1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Kale Joseph 16a  
Kallsen Margaretha 31a  
Kallsen Peter 229a  
Kane Nick 126a  
Karli John 28a  
Kause Harm C. 170a  
Keating T. R. 220a  
Keinle Louisa 268a  
Keller Perry 125a  
Kelley Mary 41a  
Kelley Mary T. 42a  
Kennedy Infant Job Kennedy 199a  
Kennedy Lora 207a  
Kennedy James H. 272a  
Kenoth Minnie Bertha Anna 19a  
Kilker Fred 85a  
Kilker Fred 113a  
Kimmel G.A. 72a  
Kimmel Infant R. S. Kimmel 146a  
Kindervater Louisa 225a  
King Elvin 162a  
Kissinger Anna 153a  
Kissinger 160a  
Kistle Estella M. 65a  
Kistle Gresham 245a  
Kisuth Anna 16a  
Klave Wm. 101a  
Klave Sepka 170a  
Klave Theodore 176a  
Klave Infant Robert Klave 157a  
Kleihauer John 230a  
Klein Henry 6a
d. 22 Sep 1892; 45yrs; wagon accident
Kleinhauer John 9a  
Kleinsorge Waller 10a  
Kleinsorge Harry 14a  
Kleinsurg Rev. H. Kleinsorge 44a  
Kleitch Matilda
d. 14 May 1890; 3yrs,4mos
Kleive Margaretha 10a  
Klemme Infant August Klemme 73a  
Klemme Rose Henry Klemme 241a  
Kling Infant Chas. Kling 142a  
Kling John 221a  
Kluckhohn Bertha 80a  
Kluckhohn Minie 81a  
Kluckhohn Henry 137a  
Kluckhohn Mathilda 267a  
Knecht John 50a  
Knecht Christian A. 97a  
Knuth 110a  
Knuth Ella 48a  
Koch Louisa 218a  
Koehler Infant Henry Koehler
d. 19 Nov 1889
Koehler Henry Ludwig 45a  
Koehler Margareth 197a  
Koenig Irene 189a  
Kohl Nick 68a  
Kohl Conrad 105a  
Koob John 22a  
Korting Twins 1 boy 1 girl Nick Kortins 92a  
Korting Infant Nick Korting 123a  
Korting Infant Nic Korting 194a  
Kowalki Clara 66a  
Kowalki Mrs. George 152a  
Krause Dorathea 88a  
Krause Augusta 163a  
Kreager Fred C. 264a  
Kreideman Maria Charles Kreideman
d. 12 Jul 1892; 2mos
Kress Infant John Kress 112a  
Kress Infant John Kress 116a  
Krudwig Wm. H. 94a  
Krudwig Wm. Mathias 236a  
Kruse Infant Joseph Kruse
d. 08 Nov 1889
Kruse Gustave
d. 16 May 1892; lung fever
Kruse Harmes 3 mo. 35a  
Kruse Harm 46a  
Kruse Harm 162a  
Kruse Anna Katharina 214a  
Kruse Vera 256a  
Kukuk Carolina 70a  
Kukuk Irene Ruth 105a  


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