1889 - 1890 and 1892 - March 1906


Last Name First Name Father's Name Page # Additional Information or LINKS
Aalfs Anna 98a Death Record
Ackley Geo. M. 61a  
Adamson Chas. T. 76a  
Adler Christ Sr. 107a Death Record
Adler David 235a Death Record
Agnes M. 58a  
Ahrendt Mrs. Sophia 239a Obituary
Ahrens Himka Margareth 172a  
Albers John 131a  
Alberts Simon Henry Alberts 38a Death Record
Albis Still Birth Herman Albis 58a  
Albis Infant Herman Albis 74a  
Albis Albert 155a  
Albis John 198a  
Albrecht Jacob 29a Death Record/News
Albrecht Albert Infant 33a  
Albright J. 19a  
Albright Frank 49a Obituary
Alderson Elizabeth
d. 17 Jul 1889; 83yrs, 4mo
Alderson Ruth Leone 95a Death Record
Alderson Anthony 255a Obituary
Allin Annie S. 156a Death Record
Allison Anna 15a Obituary
Allison Nora / Noretta 19a Death Record
Ambros Sam 231a Obituary
Amos Ben F. 67a Obituary
Amstutz Ernest
d. 17 Sep 1889; 11yrs; Railroad accident
Anderson 120a  
Anderson Albert Oscar 149a  
Andrew Inez 96a Death Record
Arendt Clara 47a Obituary
Armagost Mary 32a Death Record
Armfield Wesley 112a Obituary
Arrasmith Frank 45a  
Ashton Mrs. James 268a Obituary
Auer Julia 271a  
Austin Mary V. (sic Marie) 105a Death Record ** Obituary


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