1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Calfas Mrs. Philip 156a  
Calfas George 169a  
Calhoun France 99a  
Callfas Philip 173a  
Cambell Child 176a  
Campbell Geo. A. 206a  
Campbell Hugh 210a  
Carel Thomas 52a  
Carel Francis Anna 240a  
Carel Elisabeth 248a  
Carpenter Thomas R. 207a  
Casper child Andrew Casper 96a  
Casper Jenny 116a  
Cattnagh Duncan 100a  
Chapman Grant 131a  
Chapman Infant E. Chapman 198a  
Chew Rev. Geo. H. 246a  
Christansen Martha Rev. E.F. Christansen 166a  
Christensen Chas.
d. 01 Jul 1889; 19yrs; consumption
Christianson Mrs. Rev. 238a  
Church Mrs. Jette 256a  
Claney R. T. 220a  
Clarcke Erenest Sidney Adam Clarke 89a  
Clark I.R. 37a  
Clarke D. C. 126a  
Clarke child C. E. Clarke 193a  
Classan J. infant
d. 11 Sep 1889; cholera infantum
Clause Edward 148a  
Clear John 86a  
Coddington Edith 7a
d. 01 Oct 1892; 9weeks
Cody Infant Wm. Cody
Still birth; d. 09 Jan 1890
Cole Mrs. Anna J. 192a  
Coleman Still Birth girl Henry Coleman 33a  
Collins Edna 142a  
Coloren Dennis
d. 07 Apr 1892; age 100yrs
Conner Thomas 69a  
Constadine Margaretta
d. 23 Dec 1889; 9mos
Constadine Nora Pat Constadine 90a
d. 27 Apr 1889; 6yrs; diptheria
Corkery Ottley
Cramer Wopke 138a  
Crawford Wm. 99a  
Crippen John Wesley
d. 20 May 1892; 4mos
Croft Infant W.A. Croft 30a  
Croon Herman Gerhard O. Croon 24a
d. 20 Aug 1892; 6das
Cross B. S. 208a  
Croston J.  
d. Stillborn, 22 Jun 1889
Croston G. C. 147a  
Croston James 244a  
Crouch Wm. ordered hearse 92a  
Crouch 108 a  
Crow Louis 206a  
Crow Mrs. John 250a  
Crowley John 26a  
Cumberbatch L. T. 260a  
Custer Benjamin Carall 174a  


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