1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Pademore Dan 184a  
Page L. L. 206a  
Page Mrs. L. L. 212a  
Pageler E. J. 249a  
Palm Rachel Rebecca 274a  
Pape Erenest 73a  
Papenburg Ernstena 37a  
Pardee Mrs. I. N. 144a  
Parker Mrs. Frank
d. 20 May 1889; consumption
Patrick Boy of Henry Patrick 195a  
Patterson Robert H. 163a  
Patzig Johanna 119a  
Paul Wm. A. 20a  
Pauley Mrs. Ed J. 233a  
Pausch Bertha Louisa 164a  
Peacock James 154a  
Peacock Will 241a  
Pearson Margaret 247a  
Pech Carolina 26a  
Pech Gust. 135a  
Pemberton John B. 73a  
Penning Janelle 80a  
Penning Eilert John 180a  
Percival Nettie May 149a  
Perkins Henrietta 98a  
Peters Wilhelmina 34a  
Peters Emma Frank Peters 37a  
Peters Selma 65a  
Peters Fred W. 167a  
Peters John 266a  
Petersen Lizzie
d. 24 Apr 1889; 11yrs; diptheria
Petry Louis 121a  
Pew Margarta 39a  
Phillips John 213a  
Phillips Emanuel 258a  
Phinney R. S. 148a  
Piepenburg August 260a  
Pierce Mrs. 153a  
Pinney child Roy Pinney 265a  
Plueger Infant Will Plueger 151a  
Pollard William 134a  
Popkin Georg 95a  
Porch Ray Henry Porch 22a  
Porch Mrs. Thomas 155a  
Powers Geo. H. 96a  
Preodlet Wilhelm
d. 06 May 1889; 4yrs, 3mos; inf of bowels
Price Daniel R. 249a  
Prichard Emanuel 127a  
Priestley Mary Ann 87a  
Prince George 125a  
Pritchart Mrs. Mary 23a  
Prust Henry 144a  
Puffett child 144a  


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