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1889 History Index

Biographical History of Shelby and Audubon Counties
History of Shelby County, Iowa



1857W. L. Brown68
 Adam Brandt.31

  As the county became settled this office was impracticable, and hence township assessors took the place of it.


1854James Perry.
 Abraham Rubendall. (Vacancy.)
1855Abraham Rubendall. (No opposition.)
1857Samuel Dewell.75
 Abraham Rubendall.34
1859Charles F. Forbes.85
 Samuel Dewell.83
1861Samuel Dewell (No opposition).122
1863Christian Goodyear. (No vote given.)
1864T. A. Haycook.72
 A. Rubendall.57
1865Abraham Rubendall. (No vote recorded.)
1867P. C. Truman.101
 A. Rubendall.110
1869Charles W. Day.158
 Samuel Slates.92
1871W. L. Brown.190
 N. J. Sharp.152
 R. W. Robins.107
1873Washington Wyland.428
 W. L. Brown.164
1875P. C. Truman.541
 Frank Reynolds.415
1877P. C. Truman.832
 A. C. Snyder.719
1879E. Y. Greenleaf.1,048
 Emil Flusche.844
1881E. Y. Greenleaf.1,050
 J. D. Walker.707
1883Washington Wyland.1,643
 C. F. Swift.1,509
1885O. F. Plum.1,560
 L. R. Hertert.1,637
1887C. L. Miller.1,294
 J. W. Miller.1,518
 J. K. P. Baker.264
1889J. K. P. Baker.1,797
 C. L. Miller.1,726


  [It should be understood that the office of county treasurer and that of recorder of deeds was a combined office until 1864, when each became a distinct office; prior to that date it was known as the office of "Treasurer and Recorder."]

1854Alexander McCord.
 Henry Runnels. (Elected in August.)
1855William Gedney.42
 William Hock.32
1856William Wyland.65
 O. P. Steele.62
1857William Wyland.53
 L. B. Holcomb.43
1858George Benjamin.91
 Nelson Ward.82
1861George Benjamin (No opposition).130
1863George Benjamin. (No abstract of votes cast.)
1864M. H. Adams.81
 William Wyland.76
1865M. H. Adams. (No abstract of votes cast.)
1867M. H. Adams.112
 John H. Louis.101
1869M. H. Adams.169
 Nathaniel Smith.65
1871C. J. Wyland.243
 M. H. Adams.214
 A. M. Buckman.9
1873C. J. Wyland.418
 H. S. Burke.182
1875Thomas McDonald.493
 William J. Davis.399
1877Thomas McDonald.865
 J. D. Coughran.679
1879J. W. Harrod.972
 John L. Long.954
1881R. M. Pomeroy.903
 J. W. Harrod.861
 J. T. Burke.97
1883R. M. Pomeroy.1,574
 David Carter.1,570
1885-W. F. Cleveland.1,753
 George D. Ross.1,486
1887-W. F. Cleveland.1,705
 Chris Christiansen.1,321
 M. Barton.274


1864M. H. Adams.78
 William Wyland.76
1866John Gish. (No vote recorded.)
1868Benjamin I. Kinsey.133
 John H. Louis.18
1870G. M. Couffer. (No vote recorded.)
1872F. A. Holcomb.369
 F. S. White.170
1874F. A. Holcomb.517
 J. M. Beck.218
1876A. H. Holcomb.875
 A. M. Lewis.660
1878J. E. Benson.715
 William Howlett.581
1880F. E. Benson.1,551
 J. W. White.957
1882B. B. Mastick.1,377
 J. P. Miller.1,136
1884B. B. Mastick.1,796
 Lewis Gingery.1,722
1886A. H. Tingle.1,738
 F. J. McNaughton.1,469
1886A. H. Tingle.1,778
 J. H. Kuhl.1,723
 W. R. Honeywell.117


1854Milton M. Beebe.
1855Milton M. Beebe.38
 Alexander Ford.36
1857Albert Crandall (No opposition).116
1858Isaac Wyland.50
 Albert Crandall.46
1859Milton Stanton.88
 A. Crandall.82
1861Washington Wyland.137
 C. C. Culver.2
1863Washington Wyland. (No vote recorded.)
1864Albert Crandall.82
 W. S. Brown.73
1865Albert Crandall. (No vote recorded.)
1867*Thomas Chatburn.95
 L. D. Sunderland.86
 James Wood.30
1871William H. Burk.201
 T. W. Chatburn.198
 C. C. Redfield.59
1873L. Sweat.323
 T. W. Chatburn.278
1875John D. Long.512
 John B. Swain.450
1877John D. Long.917
 Joseph H. Kuhl.623
1879J. W. Martin.1,028
 Elijah Fish.856
1881George E. Bennett.933
 Lewis Shorett.786
 C. W. Potter (Greenback) (To fill vacancy.)123
1881H. W. Patterson (Long term).920
 Lewis Shorett.816
 C. W. Potter.133
1883E. J. Trowbridge.1,635
 Thomas W. Chatburn.1,467
1885George S. Rainbow.1,652
 N. W. Sherman.1,573
1887George S. Rainbow.1,662
 J. J. Harter.1,424
 Z. H. McCombs.217
  *Mr. Sunderland contested the election, claiming that, because Chatburn was not a legal voter, that he had no right to hold the office, though he had received a majority of the voice cast. Chatburn argued that a man could hold office, if elected, though he had not been in the county long enough to vote himself. The case was tried before County Judge Lindsay, who decided in favor of Sunderland, throwing the costs on Chatburn, amounting to about $11.00


1855Franklin Rudd (No opposition).75
1857Lewis Jackson (No opposition).121
1859Lewis Jackson.88
 William Holk.84
1860D. H. Randall (No opposition).61
1861O. E. Holcomb (No opposition).134
1863O. E. Holcomb (No record of votes cast).
1864Elias Monroe.76
 L. D. Frost.72
1865L. D. Sunderland. 
1867Martin Polland.107
 A. Roundy.105
1868R. M. Smith.152
 William Frantz.14
1869I. W. Winters.146
 Aaron Bergstresser.88
1871Aaron Bergstresser (No opposition).174
1873A. N. Stamm (No opposition).361
1874Caleb Smith (No opposition).258
1875H. Weeks (No other votes).2
1877F. A. Boyer (No opposition.)
1878George E. Bennett.745
 E. Jarvis.540
1879George Bennett.1,097
 Michael McCabe.753
1881J. W. Chatburn.1,063
 William Blair.695
1883N. H. Burks.1,587
 J. W. Chatburn.1,554
1885Dr. A. H. Burks.1,724
 E. Douglass.1,513
1887S. H. Waters.1,523
 L. D. Frost.1,285
 P. H. Hunt.269


1854Vinsan G. Perkins. 
1855L. B. Holcomb (V. G. Perkins suspended).
1855-'56L. G. Tubbs.41
 L. B. Holcomb.30
1857O. E. Holcomb.44
 J. H. Adams.27
1859H. C. Holcomb.89
 M. P. Bull.78
1860H. C. Holcomb (No opposition).143
1862H. C. Holcomb.86
 John Young.30
1864H. C. Holcomb.82
 B. V. Springer.75
1866A. M. Louis. (No vote recorded.)
1868H. C. Holcomb.157
 J. B. Swain.28
1870H. C. Holcomb. (No vote recorded.)
1872G. D. Ross.417
 George Gibbs.7
1874George D. Ross.352
 C. C. Redfield.234
 J. M. Beck.218
1876George D. Ross.863
 A. D. Tinsly.664
1878H. C. Holcomb.654
 J. W. Harrod.642
1880H. C. Holcomb.1,574
 M. J. Heiress.957
1882W. J. Davis.1,284
 David Carter.1,236
1884W. J. Davis.1,823
 J. H. Louis.1,705
1886Hugh Harrod.1,641
 George F. Kellor.1,570
1888O. P. Wyland.1,870
 Hugh Harrod.1,612
 Frank Faltonson (Union Labor).126

In 1857, when the question of prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquor within the State was voted upon, Shelby County cast fifty-four votes -- four for and fifty against.

In June, 1882, when the vote was taken to prohibit the sale of liquor in Iowa, by amending the State constitution, Shelby County cast 1,268 votes -- 517 for and 751 against the amendment.

The vote for and against purchasing land on which to found a poor-farm was taken in 1882, and resulted in 1,399 votes being cast for the measure and 666 against it.

In 1885 a vote to determine whether the county should erect a poor-house on the land already purchased, or not, was taken, which resulted in 1,698 for and 416 against the measure.

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Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass March, 2017 from "Biographical History of Shelby and Audubon Counties", Chicago: W. S. Dunbar & Co., 1889, pg. 243-245.