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George Hancer, born 12 Mar 1806, Suffolk Co. England; died 12 Mar 1873 (on his birthday) Oxford, Johnson County, Iowa.




  This is my great great great great grandmother, Hannah Reynolds Pipe Hancer. [Photo taken 1886, LeMars, Iowa]

Hannah was born 16 Jun 1809, in Rumsburgh, Suffolk County, England and died at Merrill, Washington Twp., Plymouth County, Iowa.  Hannah was the daughter of Mary Reynolds and Jeremiah Pipe .  Hannah married 14 Feb 1834 at the Rumsburgh Parish Church to George Hancer , son of Michael Hancer and Mary Clutton Hancer .

  Hannah and George were the parents of the following children; (1) John Reynolds (occassionally he took the last name of Hancer, but his primary last name was his mother's maiden name), (2) James Hancey who took the spelling of Hancey as his surname, (3) William Hancer , (4) George Hancer , (5) Betsey Jane Hancer, wife of George Haylock , (6) Samuel Hancer , (7) Horace Wesley Hancer , and (8) Frederick George "Fred" Hancer , husband of Emma Catherine House . 

  Hannah and George's eldest sons, John Reynolds and James Hancey, along with their wives who were sisters, Lucy and Rachel Seamons left for America from England in 1856.  The rest of the family were to make the move, however, illness of the younger children prevented this from happening.  John ended up in Iowa City, and later, Audubon, but, James settled with the Morman's in Omaha, Nebraska until they made the trek to Hyde Park, Utah in 1860.  Betsey and her husband, George Haylock settled in Iowa City, next and urged the rest of the family to move to America.  George and Hannah Hancer with grandson, George Lewis Haylock, and sons, Horace and Fred left Liverpool, England on the ship John Bright on 30 April 1866.  They settled in Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa.  George died at Oxford, Iowa on 12 Mar 1873.  A family friend from Suffolk Co., England, "Nat" Hammond urged the family to move to Merrill, Plymouth County, Iowa.  Once again, the Haylocks were the first to go, this time accompanying them their son, and her mother, Hannah.  They settled on a farm in Washington Twp. the area was known as Pleasant Valley (somewhere between the edge of Washington Twp. and Adaville).  Brothers Horace and Fred moved their families to Merrill by the fall of 1876.


This photo was taken at Dabb's Studio in LeMars, Iowa in 1899.  4 generations: Grandmother, Emma House Hancer (1852-1917), subject, Georgene Edith (Winter) Harrison (1896-1989), great grandmother, Eda Ann (Boyd) House (1827-1919), and mother, Estella May (Hancer) Winter (1872-1956).  Eda Ann died 5 months prior to the birth of Georgene's son, (a great great grandson) Dean Oliver Harrison (1920-1991), an event she was very excited about.  Dean was the father of Candi Jean (Harrison) Herbst (of Merrill, Iowa), and grandfather of Justin Herbst (of Merrill) and Noel Herbst Henrich (of LeMars).


  Hannah's daughter, Betsey and husband, and their very good friends, Fred and Euphemia Aldrich (also of Suffolk) made a business venture to combine a hardware store and general merchandising business in Merrill in 1885 (the location present day Larry's Automotive).  This was a success.  Hannah lived with Betsey, however, she was taken to her son, Fred's farm in Washington Twp., where her daughter-in-law cared for her until her death.  Hannah was one of the first buried in Merrill Hillside Cemetery.

Hannah was the mother of Fred Hancer, who was the father of Estella May Hancer Winter, who was the mother of Georgene Edith Winter Harrison, the mother of Dean Oliver Harrison, the father of Candi Jean Harrison Herbst, and finally the mother of Justin Herbst.




John Reynolds and wife, Lucy Seamons   Early settlers of Iowa (Johnson County), the were the parents of Frederick, Maggie, Samuel, Mary Jane (Reynolds) Hunt, Katie Vienna (Reynolds) Bell, Esther May (Reynolds) Barrick, Lillian Lucy (Reynolds) Stonebrook and Ida Edith Reynolds. John was the eldest son of George Hancer and Hannah Reynolds Pipe.

Horace Hancer lived in Merrill, Iowa from 1876 until a few years before his death in 1927, when he went to Sioux City, Iowa.  Horace was married three times, his third wife pictured was Margaret Sophia Smith.

James Hancey, his first wife, Rachel Seamons, his second wife, Louisa Purser, and his third wife, Annie Marie Christopherson. James was the father of 31 children ( with three wives ) ranging in birth year from 1856 to 1903.



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