C1 Kelly Raymond W.   1890   1967 ss w/Kathryn
I-A4 Kelly Thomas P. 25-Mar 1875 22-Feb 1949  
I-B4 Kelly Timothy F. 8-Sep 1873 16-Mar 1915 ms w/Patrick & Catherin
I-B4 Kelly William F. 21-Feb 1887 16-Mar 1915 ms w/Patrick/Catherin/Tim
I-J1 Kelson Delia     13-Dec 1901  
I-B5 Koch Jane         No marker
I-B4 Koch Steve         No marker
I-L4 Kortick John   1863   1927 ss w/Susie
I-L4 Kortick Susie   1873   1963 w/o John; Am Legion Aux.
I-H4 Lally Genevieve (11-6) 1914 (5-18) 2003 No markers - Lally name from church records (Mo-day from Tributes website)
I-H4 Lally Lawrence (6-19) 1906 (9-15) 2002 No markers - Lally name from church records (Mo-day from Tributes website)
II-B24 Lanigan Clarence T.         No marker
II-B25 Lanigan Margaret         No marker
I-I2 Leslie Georgiana   1884   1915 d/o J. and G.
I-I2 Leslie James   1909   1915 s/o Georgiana
I-J3 Lonergan Elizabeth   1873     Lonergan is assumed-located next to George Sr & Jr.  1880 Fed census lists Eliz as d/o Geo & Mary (both bur in this cemetery). She was 7y (b. 1873) 
I-J3 Lonergan George, Jr   1860   1933  
I-J3 Lonergan George, Sr   1817 19-Oct 1889 Age 72y; father; ms w/Mary
I-D1 Lonergan John   1862   1938 Father. 1880 Fed census lists him as s/o Geo & Mary; age 18 (b. abt 1862).
I-J3 Lonergan Mary   1838   1915 Mother; ss w/George Sr; per census p/o Wm/Geo/John/Mary Ann/Thos/Edw/Eliz/Michael.
I-J4 Lonergan William Hayes   1845   1910 1880 Fed census lists him as s/o Geo & Mary; age 38 (Mary is 44); b. 1845.
I-J4 Longergan Thomas (Tom)   1867     No markers - name from church records.  Per 1880 Fed Census, Tama/IA he is son of George & Mary; he was 13y.
I-C6 Mahoney Coletta   1882   1963 ss w/Cornelius
I-C6 Mahoney Cornelius R.   1875   1936 ss w/Coletta
I-G5 Mahoney David P.   1910   1911 ms w/Nora & Philip
I-G4 Mahoney Ellen 23-Feb 1845 17-Sep 1914 Mother; w/o Patrick
I-G5 Mahoney Nora   1881   1942 Mother
I-G4 Mahoney Patrick 17-Mar 1831 24-Mar 1907 Father; ss w/Ellen; ms w/John F.
I-G5 Mahoney Philip   1878   1957 Father; ms w/Nora
I-G4 Mahoney Timothy J. 9-Apr 1874 13-Dec 1953  
I-J2 Mannel Frances A.   1876   1962 ss w/Julius
I-J2 Mannel Julius   1873   1952 ss w/Frances A.
I-G6 Mask Linder W.   1912     No markers - name from church records (b.abt 1912 per 1920 census; s/o Claude & Laura)
I-G6 Mask Richard         No markers - name from church records
I-H2 McBride Sarah   1835 23-Jan 1887 Age 50y, b. IRE; w/o Thomas; siblings: Wm, John, Jane.
I-H2 McBride Thomas   1835 22-Jun 1921 Age 85y,b. IRE; h/o Sarah; p/o Ellen McBride.
I-A6 McGarvey James W. 9-Feb 1873 18-Dec 1952 Father; ms w/Mary P.
II-A8 McGarvey Leo   1905   1970 ss w/Rose
I-A6 McGarvey Mary P. 5-Jun 1875 8-Jun 1931 Mother; ms w/James W.
I-A6 McGarvey Ralph J. 15-Aug 1907 18-Jun 1927  
II-A9 McGarvey Rose   1908   1998 ss w/Leo
I-E2 McKenna John     1-Mar 1888 Father; 87y; h/o Mary; native of Ireland, Co. Arniagh (difficult to read)
II-A23 McKenna John C.   1920   2005 ss w/Martha E.
I-C2 McKenna John Patrick   1857   1935 ss w/Margaret, m. 26 Nov 1912.
I-C2 McKenna Margaret   1857   1921 ss w/John Patrick.
I-C6 McKenna Marie M.   1913   2006 d/o Charles & Clara (Hayes) McKenna
II-A24 McKenna Martha E.   1916     ss w/John C; no death dte; p/o Lovelle, Elaine, Alice, Duane (infant).
I-E2 McKenna Mary     22-Aug 1884 w/o John; 75y; Native of Ireland, County Tipperary.
I-C2 McKenna Veronica F. 6-Apr 1898 18-Apr 1915  
I-E3 Meinhart Libbie A.   1898   1950 ss w/Michael
II-G1 Meinhart Lillian M.   1923     no death date; ss w/Wilbert
I-I3 Meinhart Michael   1889   1981 ss w/Libbie A.; b. 21 Feb 1889 & d. Dec 1981 per Soc Sec records.
II-G2 Meinhart Wilbert   1921   2007 ss w/Lillian; marr 19 Aug 1952
II-F4 Merfeld Linda Lee   1945   1997 ss w/Miro
II-F3 Merfeld Miro   1941     ss w/Linda Lee; p/o Randall, Robyn, Terry
II-B23 Monaghan Austin L. 17-Dec 1993     Baby; only one date
I-K1 Mooney Gertrude A.   1900     no death date
I-K1 Mooney Louis J.   1878   1949  
II-N7 Mosely Baby         No marker - data from church records
II-Q1 Mosely Gene         No markers - names from church records
II-Q1 Mosely Rita         No markers - names from church records
I-H3 Mowery Martha M.   1869   1923 Am Legion Aux
I-H3 Mowery Our Baby         c/o Martha M. & ? No dates.
I-I5 Mullin Edward   1888   1963 ss w/Helen
I-I5 Mullin Frances A. 7-Nov 1917 31-Dec 2003  
I-I5 Mullin Helen   1885   1964 ss w/Edward
I-E3 Murphy Anna L.   1878   1944 ss w/Peter W.
I-I3 Murphy Catharine     17-Mar 1892 Age 76y
I-F6 Murphy Hazel M.   1913   1994 ss w/Joseph P.
I-E3 Murphy Joseph Francis 11-Dec 1884 11-Oct 1885 ms w/Mary L.
I-F6 Murphy Joseph P.   1911   2000 ss w/Hazel M.; p/o Shirley, Patrick, Jerry, Judy, John, Mary, Rick.
I-E3 Murphy Mary L. 24-Dec 1915 25-Mar 1916 ms w/Joseph Francis; d/o Peter and Anna
I-F6 Murphy Patrick Joseph   1937   1937 ms w/Joseph & Hazel
I-E3 Murphy Peter W.   1873   1952 ss w/Anna L.
I-I1 Neuses Helen Tierney   1877   1952 ms w/Mathias
I-I1 Neuses Mathias   1883   1956 ms w/Helen Tierney Neuses
I-E3 O'Meary Nellie   1827 6-Jul 1916  
II-A14 Otting Adam 28-Aug 1985     Grandson; s/o Terry & Mary Schrier Otting; in same plot as Mercedes & Robert Schrier; only 1 dte.
II-B7 Otting Mary         No marker
II-B6 Otting Terry         No marker
II-K2 Patton Nina G. (Brunson)   1922     no death date; ss w/Paul H.
II-K1 Patton Paul H.   1919   1993 WW II, US Army; p/o Susan, Allison, Vickie, Patty; ss w/Nina G.
I-H1 Quinn James M.   1810   1900 ms w/Catherine, Michael, and Ambrose Gleason.
I-H1 Quinn Mary A.   1819   1906 ms w/Catherine, Michael, and Ambrose Gleason.
I-H1 Quinn Ralph J.   1897   1898 ms w/Caterine & Michael
I-E3 Quinn Tommy     7-Nov 1891 3y 9m 3d; s/o J. and T.(per online calculator his birth-date would be 4 Feb 1888) 
I-L6 Roy Joseph Bimon     8-Jul 1956 No markers - name from church records
II-C2 Ruzicka Agnes S.   1908   1974 ss w/Joseph E.
II-F5 Ruzicka Edward T.   1927   2006 ss w/Lillian; marr 19 Aug 1952
II-C1 Ruzicka Joseph E.   1901   1994 ss w/Agnes S.
II-F6 Ruzicka Lillian M.   1931     ss w/Edward T.; p/o Darrell, Richard, Donna
I-I4 Ryan Grace   1887   1972 ss w/William
I-I4 Ryan William   1884   1967 ss w/Grace
I-L4 Schneck M. C. (Michael) 20-Oct 1851 9-May 1910 ms w/Sophia
I-L4 Schneck Sophie   1852   1928 ms w/M. C.
I-C4 Schoenbeck Cleta R.   1945   2003 ss w/Donald D.
I-C4 Schoenbeck Donald D.   1955   2003 ss w/Cleta
II-B21 Schreck Lester H.   1915   1976 ss/Ursula M.
II-H6 Schreck Mary Jo         No marker
II-H5 Schreck Paul         No marker
II-B22 Schreck Ursula M.   1914   1980 ss w/Lester H.; p/o Paul, Joan, John, Jane
II-D7 Schrier Frank J.(Jim)   1930     no death date; ss w/Joanne
II-D8 Schrier Joanne R. (Jacobs)   1931     no death date; ss w/Frank J.; marr. 23 Jul 1952; p/o Deborah & Patricia
II-A1 Schrier John         No marker - name from church records
I-A2 Schrier Joseph M.(Sr) 24-Feb 1894 29-Oct 1965 WW I, Pvt Co D 35 MG BN; s/o Frank & Mary
I-A2 Schrier Joseph, Jr   1922     no death dte
I-A2 Schrier Kathryn A. 9-Sep 1894 20-Sep 1986 w/o Joseph; ss; p/o Joseph, Mary, Robert, Kathleen, Frank
I-A5 Schrier Kathy         No marker
II-A2 Schrier Martha         No marker - name from church records
I-A2 Schrier Mary   1935     no death dte
II-A15 Schrier Mercedes C. 23-Jan 1926 27-Apr 2000 ss w/Robert E; p/o William, Barbara, Jane, Mary, John, Anne; Srajer written on back on marker.
II-D9 Schrier Patrick         No marker - name from church records
II-A14 Schrier Robert Eugene 28-Mar 1925 31-Dec 2007 ss w/Mercedes; American Legion WW II; s/o Joseph & Kathryn
I-A4 Schrier William         No marker
I-K6 Steimel Norma L.   1927     no death date; marr. 19 Apr 1949; ss w/William P.
I-K6 Steimel William P.   1927   2006 ss w/Norma L.; p/o Julia, Paula, Mary Ellen, Kathleen (per Waterloo Courier, he died 18 Apr 2006)
II-E4 Stimpson C. Leona (Thornton) 9-Jun 1903 6-Jan 1992 w/o Walter; ms with A.L. and Lucile
I-C4 Stubenrauch Camille M.   1923   1986 ss w/Cletus J; ms Jerry/ Camille/ Cletus & the Schoenbecks.
I-C4 Stubenrauch Cletus J.   1924     ss w/Camille; no death dte;
I-C4 Stubenrauch Jerry P.   1943   1966 ms w/Camille
I-A4 Stubenrauch Mary Lee   1948     only one date
I-B7 Thomas Edward   1867   1927 Father; ss w/Mary
I-B7 Thomas Mary   1868   1963 Mother; ss w/Edward
II-E10 Thoms Harold W.   1931     WW II, US Army-Korea; no death date.
II-E9 Thoms Nelly M. (Malkmus)   1928     ss w/Harold W.; p/o Mark & Maria
II-E1 Thornton A. L. "Roy" 27-Mar 1898 2-Feb 1985 ss w/Lucile; p/o James and Mary Jane
I-H6 Thornton Dorothy S. 22-Apr 1918 1-Aug 1991 w/o Walter M. Jr
I-B3 Thornton Ella F.   1890   1987  
I-B3 Thornton Hannah C. 19-Dec 1857 21-Mar 1937 Mother; ms w/Thomas
II-E3 Thornton James E. 2-Apr 1932 28-Mar 2004 ms w/A.L. and Lucile
I-H6 Thornton Louise J. (Hayes) 1-Oct 1893 Jun 1985 Mother; ss w/Walter M.; p/o Thomas, Leo, Walter Jr, Helen, Theresa, Francis, Rose Marie.
II-E2 Thornton Lucile K. 25-Oct 1901 10-Sep 2004 ss w/A. L.
I-H6 Thornton Margaret Mary     18-Jul 1964 one date; d/o Dr…. Francis & Patricia 
I-B3 Thornton Thomas  15-May 1840 20-Jan 1931 Father; ms w/Hannah
I-H6 Thornton Walter M. Jr 26-May 1924 27-Dec 1990 WW II, Tec 4 US Army-Korea
I-H6 Thornton Walter M.Sr   1892   1943 Father; ss w/Louise J.
I-I1 Tierney Catherine   1867 10-Feb 1894 Age 27y 5m 10d; d/o D. & H. Per online calculator, her birth date would be 31 Aug 1866.
I-I1 Tierney Daniel   1838   1926 Father; Civil War, Co. B 146 Ill. Inf. S/o Owen & Margaret (Quad).
I-I1 Tierney Honora (Creagen)   1840   1915 Mother. D/o Patrick & Catherine (O'Rourke) Creagen.
I-I1 Tierney John O.   1871   1933  
I-J6 Trainor Alice   1877   1955 ss w/Nell; per LDS she is d/o Owen & Ellen Trainor.
I-E1 Trainor Austin         No markers - name from church records
I-E1 Trainor Charles J.   1891   1930 WW I, Sgt AEF Base Hospital #30
I-E1 Trainor Ellen 4-Feb 1851 24-Jan 1936 Per LDS she is w/o Owen and was born in IRE.
I-E1 Trainor Francis E. (Frank) 17-Jul 1880 6-May 1942 s/o Owen & Ellen per LDS.
I-E1 Trainor George F.   1871   1903 No last name on stone (Trainor is correct based on  church records). B. IRE; s/o Owen & Ellen per LDS.
I-J6 Trainor Nell   1885   1955 ss w/Alice
I-E1 Trainor Owen   1840   1896 Per LDS he is h/o Ellen and was born in IRE.
I-E1 Trainor? old stone         Unreadable
I-E1 Trainor?           Father
II-B16 Unger Anna M.   1896   1971  
II-N7 Unknown Baby         No marker - data from church records
II-N7 Unknown Baby         No marker - data from church records
I-F3 Veit Ann 7-Mar 1885 Dec 1972 ms w/Thomas & Margaret Hayes (possibly Ann Veit Hayes) 
I-A5 Weber Caroline E.   1894   1926 ms with Louis J.
I-A1 Weber Elizabeth   1890   1971 Mother
II-A19 Weber Francis J.   1913   1996  
I-A1 Weber Frank   1873   1941 Father
I-A1 Weber Ivan   1917   1922 Son
I-A5 Weber Louis J.   1884   1950 ms with Caroline E.
II-A18 Weber M. Evelyn   1918     no death dte
I-A1 Weber Maxine   1921   1922 Daughter
II-A25 Weddle Martina   1914   1987 ms w/Genevieve Wolfe
II-B17 Witry Harold C.   1902   1973 ss w/Lucile K.
II-B18 Witry Lucile K.   1904   1979 ss w/Harold C.
II-D10 Witry William P. 13-Sep 1937 28-Jun 2006 LCPL US Marine Corps
II-A26 Wolfe Genevieve   1905   2001 ms w/Martina Weddle
II-N7 Wrage Baby         No marker - name from church records
II-J6 Wrage Mary Jean 4-Mar 1960 25-Nov 2006 m/o Kasie, Dani, Missie
II-H3 Yuska Arnold J.   1957     no death date
II-H1 Yuska Delores   1923     no death date; ss w/Frank
II-H1 Yuska Frank   1921   2003 ss w/Delores; p/o Wilfred, Joseph, Karl, Arnold (per Waterloo Courier he died 19 Mar 2003)
II-A28 Zoz Frank         No marker
II-A27 Zoz Lois         No marker

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