1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906 Funeral Home Records


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Dahlman Infant 58a  
Dalton Katharina A. 67a  
Dameray Mrs. Anna J. 122a  
Daniel Heinrich 186a  
Daniels Mrs. 232a  
Darville Laura David Darville
d. 27 Oct 1889; 6yrs
Darville Mrs. Henry 53a  
Darville 118a  
Darville W. W. 146a  
De Fries Heinrich 51a  
De Vall Wm. M. 102a  
De Vries Jonky 96a  
De Vries Joseph John De Vries 255a  
De Wall Jay 238a  
De Young Henrich 12a  
De Young Geytge 59a  
De Young Mrs. Florenze 240a  
Dealey Owen
d. 20 Jun 1892; 69yrs
Deegan Emmet 148a  
Deegan child Wm. Deegan 275a  
Delehunt John 87a  
Dennler Infant Gustave Dennler 91a  
Dennler Infant George Dennler 123a  
Denslow Harvey Henry 247a  
Detloff Frank Alfred Aug. Detloff 21a  
Detloff Ricke 201a  
Deubering Child Herman Deubering 54a  
Deushle Frederich Christ Deushle  
d. 28 Apr 1890 (baby); diptheria
Devall Jessie 35a  
Devall H.L. 75a  
Diamond John W. 86a  
Diamond Mrs. John 164a  
Dimand Florence Ida 38a  
Dirks Harm 66a  
Dirks Emma 172a  
Dixon Wm. 56a  
Dobbert John 22a  
Dobbert Wilbur G. 110a  
Dobbert Wm 141a  
Dockey Wm. 55a  
Dodsan Geo. 40a  
Dodson Geo. Raymond 63a  
Dodson Wesly 65a  
Dodson James 129a  
Dohrman Katharina 75a  
Dornbusch Wilcon Walter 274a  
Douglas Wm. Child 32a  
Douglas Thomas 263a  
Dow Thomas
d. 21 May 1890; 42yrs
Dowd Mrs. M. 117a  
Dowd Michael 125a  
Downing Ciolay 175a  
Draper Jane E. 200a  
Draudt Clara
d. 26 Mar 1890; 7yrs; diptheria
Drawle Infant 9a  
Dreffie Margareth
d. Mar 1890; 74 yrs
Dresseer Hattie 199a  
Drew Daniel R. 216a  
Dueshle Frederich
Dunbar Elvira Ellis 55a  
Dunbar Benjamin 118a  
Durband Anthony 254a  
Durr Anton 84a  
Durr Christina 85a  
Durrand Dora 244a  
Duus Will A. 263a  
Dyar Henry 25a  
Dyer Dewey Willford 19a  


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