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Poweshiek County

Townships of
Poweshiek County, Iowa

This page has links to information organized by township. If you know which of the 16 townships a person lived in, click the appropriate colored section of the map, or the table below the map. This will take you to a page with information about that township.

Map: Based on "Outline Map of Poweshiek County, Iowa",
from Standard Atlas of Poweshiek County, Iowa
Geo. A. Ogle & Co., Chicago, 1896
Reproduced by the kind permission of the
University of Iowa Libraries Map Collection.

NW Range 16 West Range 15 West Range 14 West Range 13 West NE
SW         SE
Township 81 North Chester T81N-R16W Sheridan T81N-R15W Madison T81N-R14W Jefferson T81N-R13W  
Township 80 North Grant (Grinnell) T80N-R16W Malcom T80N-R15W Bear Creek T80N-R14W Warren T80N-R13W  
Township 79 North Washington T79N-R16W Pleasant T79N-R15W Scott T79N-R14W Lincoln T79N-R13W  
Township 78 North Sugar Creek T78N-R16W Union T78N-R15W Jackson T78N-R14W Deep River T78N-R13W