World War I in Pocahontas County  

Thanks to the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, we now have a fairly comprehensive list of the boys from the state who served in the Great War.  Back in the 1920s the State Department of History and Archives put a call out to Iowans who served and as you can see, the IDCA has not only the story of these men but also a great many pictures.  They will be putting together an exhibit down in Des Moines to commemorate these gallant lads. 
Last Name First Name Photo/No Photo
Allen Fred Photo
Bartka Otto William Photo
Berry Elmer E. Photo
Bruce Raymond McDonald Photo
Condon Emmet Patrick Photo
Cooksey Harry Everett Photo
Cumming Cecil Photo
Eno Im L. Photo
Hoover Ralph Photo
Kenney Raymond Photo
Klingbeil Frank Photo
Lambertson George Photo
Larimar (Larimer) Clifford Photo
Nomann John Photo
Richards Lowell Photo
Ricklefs John H. Photo
Runyan Clyde Photo
Schmidt William Photo
Smith William McKinley No Photo
Steiner William Photo
Strong John Ray Photo
Thompson John No Photo
Waugh Frank Photo
West Charles No Photo
Willison (Willson) Charles Photo
Wood Clayton Clark Photo
Wood Percy Eugene Photo
It was noted today that this list from the state is a list of casualties, not all that served in World War I from Pocahontas County~Karen 10 Mar 2018


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