1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Rain William 216a  
Rainboth James 107a  
Randall Margaret Ann 262a  
Rath Henry 252a  
Rathle Adello 183a  
Redmond Mrs. 245a  
Rees Geo. C. 203a  
Rees Celia 232a  
Reichman Agnes 11a  
Reichman Wilhelmine 51a  
Reiner Lena 101a  
Reiners John 101a  
Reinhardt Edith 141a  
Reints Mrs. Wm 233a  
Reintz Magdalena 177a  
Reintz Lewis 263a  
Rembe George 12a  
Remer Ida 55a  
Ressney Charlotte 99a  
Reverts John 158a  
Reverts Carl Johnson 266a  
Rhode Joseph 44a  
Richters Heinrich 141a  
Richters Aug. Theodor Martin 242a  
Rickels Eilert John 73a  
Rickets Christian 175a  
Ridgway E.A. 21a  
Riediger Infant Henry Riediger 64a  
Riediger John 108a  
Riediger Henry 201a  
Rikens Infant Bernhardt Rikens 18a  
Roan Ivy H. 56a  
Roepke Wm. 161a  
Roepke Otto 165a  
Roepke Walter 226a  
Roepke Emma Maria Augusta 255a  
Rogers J. S. 5a
d. 18 Aug 1892; 29yrs; suicide
Rogers Frank 43a  
Rolapp Johann Henry 129a  
Rolfes Henry 35a  
Rolfes Anna Maria 222a  
Rolling Infant John Rolling 47a  
Rolop John 138a  
Roth Mrs. 202a  
Roth Christ 256a  
Round Carolina 10a  
Round Olin 111a  
Rowley Mrs. C. S. 257a  
Ruble Jesse
d. 19 Jun 1889; 81yrs
Rudolf Agnes I. 135a  
Rulfs Katharina 115a  
Rummel Fred 36a  


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