Researcher Appreciation Comments in 2015

I am going through some old photos of my Father's from the Akron, IA area. I will attach them to share with your genealogy web site.
Thanks for all the western Iowa history. ~P.M.C
I would personally like to THANK YOU for volunteering your time and the hard work that it takes to enter all of this older, hard copied genealogical data on the web. It is GREATLY APPRECIATED! ~M.M.


Your site has shed some light on my family and I wanted to express my thanks. ~C. S.


Thanks for all you do for Plymouth County preservation... ~J. H.


Thank you for all you do for us genealogy researchers... ~B. J. Shea

Researcher Comments in 2014

The site is really growing.  I think it is one of the best online.  Great work everyone. ~G. R.

Researcher Comments in 2013

We also uncovered some info regarding family in Remsen and Lemars. What an adventure!! Thank you again for taking time to make me more connecting to my family history.
Grateful again, K. Knox


Thanks for keeping up a wonderful web site for Iowa.  Technology is just grand for this type of information. ~Rod A.

Researcher Comments in 2012

Beautiful, wonderful website!
Even though we are probably not related, I laud your wonderful website.
I was looking for husband's: Dwyer, Donovan, Hanrahan in Plymouth County, (LeMars, Hinton, Potosi) 1880s, -- all had relatives in Sioux City also.: married into McKenzie, Leveiller, McCormick, McCullough, and Patton/Patten families.
Thank you for the chance to view all your work.~M.G. McK


First, I'd like to say it's WONDERFUL what you've done for the website!! So much enthusiasm and forthcoming interest from your community....I also wanted to praise the work on your site for the Opera Houses! I ordered, from Amazon, a used copy of The Opera Houses of Iowa noted on your website, but even tho I found no photos, you are inspiring me to keep going! These were monumental in the life of early communities and treasures to remember.....Most respectfully, keep up the great work. ~MKJ


Thank you for posting the story on my grandparents' marriage. I greatly appreciate the work you've done, and I'm sure others appreciate it tremendously as well. The story from the LeMars Globe-Post provides a window into the lives of my grandparents that never would have been available otherwise. Thanks so much. ~M. C.


Researcher Comments in 2011

We are thrilled to find today the obituary you posted for John Brehm. We have been searching for this piece of our family history for years. Thanks so much for your voluntary efforts--it is much appreciated.
We are planning a trip there in the fall and will be able to do research on location at that time. We are very excited about being able to visit the Melbourne Cemetery and find so many of our long lost ancestors there. We are indebted to you and your work to make this possible. Again, many "thanks."
~Laurie B. and Sue B.
The website is fantastic!  I can't believe how much work you and all the volunteers have done. Thank you again for all your wonderful efforts at preserving Plymouth county history." ~G. R.


"The Plymouth County web site is so informational and easy to follow." ~Bonnie M.


"I’ve been reading over all the work you have contributed to the Plymouth County GenWeb site. You should be congratulated. It is very well done. Most informative. It's great there are people like you to look over genealogy and history for local communities. Keep up the great work!" ~ Kim C.

Researcher Comments in 2010

"Thank you so much for your work on the Plymouth County Genealogy
website. I've found it invaluable in learning about my grandparents
Earl & Laura Williams of Perry Township. I enjoyed the list of school
teachers (where I found my grandmother), and being able to read an
obit from my grandfather." ~Linda McK.


"Every little bit of knowledge gained seems to open another door. Thanks for posting my Plymouth County photos. I love when I hear from distant family who are also interested in family history." - Pat A.
"I was searching for information about my Grandfather when I came across information you posted about my uncle. Due to your time and effort, I know more about the circumstances of his death. Family history is something to be learned and cherished. You have helped my family discover and understand a piece of our history!" ~J.M., Manson, Iowa
"Thank you for all the wonderful stuff you do on line  in the way of pictures and information.  It's helped my Dad get through the bad times." ~ Bonnie M.
"Thanks for your work in such a special project. I had told Mom about this before her health declined and she was very interested. I know she would have loved to see your work but I know she has seen it in a special wasy since her passing. She enjoyed her years teaching even if there was much work involved in walking to school, readying the heat and keeping 8 grades organized. Our best."  ~ Randy and Marilyn S.

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