1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Lake Infant C. S. Lake 186a  
Lake Thomas 248a  
Lamplow Francis 133a  
Lancaster Wm. 57a  
Lane Wm.
d. 10 Jul 1892; 32yrs; heart disease
Lang Paulina 15a  
Lang Marcus 57a  
Lang Chas. Leo George Lang 76a  
Lang August F. 124a  
Lang Chas. Edwin 149a  
Lang Laura 253a  
Langendoerfer Louisa 31a  
Langle Lina 59a  
Larkin Thomas J. 183a  
Laux A.M. 41a  
Le Mon Josephine 113a  
Leach Paul 189a  
Leach Katie A. 223a  
Lehrbach L. 249a  
Lehue Karl Fredericht 21a  
Lemke Geska 217a  
Leonhard Infant Prof. Leonhard 148a  
Leonhardt Oswald 208a  
Leonhart Mary Rev. Leonhart 51a  
Lewis Thomas 109a  
Lidster Mary Anne 271a  
Lilly Mrs. James 142a  
Lindsay Alexander 136a  
Lindsay Andrew 205a  
Lindsey Maud 84a  
Liver Peter 77a  
Lobbes 56a  
Lobbes John 71a  
Long Mike
d. 16 Oct 1889; 52yrs; suicide
Long Christian 71a  
Long Mrs. Joe 127a  
Long Joe E. 147a  
Long Josephine 185a  
Love Margaret 262a  
Lubben Heinrich Geo. 59a  
Lubsen J. L. 145a
Lucky Theodor 129a  
Ludwigs Wm.
d. 07 May 1889
Ludwigs Infant Henry Ludwigs 185a  
Ludwigs Frederich 195a  
Ludwigs child Henry Ludwigs 217a  
Luebs Clifford Fred 224a  
Luikens Anna Elisabeth 70a  
Luikens 250a  
Luss Dora 139a  
Lyden Michael 184a  


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