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1885 Local Newspaper Article, listing the Veterans

1937 LeMars Globe-Post news article: Registration of all Plymouth County veteran graves

DesMoines. ---(AP)--- Ten, or more than half, of the state's Civil War veterans still living last May ---nearly 80 years after the conflict --- have died since then, Miss Amy Noll, secretary of the Iowa Grand Army of the Republic, said.

Average age of the nine still living is 98. They are: Harrison R. Crecelius, Redding, 97; Michael Franz, Ottumwa, 100: Charles H. Lingenfelter, Dakota City, 103; James P. Martin, Sutherland, 97; Ebenezer G. McMurray, Iowa City, 100; Robert A. Millen, Melcher, 98; Frank L. Quade, Dubuque, 98; David Sisk, Marshalltown, 96; and John M. Gudgel, Shenandoah, 97.

Those who died during the last 10 months were:

John Avery, Clinton; Ancil O. Ash, Decorah; Andrew W. Crouch, LeMars; William H. Earnest, Seymour; Charles Hester, Indianola; George R. Martin, Rippey; Frank Ritter, Boone; Eiliott P. Taylor, Newton; Henry A. White, University Park; and John H. Burlingame, Evanston, Illinois

Civil War Plymouth County Soldier List

Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War, Company B of the 10th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Sons Veteran Reserve, Re-dedication of the LeMars Civil War monument, May 3, 2014.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, June 1, 1915 -- Dedication of Civil War Monument

Civil War IA GenWeb Special Project off-site link


The Spanish-American War (April-July 1898) was a brief, intense conflict that effectively ended Spain's worldwide empire and gained the United States several new possessions in the Caribbean and the Pacific. Preceded by a naval tragedy, the destruction of USS Maine at Havana, Cuba, the Spanish-American War featured two major naval battles, one in the Philippines and the other off Cuba, plus several smaller naval clashes.

Plymouth County Boys Involvement Index


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WWI Soldier Photos, with Documentation Index -- If you have WWI Plymouth County soldier photos & info to share, please email this county coordinator. Thanks.

WWI Soldier Index -- includes photographs & news item, obituaries. Please submit yours!

On The Way To France (LeMars Sentinel, September 25, 1917)

Company K -- 1916, LeMars Co. K of the Iowa National Guard left for border patrol duty

Company K -- 1917, Welcome For Boys...Populace Greet the Returning Members of Co. K

Co. K Camp Faber company photo page -- off site --use your Back Key to return to this page

Men of Co. K at Camp Faber in LeMars--Temporary encampment after Federal call-up

Company K...early history excerpt from History of Wasmer Post No. 241

Military Drum Taps - Company K - LeMars Unit

WWI -- "Off For Camp Gordon" LeMars Depot photo

WWI -- "Plymouth County's Roll of Honor," LeMars Sentinel, 04 Jan 1918

WWI -- Honor Roll 1917-1918 Akron & Westfield--Erected at St. Patrick's Cemetery

LeMars Sentinel news articles dated 1917, 1918, 1919

LeMars Sentinel news article, February 14, 1919

Organization of American Legion, Albert E. Hoschler Post, No. 186, Akron, Iowa

HONOR TO SOLDIERS, Presentation of Certificates - LeMars Sentinel, Feb. 20, 1920

Iowa Casualties

Co K Reunion 1930

Plan Co. K. Reunion 1934

Specimen Lists of Iowa Men and Women Lost in the World War, in “Annals of Iowa”, 3rd series, volume XV, issue 5, July, 1926, pages 358 - 376 [Submitters, Eric & Marcia Driggs]


"NEW" Iowa in WWII Special Project

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NEW WWII HISTORY PROJECT—Enjoy the newspaper items telling about the lives & happenings with Iowa WWII servicemen and women.

Think of the sadness of the good-byes as young men & some women went off to war. There was much JOY when these same young folks were able to visit during furloughs. Then there was the long days, weeks and months as family & friends waited to hear from their soldier who was facing the enemy in battle in a far away place.  Some of these young people never came home.  Family & friends waited to hear—when the final news was not good, there was much sadness.

Most of the returning soldiers had been gone a very long time, some as long as two years or more away from their home and families.  This project creates a means for those of us who came later to view what was happening (to some degree.) My Dad is one of the Plymouth County boys who was drafted at the age of 19.  He was 20 when he was shipped overseas to Africa. He was part of the Anzio Invasion. Dad was gone from Iowa in Africa, Italy, France, & Germany from January 1944 until the end of October 1945.  Our family was blessed—Dad was spared and he did return home to Plymouth County! 

I dedicate these web pages to ALL of the soldiers who served their country during WWII.  They left their homeland to serve their country, preserving freedom, peace and prosperity for the generations that followed!  “Thanks, to ALL who served"—and "Thanks, Dad!”

~Above written by the Plymouth County Coordinator, Linda Ewin Ziemann

Email Testimonials by Researchers of WWII Soldier's Families

~Dear Ms. Linda Ziemann,

I read your passage on Mr. Alphonse Ludwig and would like to thank you for recognizing him for his dedication and love for our country. You are probably wondering why I'm sending this message to you, It is because Alphonse Ludwig is my beloved Uncle Al. I am touched that someone would take their time out to research a wonderful man that I love. Once again thank you. Sincerely, M. Ludwig

WWII Memoirs written by Henry L. Darville ~a former Plymouth County boy

WWII -1941 - LeMars Co. K, 133rd Infantry, Iowa National Guard

KOREAN WAR -- Your contributions are needed. Thanks!

Index of Korean War Veterans and their stories---



























Below is an article that appeared in the Aug. 2, 1953 Des Moines Register.  It was listing all Iowan Veterans killed in the Korean War by county.  I cropped and enlarged the Plymouth County casualties. ~Submitter Kim Callahan

Des Moines Register
August 2, 1953

**Marine Pfc. John W. Brodie, son of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Brodie, LeMars
**Navy Quartermaster 1/c Stephen Vincent Hoschler, son of Mrs. Henrietta Hoschler, Akron 
**Pvt. Edward G. Offerdahl, Akron, son of Mrs. Selma J. Larson, Elk Point, S.D.
**Marine Pfc. Dean W. White, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brently White, Kingsley

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