1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

KIRCHER, Henry - Eagle, P29, R1, D1, H1
KIRCHER, Elizabeth - Eagle, P29, R2, D1, H1
KIRCHER, Geo. William - Eagle, P29, R3, D1, H1
KIRCHER, Katherine E. - Eagle, P29, R4, D1, H1
KIRCHER, Henry E. - Logan, P127, R3, D47, H51
KIRCHER, Effie I. - Logan, P127, R4, D47, H51
KIRCHER, Carl R. - Logan, P127, R5, D47, H51
KIRCHER, John A. - Washington, P139, R61, D292, H305
KIRCHER, Addie M. - Washington, P139, R62, D292, H305
KIRCHER, Bulah - Washington, P139, R63, D292, H305
KIRKPATRICK, Mary J. - Logan, P126, R54, D33, H37
KIRKPATRICK, John - Washington, P142, R99, D352, H365
KIRKPATRICK, Martha A. - Washington, P142, R100, D352, H365
KIRKPATRICK, Aunis - Washington, P143, R1, D352, H365
KIRKPATRICK, John W. - Washington, P143, R2, D352, H365
KIRKPATRICK, William B. - Washington, P143, R3, D352, H365
KIRKPATRICK, Mary M. J. - Washington, P143, R4, D352, H365
KIRKPATRICK, Elizabeth V. - Washington, P143, R5, D352, H365
KISSLING, Irwin - Garfield, P66, R14, D22, H22
KIT, Fong - Orange City, P98, R25, D65, H66
KITTRICH, Frank - Eagle, P33, R68, D84, H84
KLAWER, William - East Orange, P43, R58, D51, H52
KLAWER, John P. - East Orange, P43, R59, D52, H53
KLAWER, Clara I. - East Orange, P43, R60, D52, H53
KLAWER, Otto C. - East Orange, P43, R61, D52, H53
KLAWER, Arthur G. - East Orange, P43, R62, D52, H53
KLAWER, Raymond C. - East Orange, P43, R63, D52, H53
KLAWER, P??rl L. - East Orange, P43, R64, D52, H53
KLAWER, Martha M. - East Orange, P43, R65, D52, H53
KLAY, Gerrit - Orange City, P104, R86, D209, H212
KLAY, Effie - Orange City, P104, R87, D209, H212
KLAY, Katie - Orange City, P104, R88, D209, H212
KLAY, Teunis - Orange City, P104, R89, D209, H212
KLAY, Dora - Orange City, P104, R90, D209, H212
KLAY, Toennis - Rock, P178, R80, D59, H62
KLAY, DeVertie - Rock, P178, R81, D59, H62
KLAY, Reynold - Rock, P190, R46, D278, H285
KLAY, Dora - Rock, P190, R47, D278, H285
KLAY, John - Rock, P190, R48, D278, H285
KLAY, H??? - Rock, P190, R49, D278, H285
KLAY, Dora - Rock, P190, R50, D278, H285
KLAY, Walter - Rock, P190, R52, D278, H285
KLEIN, Jacob - East Orange, P48, R7, D110, H112
KLEIN, Mary - East Orange, P48, R8, D110, H112
KLEIN, Annie M. - East Orange, P48, R9, D110, H112
KLEIN, Margaret - East Orange, P48, R10, D110, H112
KLEIN, Mary - East Orange, P48, R11, D110, H112
KLEIN, Mary M. - East Orange, P48, R12, D110, H112
KLEIN, Michael - East Orange, P48, R13, D110, H112
KLEIN, Lizzie - East Orange, P48, R14, D110, H112
KLEIN, Charles - East Orange, P48, R15, D110, H112
KLEIN, Mathias - East Orange, P48, R16, D110, H112
KLEIN, Mary C. - East Orange, P48, R17, D110, H112
KLEIN, Theodore - East Orange, P48, R45, D115, H117
KLEIN, Lizzie - East Orange, P48, R46, D115, H117
KLEIN, Mary K. - East Orange, P48, R47, D115, H117
KLEIN, Frank - East Orange, P48, R48, D115, H117
KLEIN, Anthony - East Orange, P48, R49, D115, H117
KLEIN, Emma - East Orange, P48, R50, D115, H117
KLEIN, Frederick - East Orange, P48, R51, D115, H117
KLEIN, William - East Orange, P48, R52, D115, H117
KLEIN, John T. - East Orange, P48, R53, D115, H117
KLEIN, Nicholas - East Orange, P48, R54, D116, H118
KLEIN, Mary - East Orange, P48, R55, D116, H118
KLEIN, Jacob B. - East Orange, P48, R56, D116, H118
KLEIN, John F. - East Orange, P48, R57, D116, H118
KLEIN, Mary - East Orange, P48, R58, D116, H118
KLEIN, Josie - East Orange, P48, R59, D116, H118
KLEIN, Henry - East Orange, P48, R60, D116, H118
KLEIN, Peter - East Orange, P48, R61, D116, H118
KLEIN, Lawrence - East Orange, P48, R62, D116, H118
KLEIN, John - East Orange, P48, R69, D117, H119
KLEIN, Joseph - Floyd, P59, R52, D144, H156
KLEIN, Will - Floyd, P59, R53, D144, H156
KLEIN, Samuel - Floyd, P59, R54, D144, H156
KLEIN, Nick - Floyd, P60, R35, D161, H163
KLEIN, Ben - Floyd, P61, R29, D180, H182
KLEIN, Jonas - Plato, P73, R90, D140, H141
KLEIN, Lena - Plato, P73, R91, D140, H141
KLEIN, Peter - Plato, P73, R92, D140, H141
KLEIN, John - Plato, P73, R93, D140, H141
KLEIN, Anna - Plato, P73, R94, D140, H141
KLEIN, Theresa - Plato, P73, R95, D140, H141
KLEIN, William - Plato, P73, R96, D140, H141
KLEIN, Agnes - Plato, P73, R97, D140, H141
KLEIN, Albert - Holland, P89, R77, D90, H90
KLEIN, Ida - Holland, P89, R78, D90, H90
KLEIN, Hattie - Holland, P89, R79, D90, H90
KLEIN, Frank - Holland, P89, R80, D90, H90
KLEIN, Henry C. - Lincoln, P122, R8, D250, H254
KLEIN, Minnie - Lincoln, P122, R9, D250, H254
KLEIN, Lena - Lincoln, P122, R10, D250, H254
KLEIN, Selma - Lincoln, P122, R11, D250, H254
KLEIN, Henry - Lincoln, P122, R12, D250, H254
KLEIN, Hervey - Nassau, P147, R17, D58, H58
KLEIN, Lucretia - Rock, P179, R9, D65, H68
KLEIN, Amy - Rock, P179, R10, D65, H68
KLEIN, Carl - Rock, P179, R11, D65, H68
KLEIN, Crist - Rock, P188, R35, D246, H253
KLEIN, Aurelia - Rock, P188, R36, D246, H253
KLEIN, Otto - Rock, P188, R37, D246, H253
KLEIN, Selina - Rock, P188, R38, D246, H253
KLEIN, August - Rock, P188, R39, D246, H253
KLEIN, William - Rock, P188, R49, D248, H255
KLEIN, Katie - Rock, P188, R50, D248, H255
KLEIN, Herman - Rock, P188, R51, D248, H255
KLEIN, Charles - Rock, P188, R61, D250, H257
KLEIN, Mary - Rock, P188, R62, D250, H257
KLEIN, Fred - Rock, P188, R63, D250, H257
KLEIN, William - Rock, P188, R64, D250, H257
KLEIN, Houst - Rock, P188, R65, D250, H257
KLEIN, Winnie - Welcome, P224, R86, D15, H15
KLEIN, Garret - West Branch, P234, R27, D49, H50
KLEIN, Harriett - West Branch, P234, R28, D49, H50
KLEIN, Cressie - West Branch, P234, R29, D49, H50
KLEIN, Nellie - West Branch, P234, R30, D49, H50
KLEIN, Johannes - West Branch, P238, R35, D131, H133
KLEIN, Cornelia - West Branch, P238, R36, D131, H133
KLEIN, Cornelius - West Branch, P241, R69, D194, H196
KLEIN, Artije - West Branch, P241, R70, D194, H196
KLEIN, Johannes - West Branch, P241, R71, D194, H196
KLEIN, Peter - West Branch, P241, R72, D194, H196
KLEIN, Cornelius - West Branch, P241, R73, D194, H196
KLEIN, Arthur J. - West Branch, P241, R74, D194, H196
KLEIN, Liendert A. - West Branch, P241, R75, D194, H196
KLEIN, Jan - West Branch, P241, R76, D194, H196
KLEINBEKMAN, John - Nassau, P151, R29, D141, H142
KLEINBEKMAN, Cornelia - Nassau, P151, R30, D141, H142
KLEINBEKMAN, Jan A. - Nassau, P151, R31, D142, H143
KLEINBEKMAN, Gertie - Nassau, P151, R32, D142, H143
KLEINBEKMAN, Gertie - Nassau, P151, R33, D142, H143
KLEINBEKMAN, Dena - Nassau, P151, R34, D142, H143
KLEINHESSELINK, Arend J. - Orange City, P101, R14, D132, H135
KLEINHESSELINK, Johanna - Orange City, P101, R15, D132, H135
KLEINHESSELINK, Annie - Orange City, P101, R16, D132, H135
KLEINHESSELINK, Johanna - Orange City, P101, R17, D132, H135
KLEINHESSELINK, Arie - Orange City, P101, R18, D132, H135
KLEINHESSELINK, Johans - Nassau, P156, R74, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, D?na J. - Nassau, P156, R75, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, John - Nassau, P156, R76, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, Gerrit - Nassau, P156, R77, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, Hattie H. - Nassau, P156, R78, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, Charlie - Nassau, P156, R79, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, Edward - Nassau, P156, R80, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, Fredrick - Nassau, P156, R81, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, Henry W. - Nassau, P156, R82, D231, H233
KLEINHESSELINK, John - Nassau, P157, R13, D237, H240
KLEINHESSELINK, Kate - Nassau, P157, R14, D237, H240
KLEINHESSELINK, Jake - Nassau, P157, R15, D237, H240
KLEINHESSELINK, Arend J. - Nassau, P157, R16, D237, H240
KLEINHESSELINK, William - Nassau, P157, R40, D241, H244
KLEINHESSELINK, Fannie - Nassau, P157, R41, D241, H244
KLEINHESSELINK, Earl - Nassau, P157, R42, D241, H244
KLEINJOHN, Harris - Rock, P188, R79, D253, H260
KLEINJOHN, Martie - Rock, P188, R80, D253, H260
KLEINJOHN, Paul - Rock, P188, R81, D253, H260
KLEINJOHN, Nellie - Rock, P188, R82, D253, H260
KLEINWOLTERINK, G. - Lynn, P23, R100, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, J. - Lynn, P24, R1, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, John - Lynn, P24, R2, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, Edward - Lynn, P24, R3, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, Joseph - Lynn, P24, R4, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, Henry - Lynn, P24, R5, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, Cornelius - Lynn, P24, R6, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, William - Lynn, P24, R7, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, Samuel - Lynn, P24, R8, D187, H187
KLEINWOLTERINK, John - West Branch, P241, R61, D193, H195
KLEINWOLTERINK, Johanna - West Branch, P241, R62, D193, H195
KLEINWOLTERINK, Minnie - West Branch, P241, R63, D193, H195
KLEINWOLTERINK, Henry - West Branch, P241, R64, D193, H195
KLEINWOLTERINK, Dena - West Branch, P241, R65, D193, H195
KLEINWOLTERINK, Hattie - West Branch, P241, R66, D193, H195
KLEINWOLTERINK, Winnie - West Branch, P241, R67, D193, H195
KLEVE, Rudolph - Washington, P139, R25, D286, H299
KLEVE, Tilda - Washington, P139, R26, D286, H299
KLEVE, Sophia M. - Washington, P139, R27, D286, H299
KLEVE, Lena J. - Washington, P139, R28, D286, H299
KLEVE, Rudolph J. - Washington, P139, R29, D286, H299
KLEVE, Anna I. - Washington, P139, R30, D286, H299
KLEYNE, Leonard - Grant, P79, R87, D54, H55
KLEYNE, Willemina - Grant, P79, R88, D54, H55
KLEYNE, Bessie - Grant, P79, R89, D54, H55
KLEYNE, Hubert - Grant, P79, R90, D54, H55
KLEYNE, Cornelius - Grant, P79, R91, D54, H55
KLEYNE, Leonard - Grant, P79, R92, D54, H55
KLIEN, John T. - Holland, P92, R29, D134, H134
KLIEN, Hendrika - Holland, P92, R30, D134, H134
KLIEN, Teunis - Holland, P92, R31, D134, H134
KLIEN, Kitty - Holland, P92, R32, D134, H134
KLIEN, Gertrude - Holland, P92, R33, D134, H134
KLIEN, Henry - Holland, P92, R34, D134, H134
KLIFF, John - Grant, P78, R76, D36, H36
KLIFF, Sarah E. - Grant, P78, R77, D36, H36
KLINEFELTER, Isaac E. - Buncombe, P7, R26, D150, H150
KLINEFELTER, Rachel E. - Buncombe, P7, R27, D150, H150
KLINEFELTER, George W. - Washington, P140, R37, D309, H322
KLINEFELTER, Anna - Washington, P140, R38, D309, H322
KLINEFELTER, George R. - Washington, P140, R39, D309, H322
KLINEFELTER, Anna M. - Washington, P140, R40, D309, H322
KLINEFELTER, Inez M. - Washington, P140, R41, D309, H322
KLINEFELTER, Grace B. - Washington, P140, R42, D309, H322
KLINEFELTER, H??th Newton - Reading, P164, R87, D22, H22
KLINEFELTER, Sarah Luella - Reading, P164, R88, D22, H22
KLINEFELTER, Ira Newton - Reading, P164, R89, D22, H22
KLINEFELTER, Isaac Elmer - Reading, P164, R90, D22, H22
KLINK, Charles - Orange City, P99, R34, D91, H93
KLINK, Mariana - Orange City, P99, R35, D91, H93
KLOCK, Henry - West Branch, P236, R9, D86, H88
KLOCK, Anna - West Branch, P236, R10, D86, H88
KLOCK, Alice Z. - West Branch, P236, R11, D86, H88
KLOCK, Anna W. - West Branch, P236, R12, D86, H88
KLOMP, Ella - West Branch, P235, R91, D80, H82
KLOPPER, Jan - Holland, P92, R10, D130, H130
KLOPPER, Trintje - Holland, P92, R11, D130, H130
KLUCK, Gerrit - Plato, P74, R59, D150, H151
KLUCK, Johanna - Plato, P74, R60, D150, H151
KLUCK, Harry - Plato, P74, R61, D150, H151
KLUCK, Alice - Plato, P74, R62, D150, H151
KLUMFERT, Di??? - Floyd, P58, R59, D125, H127
KLUMFERT, Ficke - Floyd, P58, R60, D125, H127
KLUMPERT, Gerrit - Nassau, P148, R65, D88, H89
KLUTER, Henry - Reading, P166, R56, D59, H59
KLUTER, Mathilda - Reading, P166, R57, D59, H59
KLUTER, Frederick - Reading, P166, R58, D59, H59
KLUTER, Martha - Reading, P166, R59, D59, H59
KLUTER, Mathilda - Reading, P166, R60, D59, H59
KLUTER, William John - Reading, P169, R55, D138, H139
KLUTER, Linda Christina - Reading, P169, R56, D138, H139
KLUTER, Charles Henry - Reading, P171, R39, D170, H172
KLUTER, Lousa G. - Reading, P171, R40, D170, H172
KLUTER, Ethel W. - Reading, P171, R41, D170, H172
KLUTER, Ruth C. - Reading, P171, R42, D170, H172
KLUTER, Lillie Louisa - Reading, P171, R43, D170, H172
KLUVERS, Steven E. - Orange City, P107, R68, D170, H275
KLUVERS, Petronella - Orange City, P107, R69, D170, H275
KLUVERS, Bernardus J. - Orange City, P107, R70, D170, H275
KLUVERS, Roelof J. - Orange City, P107, R71, D170, H275
KLUVERS, Petronella - Orange City, P107, R72, D170, H275
KLUVERS, Geertrudia G. - Orange City, P107, R73, D170, H275
KLUVERS, Roelofphina - Orange City, P107, R74, D170, H275
KNAPP, Chas - Rock, P177, R81, D35, H38
KNAPP, Rdret - Rock, P177, R82, D35, H38
KNAPP, Georgia - Rock, P177, R83, D35, H38
KNAPP, Florence - Rock, P177, R84, D35, H38
KNAPP, Dudley - Rock, P177, R85, D35, H38
KNAPP, Ezra - Rock, P181, R60, D114, H120
KNAPP, Anges - Rock, P181, R61, D114, H120
KNAPP, Marion - Rock, P181, R62, D114, H120
KNAUER, John - Lynn, P24, R38, D195, H195
KNAUER, Eva - Lynn, P24, R39, D195, H195
KNAUER, Om?? - Lynn, P24, R40, D195, H195
KNAUER, Katie - Lynn, P24, R41, D195, H195
KNAUER, Louisa - Lynn, P24, R42, D195, H195
KNAUER, Christina - Lynn, P24, R43, D195, H195
KNAUER, Matilda - Lynn, P24, R44, D195, H195
KNAUER, Willie - Lynn, P24, R45, D195, H195
KNAUER, Laura - Lynn, P24, R46, D195, H195
KNAUER, Nick - Lynn, P24, R47, D195, H195
KNAUER, Fred - Lynn, P24, R48, D195, H195
KNAUER, Chris W. - Lynn, P25, R48, D210, H210
KNAUER, Mary - Lynn, P25, R49, D210, H210
KNAUER, Lilly - Lynn, P25, R50, D210, H210
KNAUER, Nellie - Lynn, P25, R51, D210, H210
KNAUER, ??? - Lynn, P25, R52, D210, H210
KNENEBONE, Harry - Rock, P178, R92, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, W?eia - Rock, P178, R93, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, Arie - Rock, P178, R94, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, Nellie - Rock, P178, R95, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, Peter - Rock, P178, R96, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, Joe - Rock, P178, R97, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, Mary - Rock, P178, R98, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, Anna - Rock, P178, R99, D62, H65
KNENEBONE, Johnie - Rock, P178, R100, D62, H65
KNESE, John - Sheridan, P211, R56, D172, H172
KNESE, Katie - Sheridan, P211, R57, D172, H172
KNESE, Henry - Sheridan, P211, R58, D172, H172
KNEWEL, John - Lincoln, P110, R1, D1, H1
KNEWEL, Mary - Lincoln, P110, R2, D, H
KNEWEL, Annie - Lincoln, P110, R3, D, H
KNEWEL, Leona - Lincoln, P110, R4, D, H
KNEWL, Nickolas - Lincoln, P111, R86, D43, H45
KNEWL, Bridget A. - Lincoln, P111, R87, D43, H45
KNEWL, Vincent L. - Lincoln, P111, R88, D43, H45
KNEWL, Nicholas M. - Lincoln, P111, R89, D43, H45
KNEWL, Mary C. - Lincoln, P111, R90, D43, H45
KNEWL, Agusta J. - Lincoln, P111, R91, D43, H45
KNIGHT, Geo U. - Buncombe, P1, R52, D15, H15
KNIGHT, Sophia - Buncombe, P1, R53, D15, H15
KNIGHT, Wm. Frnak - Buncombe, P1, R54, D15, H15
KNIGHT, Florence H. - Buncombe, P1, R55, D15, H15
KNIGHT, Henry W. - Buncombe, P1, R56, D15, H15
KNIGHT, Eva G. - Nassau, P144, R12, D2, H2
KNIGHT, James W. - Settler, P200, R87, D118, H118
KNIGHT, Henrietta - Settler, P200, R88, D118, H118
KNIGHT, Isabelle S. - Settler, P200, R89, D118, H118
KNIGHT, Lariva E. M. - Settler, P200, R90, D118, H118
KNOL, Herman - Nassau, P152, R51, D165, H166
KNOL, Catherine - Nassau, P152, R52, D165, H166
KNOL, Harry - Nassau, P152, R53, D165, H166
KNOL, Johan R. - Nassau, P152, R54, D165, H166
KNOL, Nellie E. - Nassau, P152, R55, D165, H166
KNOL, Cornelis - Nassau, P152, R56, D165, H166
KNOOK, Leendert - Orange City, P109, R21, D305, H310
KNOOK, Cina - Orange City, P109, R22, D305, H310
KNOOK, Lena - Orange City, P109, R23, D305, H310
KNOWLTON, J. C. - Center, P38, R26, D162, H162
KNOWLTON, Minnie - Center, P38, R27, D162, H162
KNOWLTON, Irving - Reading, P174, R2, D215, H217
KNOWLTON, Hapse Ann - Reading, P174, R3, D215, H217
KNUTSON, Anna - Sioux, P193, R93, D15, H15
KNYPSTRA, Petrus - Orange City, P105, R24, D218, H221
KNYPSTRA, Gieske - Orange City, P105, R25, D218, H221
KNYPSTRA, Jacob B. - Orange City, P105, R26, D218, H221
KNYPSTRA, Winter - Orange City, P105, R27, D218, H221
KNYPSTRA, Albertus - Orange City, P105, R28, D218, H221
KOAL, Jacob - Rock, P190, R1, D270, H277
KOAL, Minnie - Rock, P190, R2, D270, H277
KOCH, Fred C. - Plato, P75, R62, D165, H166
KOCH, Annie - Plato, P75, R63, D165, H166
KOCH, Minna M. - Plato, P75, R64, D165, H166
KOCH, Louis F. - Plato, P75, R65, D165, H166
KOCH, Lizzie - Plato, P75, R66, D165, H166
KOCH, Walter W. - Plato, P75, R67, D165, H166
KOCH, Gustav H. - Plato, P75, R68, D165, H166
KOCH, Annie - Nassau, P151, R6, D134, H135
KOCH, Joseph - Nassau, P152, R57, D166, H167
KOCH, Elizabeth - Nassau, P152, R58, D166, H167
KOCH, Josephine - Nassau, P152, R59, D166, H167
KOCH, Peter - Nassau, P152, R60, D166, H167
KOCH, Leona - Nassau, P152, R61, D166, H167
KOCH, John - Nassau, P152, R62, D166, H167
KOCH, Nick - Nassau, P152, R63, D166, H167
KOCH, Otto - Nassau, P152, R64, D166, H167
KOCK, Joseph - Floyd, P58, R50, D123, H125
KOCK, Maggie - Floyd, P58, R51, D123, H125
KOCK, Peter - Floyd, P58, R52, D123, H125
KOCK, Maggie - Floyd, P58, R53, D123, H125
KOCK, Theodore - Floyd, P58, R54, D123, H125
KOCK, Katie - Floyd, P58, R55, D123, H125
KOCK, Julia - Floyd, P58, R56, D123, H125
KOCK, Fred - Plato, P75, R54, D164, H165
KOCK, Mary - Plato, P75, R55, D164, H165
KOCK, Clary - Plato, P75, R56, D164, H165
KOCK, Bertha - Plato, P75, R57, D164, H165
KOCK, Harthe - Plato, P75, R58, D164, H165
KOCK, Herman - Plato, P75, R59, D164, H165
KOEB, Henry - Welcome, P225, R74, D30, H30
KOEDAM, Mary - Garfield, P66, R89, D34, H34
KOEDAM, Albert - Plato, P71, R29, D99, H100
KOEDAM, Gysbertje - Plato, P71, R30, D99, H100
KOEDAM, Martyntje - Plato, P71, R31, D99, H100
KOEDAM, Aaltje - Plato, P71, R32, D99, H100
KOEDAM, Johanna P. - Plato, P71, R33, D99, H100
KOEDAM, Johannus - Plato, P71, R34, D99, H100
KOEDAM, John Paul - Plato, P71, R35, D99, H100
KOEDAM, William - Welcome, P227, R66, D66, H66
KOEDAM, Alayda - Welcome, P227, R67, D66, H66
KOEDAM, Johannes - Welcome, P227, R68, D66, H66
KOEDAM, Samuel - Welcome, P227, R69, D66, H66
KOEDAM, Martha - Welcome, P227, R70, D66, H66
KOEDAM, Hendrikus - Welcome, P227, R71, D66, H66
KOEL, Dick - Plato, P70, R83, D13, H14
KOEL, Jacoba S. - Plato, P70, R84, D13, H14
KOEL, Jennie - Plato, P70, R85, D13, H14
KOEL, Martha - Plato, P70, R86, D13, H14
KOEL, Jane - Plato, P70, R87, D13, H14
KOEL, John - Plato, P70, R88, D13, H14
KOEL, Nicolas - Plato, P72, R59, D118, H119
KOEL, Jacob - Lincoln, P117, R7, D156, H160
KOELE, Henry - Lincoln, P116, R2, D137, H141
KOELE, Jennie - Lincoln, P116, R3, D137, H141
KOELE, Case - Lincoln, P116, R4, D137, H141
KOELE, Jacoba - Lincoln, P116, R5, D137, H141
KOELE, Mary - Lincoln, P116, R6, D137, H141
KOELE, Jonnie - Lincoln, P116, R7, D137, H141
KOELE, Hattie - Lincoln, P116, R8, D137, H141
KOELE, Henry - Lincoln, P116, R9, D137, H141
KOEPP, Albert - East Orange, P50, R88, D150, H152
KOEPP, Bertha - East Orange, P50, R89, D150, H152
KOEPP, Otto R. R. - East Orange, P50, R90, D150, H152
KOEPP, William M. A. - East Orange, P50, R91, D150, H152
KOEPP, Walter O. E. - East Orange, P50, R92, D150, H152
KOESTER, Wm. - Lincoln, P118, R5, D173, H177
KOESTER, Minnie - Lincoln, P118, R6, D173, H177
KOESTER, Wm. - Lincoln, P118, R7, D173, H177
KOESTER, Christian - Lincoln, P118, R9, D174, H178
KOESTER, Christina - Lincoln, P118, R10, D174, H178
KOHL, Henry - Nassau, P148, R37, D83, H83
KOHLEN, Fred - Sioux, P197, R56, D76, H76
KOHLEN, Anna C. - Sioux, P197, R57, D76, H76
KOIKE, Frank - West Branch, P242, R28, D203, H205
KOISTRA, Olive - Center, P39, R90, D192, H192
KOK, Gerrit - Lynn, P21, R23, D141, H141
KOK, Gertie - Lynn, P21, R24, D141, H141
KOK, John - Lynn, P21, R25, D141, H141
KOK, ??b?ter - Lynn, P21, R26, D141, H141
KOK, Jan - Holland, P86, R22, D22, H22
KOK, Albert - Holland, P86, R23, D22, H22
KOK, Fredericka - Holland, P86, R24, D22, H22
KOK, Hilburt - Sheridan, P209, R5, D127, H127
KOK, Mary - Sheridan, P209, R6, D127, H127
KOK, John C. - Sheridan, P209, R7, D127, H127
KOKENGE, Henry - Floyd, P62, R46, D202, H204
KOKENGE, Josephine - Floyd, P62, R47, D202, H204
KOKENGE, John - Floyd, P62, R48, D202, H204
KOKENGE, Tony - Floyd, P62, R49, D202, H204
KOKENGE, Earnest - Floyd, P62, R50, D202, H204
KOKENGE, Annie - Floyd, P62, R51, D202, H204
KOKENGE, Joseph - Floyd, P62, R52, D202, H204
KOKENGE, Dora - Floyd, P62, R53, D202, H204
KOLA, Lizzie - Sherman, P221, R38, D143, H143
KOLL, Valentine - Nassau, P154, R75, D198, H200
KOLL, Lizzie - Nassau, P154, R76, D198, H200
KOLL, John - Nassau, P154, R77, D198, H200
KOLL, Bertha - Nassau, P154, R78, D198, H200
KOLL, annie - Nassau, P154, R79, D198, H200
KOLL, Lizzie M. - Nassau, P154, R80, D198, H200
KOLL, Allooysius - Nassau, P154, R81, D198, H200
KOLL, Leo J. - Nassau, P154, R82, D198, H200
KOLL, Albert - Nassau, P154, R83, D198, H200
KOLL, Jerome M. - Nassau, P154, R84, D198, H200
KOLLMAN, Leander - Rock, P191, R90, D300, H307
KOLLMAN, Emily - Rock, P191, R91, D300, H307
KOLLMAN, Mabel - Rock, P191, R92, D300, H307
KOLTHOF, Jetze - Plato, P74, R85, D154, H155
KOLTHOFF, William - Nassau, P145, R81, D32, H32
KOLTHOFF, Yensche - Nassau, P145, R82, D32, H32
KOLYN, Matthew - Orange City, P95, R1, D1, H1
KOLYN, Mary C. - Orange City, P95, R2, D1, H1
KOLYN, ???drew J. - Orange City, P95, R3, D1, H1
KOLYN, Marion D. H. - Orange City, P95, R4, D1, H1
KOLYN, Anna S. - Orange City, P95, R5, D1, H1
KONKE, Jurgen - Lincoln, P118, R17, D176, H180
KONKE, Lizzie - Lincoln, P118, R18, D176, H180
KONKE, Otto - Lincoln, P118, R19, D176, H180
KONKE, Albert - Lincoln, P118, R20, D176, H180
KONTZ, Mathus - Nassau, P148, R89, D94, H95
KONTZ, Susanna - Nassau, P148, R90, D94, H95
KONTZ, James P. - Nassau, P155, R38, D208, H210
KONTZ, Annie - Nassau, P155, R39, D208, H210
KONTZ, John - Nassau, P155, R40, D208, H210
KONTZ, Lily - Nassau, P155, R41, D208, H210
KONTZ, Laura M. - Nassau, P155, R42, D208, H210
KONTZ, Gertrude L. - Nassau, P155, R43, D208, H210
KONTZ, Julius A. - Nassau, P155, R44, D208, H210
KONTZ, Peter M. - Nassau, P155, R47, D209, H211
KONTZ, Mary A. - Nassau, P155, R48, D209, H211
KONTZ, Clara - Nassau, P155, R49, D209, H211
KONTZ, Louis - Nassau, P155, R50, D209, H211
KONTZ, Charlie - Nassau, P155, R51, D209, H211
KONTZ, Edward - Nassau, P155, R52, D209, H211
KONZ, Peter - East Orange, P48, R4, D108, H110
KONZ, Peter - East Orange, P48, R100, D123, H125
KONZ, Elizabeth - East Orange, P49, R1, D123, H125
KONZ, Nickolas - East Orange, P49, R2, D123, H125
KONZ, Mathias - East Orange, P49, R3, D123, H125
KONZ, Annie N. - East Orange, P49, R4, D123, H125
KONZ, Mary N. - East Orange, P49, R5, D123, H125
KONZ, John P. - East Orange, P49, R6, D123, H125
KONZ, Joseph N. - East Orange, P49, R7, D123, H125
KONZ, Susan F. - East Orange, P49, R8, D123, H125
KONZ, Clara A. - East Orange, P49, R9, D123, H125
KONZ, John - East Orange, P49, R31, D127, H129
KONZ, Nicholas - East Orange, P49, R65, D133, H135
KONZ, Mary - East Orange, P49, R66, D133, H135
KONZ, Emma A. - East Orange, P49, R67, D133, H135

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