1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Salentini Nicolaus 221a  
Saltzmann Rigina 82a  
Sanders Anna Maria 171a  
Saule Purl premature child birth 39a  
Saunders Bert T.
d. 23 Jan 1890; 15yrs; pneumonia
Schaff Bennie 30a  
Scherroll Wm.
d. 17 Jun 1889, 40yrs, typhyoid
Schindel Infant P.P. Schindel 136a  
Schindel Infant J. J. Schindel 137a  
Schmidt Maria Catharine
d. 27 Apr 1889; aged 77y, 7mo
Schmidt Elisabeth
d. 15 May 1889; inf of bowels
Schmidt Philip
d. 31 Aug 1889; 49yrs
Schmidt Tina 29a  
Schmidt Andres 40a  
Schmitendorf Sophia 229a  
Schneider Mrs. Jacob
d. 16 Apr 1889; inf of bowels
Schneider Philip Jr. Philip Schneider Sr. 51a  
Schneider Mrs. Philip 127a  
Schneider Fred 217a  
Schneider Mrs. 224a  
Schneider Kenneth 262a  
Schnell Adam 36a  
Schroeten Mrs. Henry 227a  
Schrooten Louise
d. 23 Jan 1890; 34yrs
Schuell Willie John 91a  
Schueller F.E. Nick Schueller 69a  
Schueller Emery 102a  
Schult Infant
b. 04 May 1890; died age 5mos
Schultz Alexander 39a  
Schultz Joakim 164a  
Schulz Katie 63a  
Schumaher Rosa M. 24a  
Schunke Albert still born
*No date, likely yr 1892
Schwender child Rev. Schwender 132a  
Schwier Fred 235a  
Scott Viola 137a  
Scott Abner Robinson 271a  
Seidenstricker C.A.S. 190a  
Shearon Mrs. Ellen 114a  
Shearon Wm. T. 223a  
Shepard Mable 258a  
Sherman L. D.
d. 10 May 1889; cancer stomach
Shields Wm. 123a  
Shoup George 132a  
Siebens Gerrit Eilert 53a  
Siebens Tinka 177a  
Siebens child S. Siebens 188a  
Siegel Lillie May
d. 21 Nov 1889; 6yr, 7mo, 17da; diptheria croup
Silbee Simion 50a  
Simpson Mrs. W. D. 203a  
Simpson Alice Evelyn 210a  
Small Chas 194a  
Small Mrs. James 216a  
Smith George 28a  
Smith Mrs. P. G. 93a  
Smith James 230a  
Smith Edith May 244a  
Somers Susan L. 192a  
Somers Dr. R. H. 243a  
Soul Emma Pearon 151a  
Souls Frank 70a  
Specht Albert 203a  
Speier Rudolf 145a  
Sperling Fredericka 202a  
Spies Florence Carolina 109a  
Spies Carolina 252a  
Spring George Hopkins 168a  
St. John Susie
d. 31 Mar 1890; 11yrs; diptheria
Stabe Joan
d. 06 Jan 1890; 64yrs; Asthma
Stableford Mrs. Hattie 124a  
Stack Lawrence 171a  
Stahl Mrs. Hannah 265a  
Stahmer John 77a  
Stanier Guy 190a  
Staub John Julius 6a
d. 05 Sep 1892; 51yrs; heart disease
Stauffer Margareth 221a  
Steiner Arnold
d. 29 Mar 1890; 60 yrs
Steiner Arnold B. 162a  
Steinfeld Lena
d. 29 Jun 1889; 21 yrs; consumption
Steinhagen Henry
d. 15 Mar 1889; consumption
Stevens C. A. 218a  
Stinton Mrs. Ira 216a  
Stoll Fred 28a  
Stoll Frank C. 97a  
Stoll Mrs. Fred 119a  
Strub Wm.
d. 24 Apr 1890; 17yrs, 2das; inf of bowels
Stuart child 226a  
Sullivan Margareth 16a  
Sullivan Julia 68a  
Sullivan John 147a  
Swain John Swain 41a  
Swansen Alfred 74a  
Swanzey Wm. 200a  
Swanzey Mrs. Elisabeth 240a  
Sweetzer Allen Y. 161a  
Symmis Gertrude Pery 108a  
Symmis C.D. still born 108a  


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