Plz Help Decipher - Need Identification

“Back Up the Ole Truck” – Researching History Clues – NEED HELP!
Clues come in all forms:
…Background décor & Outdoor buildings & Yards lend clues
…Vintage clothing & shoes, and Hair styles
…Costume jewelry – Unique Time Pieces

IF you can IDENTIFY ONE PERSON, then perhaps the others can be found “lurking” in your Family Tree.  As you “seek & then find” or maybe just “suspect,” please EMAIL the County Coordinator.  ALL suspicions & identities are MUCH APPRECIATED! 
The Mystery-Unidentified Photos on these pages might have lots in common. 

All of the Photos (unless otherwise noted) were located in Plymouth County Iowa. 

The Harrington's shared Unidentified Pictures labeled #1-23, but there was no #10 photo submitted.

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Photos scanned & submitted by Vernon & Karen Harrington -- of rural Brunsville IA (Possible Surnames besides Harrington are: Siebens, Reese, Fisher, Pecks, Saathoff.)

The Harrington's explained --
"Vern's grandpa was Gerd aka Gert aka George G. Siebens, former family that lived in the farmhouse prior to us moving in.

The pictures were all in the 2nd story closet in the hallway when we moved here.

We don't know of anyone in the Service (photo 1), although we found a newspaper clipping labeled John Fisher in a military uniform. We don't recognize the house in the background, likely a farm, with the chicken.

All 22 pictures would be either from Eilt Siebens & Venika or Feuke aka Frances (spelled many ways) Saathoff marriage, decendents of Peter Reese & Mathilda Pecks decendents."

#1 - The Harrington's believe the man on the far right was Gerd Siebens (Vern's Grandpa.)

There are NO names on this photograph, however.

Quick Notes about Gerd Siebens
Born: 03 Sep 1883
Died: 23 Mar 1957
Gerd’s obituary listed among survivors: “he had three sisters, Mrs. Dena Fisher, of Brunsville, Mrs. Minnie Borchers, of Ireton, and Mrs. John (Lena) Johnson, of LeMars; and a brother, John of Brunsville.”

Quick Note about the younger man, in uniform, standing 2nd from the right:
The Harrington’s found a newspaper clipping labeled, John Fisher in a military uniform. At this time it is unknown if the young serviceman in the picture is John Fisher.

#2 -- Studio Photo of man, holding his hat (appears he is holding a cigarette or maybe a slim cigar)

#3 -- Unidentified Couple

#4 -- Unidentified -- Maybe 3 siblings?

#5 -- Unidentified -- Maybe 2 Sisters?

#6 -- Unidentified Toddler girl, holding a doll

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