This webpage should be a delight to many people who either lived here in Muscatine County or had relatives here at one time. There are many photo's here showing people and businesses as they looked back in 1891. The following tables are in numerical order and not in alphabetical order, so keep this in mind while scrolling down this webpage. The information here was submitted to us by Norma Rogers, who scanned almost this entire book. Dave Dunston, Webmaster, converted this information over to html coding so it could be viewed on the internet. A big THANK-YOU goes out to Norma Rogers for taking the time to send me this information. We are sure everyone will enjoy reading it and viewing the various photos. ENJOY!!

Cover Page and Purpose

Name Page
Cover Page1
Purpose of this Souvenir2

Chronological articles

Name Page
Chronological Articles (1834 - 1890)(Also added 1891-1909)4-26

People of Muscatine---Photo's & Articles

Name Page
The Cooking Club Photo29
The Jolly Club Photo29
Charles Bailey39
Frank W. Reed39
Samuel Batterson39
J. B. Dougherty Store43
Press Men of Muscatine---Lee, Narvis, Mahin, J. Mahin, Jelly45
Press Men of Muscatine---Beard, Schwake, Mayes47
J. P. Walton54
Physicians and Dentists---Smith, Little, Tillie, Lezotte, Martin, McNutt, Ruth, Sterneman, Kulp, Tyler, Cobb56
Muscatine County Bar---J. Richman, Carskaddan, D. C. Richman, I. B. Richman, Bawden, Nichols, Lauder, R. P. Richman, Jackson, Fitzgerald, Titus, Burk, Kemble, Rosenberger, A. Bloomhall, Russell, Stevenson, Gray57-58
Other Portraits---Hobbins, Hix, Thalenhorst, Parvin, Fath, Carpenter58
Other Portraits---Brown, Gobble, Butler, Hahn, Schall, Witter, W. Huttig, Franklin, Fox, H. Huttig, Bennett, Beardsley, McNutt, ? ?, Rowan, Johnson59
Other Portraits---Selden, G. Schmidt, H. Schmidt, Canon, Scott, Fox, Gobble, Parvin, Howe, P. Jackson, G. Jackson, Horton60
Thurston & Dolsen72
Hon. Geo. W. Dillaway75
H. F. Barnard77
Grosheim Article81
Muscatine Fire Dept.89

Residential Photos

Name Page
F. M. Heaton25
P. M. Musser25
John Mahin27
Dr. D. P. Johnson27
Oldest House in Muscatine28
H. J. Lauder31
William Huttig49
L. W. Olds49
M. W. Griffin50
J. S. Patten50
W. C. Richards50
William Zeidler51
Peter Musser51
S. L. Waide51
A. Smalley53
W. W. McQuesten53
W. H. Snyder53
J. E. Howe54
D. V. Jackson54
House to be moved54
J. M. Wier61
J. M. Peck62
F. P. Sawyer62
G. A. Funck62
J. H. Canon62
P. B. Speer63
Dr. H. C. McAlister63
John Pheiffer63
N. W. Hine63
Welch and Hahn65
H. B. McCabe66
Frank Weaverling66
Richard Musser67
Dr. C. E. Ruth67
Hatch and Bawden67
J. Carskaddan67
J. E. Hoopes71

Business Photo's of Muscatine

Name Page
Muscatine County Courthouse28
Office of Muscatine Journal31
Barry Manufacturing33
Office of N. Barry33
Kemble Hotel55
Insane Asylum61
Muscatine Sash & Door68
Muscatine Sash & Door--West View69
Muscatine Oat Meal Mills70
Thurston & Dolsen Shoes72
J. P. Ament Carriage Works72
Grosheim Bros.74
Bowman's Barn74
G. W. Dillaway's Store74
Standard Box Factory76
Muscatine Water Works81
J. A. Bishop's Block83
Hotel Webster85

Muscatine School Photo's

Name Page
First Ward School Building26
3rd Ward School26
Muscatine High School Building30
West Muscatine School Building30
Fourth Ward School65
Commercial College77

Churches of Muscatine

Name Page
German Lutheran Church65
Friends Church66
Trinity Church79

Advertisements of 1891

Name Page
Crossman & Huff Ad.34
Titus & Jackson Ad.36
J. H. Monroe & Son Ad.38
First National Bank Ad.40
M. C. Lilley & Co. Ad.42
Commercial House Ad.44
Bradner Smith & Co. Ad.44
Huttig Bros. Ad.46
Muscatine Savings Bank48
Musser Lumber Co. Ad.64
Mutual Artisans Ad.78
Page of Ads.80
Page of Ads.82
Page of Ads.84
Page of Ads.86
Page of Ads.88
Silver Front Store Ad.89
Page of Ads.90

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