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Whats New on Pocahontas County!

I joined Pocahontas as coordinator in October 2011, please help me grow Pocahontas County!  KD

Apr 2019 20 additional entries to the Ministers page
Apr 2019 New Postcard Project from David Shedlock
Apr 2019 German Evangelical Lutheran Funerals, 1900-1914 from Laurens
Apr 2019 1884-1885 Business Gazetteer  
Apr 2019 1883 Pensioners on the roll
Oct 2018 1885 Rolfe, Clinton Twp State Census
Oct 2018 Complete World War II Casualties from Nettie Mae Lucas
Oct 2018 Ministers from Pocahontas County courtesy of Ray Gurganus
Apr 2018 Early Graves from the Iowa Works Project Administration
Apr 2018 Pocahontas Gravestone Photo Project Index Updated
Mar 2018 Marshall Center #5 Moved to Cedar Falls
Mar 2018 Several new photographs on the Residents Photo page
Mar 2018 Honor Roll of World War I from Annals of Iowa
Nov 2017 Casualties in World War I - new on the Military page
Apr 2017 Online Newspaper resources!
Apr 2017 Rolfe Centennial History Index and link
Apr 2017 Link to 790 page 1981 Pocahontas History at the Rolfe Library, on History page
Apr 2017 Pocahontas County Births 1904-1906 from Nettie Mae Lucas on New Birth Index page
Sep 2016 Pocahontas Gravestone Photo Project Index Updated
Sep 2016 3 more pages to Pocahontas Death Records to 1939  PDF file
Sept 2016 Pocahontas County Civil War Data Base by Roy and Linda Linn  Apr 2016
Oct 2015 Patrick Forey 1810-1891, From County Galway Ireland to Pocahontas County by Margaret (Mahan) Goetz-pdf
Oct 2015 IAGenWeb Special Projects added to Index Page
Oct 2015 4 New Parish Histories found on updated Church Index
Apr 2015 Church Index and Added 3 Church Histories
Apr 2015 First half of 1860 land records added to Land Grants Index, 1859 land grants updated
Apr 2015 Census Index created and Index page redesigned
Dec 2014 This and That Created, Online Apr 2015 also Rural Residents Index created
Dec 2014 Pocahontas County Newspapers added to Miscellaneous/This and That page
Nov 2014 Added Murphy/Sullivan/Unknown Photo to Unknown Photos page
Oct 2014 2 years added to Pocahontas Death Records now 1919-1912 and 1935-1938, plus web page onsite.
May 2014 Military, History, Marriages and Businesses all update with new additions.
Feb 2014 Entirely New Maps, Land and Township Index with additions, New Business Index and additions
Feb 2014 New Military Index with addition, New Resources Page and Brand New Church Index
Feb 2014 New Cemeteries Index and Updated Death Index page
Feb 2014 Pocahontas County Gravestone Photo Project Index added to site.
Oct 2013 New Unidentified or Partially Identified Photo Index. Help us identify if you can!
Sep 2013 Marker for first home built in county, placed in 1947 added to the land grant page.
Sep 2013 New Schools Index as well as additions of names and building photos.
Sep 2013 Pocahontas Death Index and Deaths 7/1919-6/1921 and 1935-1936 from State Historical Society of IA
Apr 2013 Tornado in Sherman Township, May 19, 1944
Apr 2013 History Index has been created and populated.  Look for additions in the near future.
Apr 2013 Photographs Index page and some new photos on a couple of pages.
Apr 2013 1904 Pioneer History of Pocahontas County, Complete Book, 1054 pages (PDF)-New
Nov 2012 Removed many non-working emails.  Please, if you wish to receive emails from your early queries housed on this site, you need to provide a working email periodically.  The 1859 Land Grants is complete as of today.
May 2012 1859 Land Grants  Direct Link
April 2012 1857 Land Grants  Direct Link
April 2012 Land Grants Project  Direct Link
January 2012 Civil War Records plus Headstone Photo link-Documents Board
November 2011 Marriage Index Page created, marriages reorganized  Direct Link
November 2011 Township formation page created  Direct Link
October 2011 New search engine installed with Free Find

Items added May 2004-October 2011

With the reorganization of the Pocahontas site, the early links on this page are being disabled and removed. 

  • 11/19/10: Added 1900 Rolf Business Directory
  • 11/14/10: Added Fonda Business Directory 1904 & Bios from the "Pioneer History of Pocahontas county" by Robert E. Flikenger.
  • 11/13/10: Added Pocahontas Danish Emigrants, Bellville Township School Report
  • 10/25/10: Added High School Graduating classes for Havlock, Laurens, Ware, and Rural Schools
  • 7/5/09: Added bios (William Gadaw, Wm Easton, Harvy Easton, David Hallock & Peter Ellison)from the "Pioneer History of Pocahontas county" by Robert E. Flikenger Click here
  • 7/3/09: Added bios (Peter Anderson, Heilert Behrens, Maurice Clancy & Patrick Clancy) from the "Pioneer History of Pocahontas county" by Robert E. Flikenger Click here
  • 6/13/09: Added bios (Michael McCormick, John Joliffe, Charles Kezer, John Gezy, Mahlon Sayer, Charles Sayre, Edward Pricefrom the "Pioneer History of Pocahontas county" by Robert E. Flikenger Click here
  • 6/12/09: Reformated the 1966 County Plat Maps
  • 6/12/09: Added links from the cemetary page to the IA gravestone project for Summit Hill & Washington.
  • 10-07-04: What's New page added.
Items added between May and October, 2004.

  • Pocahontas County Genealogical Society
  • 1948 County Officers
  • Havelock Centennial Book - Index of Biographies
  • Town Anniversary Items
  • Map - Neighboring towns and counties
  • Plover 1952 Phone Book
  • Rural Residents of Pocahontas County 1948
  • List of Photographs of Farms and Homes in the 1966 Atlas


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