The cemetery was recorded (by walking the rows) on April 1, 2009 by Von Mings Stachon and Stuart Whannel.




Perry Township, Tama County, Iowa; (42.755 N; 92.3051 W)

2138 N Avenue, Traer, Iowa


A man named Baker came to Traer in 1854 and claimed the southeast quarter of section 30 on which was a small grove.  He sold out in 1855 to L. B. Collins.  This neighborhood has always been called Baker's Grove.  In 1860 a one-acre site was platted out as a cemetery and the plots were 8x16 ft.  The first burial was that of the son of  John Collins.


L. B. Collins lived in this area until 1865 when he moved to Nebraska with his wife and two daughters. They later had a son, C. C. Collins who  became Mayor of Traer.


Another prominent resident  of the Perry township was Allan S. Fowler, b. 19 Sep 1819, native of Shelby Co, KY.  He came from Indiana in 1855.  He married Belinda Collins of Washington Co, Indiana.  She was born 10 Aug 1827 and married Mr. Fowler on 9 March 1843.  They moved into a dirt and log home in Baker's Grove.  In 1856 he built a lumber house but it was destroyed by fire in 1875.  He immediately began rebuilding.


Another resident of Perry township who is buried in Baker's Grove is William Loder.  He was born in Berkshire, England in 1802.  He married Elizabeth Tame on 20 May 1825.  She was born 6 February 1838 in Rushford, NY and died on 5 Oct 1852.  They had eight children.


James Logan is buried here as well.  He was born in 1826 in Lanarkshire, Scotland and married Miss Jane Maxwell who also was a native of Lanarkshire .  They had 14 children.


This is a Pioneer Cemetery and although the grass has been recently mowed, there are signs that stones have been removed.  The base is still there for one stone, but the upright marker is not there.  There are pieces of markers that have been raked up into a pile in the center of the cemetery under a large tree. The ground is sunken in places , but there are no markers.



Last First Birth Death Comments
1 Bicket Maggie 1 Aug 1870 6 Sep 1898 Matching stone with Susie
2 Bicket Susie 24 Oct 1872 7 Jan 1895 Matching stone with Maggie
3 Carle Agnes   23 Jul 188? w/o William Carle; age 30y; next number chipped off; WPA reading in 1931 said date was 1888.
4 Collins Columbus   4 Jan 1870 Age 2y 9m 14d; s/o  J.? and M. H.? ; very worn stone,
5 Collins? My Husband     Stone next to Columbus Collins (possibly John Collins).
6 Collins? My Wife     Stone next to Columbus Collins
7 DePuy Willie A. [1856] 7 Oct 1862 w/o G.W. and M.J. DePuy (Per 1860 census he was 4y - not shown in 1870 census)
8 Detlefsen Hans 8 Jun 1867 24 Jun 1895 Dates written in German
9 Fowler Infant   7 Mar 1866 Infant dau of A.S. & B. Fowler (Allen S. Fowler and Belinda (Collins) Fowler.
10 Gregg M.   8 Jan 1884 Age 84y
11 Harmon Nathan   1 Jan 1887 Age 71y; ss with Phoebe Harmon;  b. NY per 1860 census
12 Harmon Phebe S. 27 Nov 1813 23 Feb 1879 w/o Nathan Harmon; ss with Nathan; b. PA per 1860 census
13 Kibbee S_ _ L ?   27 Oct 1863 s/o H. & L. or E.E. & L? (age broken off). The L possably is for Letta Kibbee.  Letta is supposed to be buried in this cemetery, but stone was not found. Very worn stone.
14 Loder Ann 1799 21 Feb 1879 Age 80
15 Loder Catharine O.   15 Oct 1882 Age 45y, 8m, 9d
16 Loder       Couldn't read inscription on side of William Loder's marker due to shadows - wife Elizabeth (Tame) Loder died in 1852 but the cemetery was not established until 1860. Dau Mary was 13 in 1860 census. 
17 Loder Ella 15 Mar 1860 4 Sep 1888 Mother
18 Loder George 14 Oct 1830 21 Dec 1893 Father; matching stones for George,Ella,Catharine.
19 Loder William   17 Aug 1884 Age 84y; b. 1802 per Tama History records.
20 Logan Marion S. (Campbell)   2 Sep 1886 Age 26y 10m 2d; w/o John; per LDS they married 18 Jun 1884. Maiden name from LDS.
21 McClain Infant dau     Infant d/o William & Mary
22 Scott Clarence    before 1903 Infant; c/o William J. Scott & Carrie Mae ( Engel) Scott.  There is no marker for this child.  Family records state he is buried here.
23 Scott Earl Leroy   before 1903 Infant; c/o William J. Scott & Carrie Mae ( Engel) Scott.  There is no marker for this child.  Family records state he is buried here.
24 Smith Agnes   5 Nov 1868 w/o James Smith
25 Smith James  A.   28 Nov 1877 Age 3y 11m 6d; ms:James A/Mary/John
26 Smith John   29 Nov 1877 Age 1m 4d; ms:James A/Mary/John
27 Smith Mary W.   27 Jun 1881 w/o John Smith; ms: James A/Mary/John Smith
28 Steen Caroline   8 May 1880 w/o George; age 23y 1m 6d
29 Stevenson Edith   9 Mar 1881 1881 age 2y3m?; d/o E. & M.? can't read. (per 1880 census she was d/o Robert E and Mary E Stevenson.
30 ? SEE STONE ?     11 years? Very old cone-shaped stone - unable to read
31 ? SEE STONE ?   6 Aug 1875 Stone with these words: "aged about 5ms"; top half of stone broken off and gone.  


  25 Oct 1882 Age 1m 14d; d/o S? & A.M.; very worn stone; couldn't read.
33 ? SEE STONE Jacob T.


  3 Sep 1872 Age 9y? 9m 12d; no last name on stone