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Biographical History of Shelby and Audubon Counties
History of Shelby County, Iowa


The first set of county officials served under an appointment of the Governor, the first regular election in the county being held April 3, 1853. No record seems to have been kept of the votes cast, but the county election book shows the following to have been elected: William Vanansdall was elected County Judge at the April election of 1854; W. H. Jordan, County Judge; Milton M. Beebe, Sheriff; Alexander McCord, Treasurer and Recorder; Adam Cuppy, Drainage Commissioner; James Ward, Prosecuting Attorney; James Perry, Surveyor.

The following is a complete list of the various county officials having served in Shelby County, as shown by the county official election returns, of which the subjoined is a true transcript:



August 7, 1854--Mansel Wicks.     (No vote given.)
August 6, 1855--David Baughman.41
 L. G. Tubbs.31
August     1857--H. A. Tarkington.47
August,     1857--David Baughman.56
April,     1859--William Wyland.94
 Stephen King.74
October,     1861--Samuel Dewell.183
 Mansel Wicks.54
October,     1863--Samuel Dewell. 
October,     1865--Nelson Ward. 
October,     1866--L. Woods. 
October,     1867--Nathan Lindsey.108
 P. C. Truman.107
November,     1868--H. C. Holcomb (Vacancy).156
 J. B. Swain.25

At this date the office of county judge was abolished, and that of county auditor created.


1869--H. C. Holcomb.180
 J. B. Swain.79
1871--John H. Louis.249
 H. C. Holcomb.207
1873--J. H. Louis.286
 H. C. Holcomb.211
1875--Washington Wyland.516
 David Carter.428
1877--J. H. Louis.809
 J. W. Stevens.745
1879--J. H. Louis.1,069
 William Asquith.856
1881--D. F. Paul.933
 J. B. Stutsman.836
1883--J. W. Harrod.1,627
 E. Y. Greenleaf.1,523
1885--J. W. Harrod.1,653
 H. C. McCusky.1,548
1887--J. W. French.1,660
 John R. Davis.1,374
 Frank S. Carroll.253


The first drainage commissioner of Shelby County was Adam Cuppy, elected at the April election of 1854, and was re-elected by a majority of eighteen over J. M. Long. This office was then held as follows:

1859--C. C. Culver.381
 Nathaniel Lindsly.75
1861--Mansel Wicks.127
 John Hasty.10
1863--W. S. Brown.       (No opposition.)
1864--George W. Taylor.76
 D. H. Randall.75
1867--William Howlett, Jr.       (No opposition.)101

This office was abolished at the close of the last-named incumbent's term, the board of supervisors having such matters in charge at present.



1854--James Ward. 
1856--Nelson Ward. 
1856--Warren L. Brown.35
 J. H. Adams.4
1857--M. P. Bull.65
 Nelson Ward.55

At about this time the State judiciary was reconstructed and this office abolished, and that of district judge and district attorney created.


This office was created in October, 1863.


1858--David Baughman.86
 S. Dewell.8
1859--S. Dewell.90
 William Gray.79
1860--F. G. Clark       (No opposition)71
1861--F. G. Clark.141
 William A. Rabb.1
1863--John Young.       (No vote given.)
1865--James M. Woods.       (No vote given.)
1867Barney Hindsall.106
 Thomas Wood.104
1869P. C. Truman (No opposition).151
1869P. C. Truman.178
 John Young.78
1871Caleb Smith.224
 B. B. Mastick.175
 D. S. Irwin.57
1873O. N.Buckman.312
 Caleb Smith.265
1875Aaron N. Buckman.597
 John Beck.353
1877M. D. Bridgeman.858
 T. J. Mitynger.688
1879M. D. Bridgeman.1,145
 L. S. Taylor.780
1880W. W. Girton (To fill vacancy).1,279
 M. E. Downey ( " " ).1,227
1881W. W. Girton.1,051
 James Canfield.688
 James Louis.130
1883W. K. Colburn.1,764
 W. W. Girton.1,373
1885C. F. Swift.1,556
 W. J. Wicks.1,579
1887C. F. Swift.1,566
 A. N. Buckman.1,357
 Mrs. M. E. McArthur.264

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Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass February, 2016 from "Biographical History of Shelby and Audubon Counties", Chicago: W. S. Dunbar & Co., 1889, pg. 241-242.