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(name sequence and spellings are as they were presented)

Alder J, carpenter, res e 3rd
Ady A, res e 3rd
Ady & Morgridge Drs, over T K Chase’s, res e 3rd
Algers J, carpenter, res e 3d
Aldrich & Givvs, drugs and chemicals, e 3rd bet Spencer and Calhoun
Aldricn E A ( A & G), bds mrs Parvin’s w 4th
Atkinson Dr C, lady physician, bds Rev J Fay, n Calhoun
Bagley E, clk Bagley & Co, res w 3d
Bagley & Co, grocers and queensware, e 3d
Biemford J, clk S B Windus, res 4th
Bingman & Ball Mrs, millinery e 3d
Ball A A, cashier People’s Bank, res e 4th
Bank People’s, e 3rd
Bowman J L, bds A Greggs, e 4th
Ball N M (Manfull & Ball), res e 3d
Bowersock A, clk J P, Metcalf, res over store, e 3d
Burk Wm, butcher, res cor Calhoun and 1st
Baker A, laborer, res w 6th
Boyce G, laborer, res e 4th
Brooks Wm, blacksmith, res e 4th
Bowen C, carpenter, res Elm
Beimford H, boot and shoe maker, res and shop w 4th
Brooke L, lawyer, res Calhoun
Bink Mrs S, res Calhoun
Barger C W, harness maker, shop Calhoun
Bain Wm, clothier, cor 6th and Clay
Baird Wm B, retired tanner, res cor 7th and Spruce
Brooke T S, cattle dealer, res Columbus
Ball J M (M B & Co), res w 4th
Bain J H, atty at law, e 3d up stairs, bet Calhoun and Spencer,
      res cor 6th and Clay
Bain C W, law student, bds R Elliott, cor Calhoun and 5th
Benford J N, harness maker, res J S Wilson’s, w 4th
Brooke J L (H & B), res n Calhoun
Bain W E ( J& B) , res w 6th
Burke W L v, carpenter, res Calhoun
Bailey I w, carpenter, res Elm
Booth B F, horseman, res e 7th
Baird L A, carpenter, res e 6th
Ball J A , res w 4th
Bowlsby L A, bds C F Regnier, n Calhoun
Bowlsby & Co, lumber, lath, shingles, lime, coal, cement &c,
      w 3d bet Clay and Calhoun
Barber A W, shoemaker, bds Randall House, cor 4th and Columbus
Byers M, laborer, res S Prairie road
Bogue N, carpenter, res Miller
Burkart G, wagon maker, shop Spencer st, res Calhoun
Burkart C, blacksmith G B carriage shop, bds G Burkart n Calhoun
Chase T K, Watches and Clocks e 3d, res e 5th
Clapper G, res Calhoun
Collier R, machinist, res e 3d
Cowgill J, Prest People’s Bank, res cor 5th and Spencer
Cooly A, groceries e 3rd, res e 3d
Credan M, laborer, res 2nd
Crammer J W, drayman, res w 6th
Collins C, teamster, res e 1st
Childs W R (Evans, Childs, & Co), res Calhoun
Clifton House, A Bohn propr, w 4th near depot
Crawford A. waiter Hise House, bds same
Clasen H F, saloon and billiards, S P road, res same
Chaney S W, clk Hise House, bds same
Corburn D, teamster, res e 2nd
Childs W R ( E C & Co), res n Calhoun
Campbell T M, druggist, res Columbus
Chase B, laborer, res Spencer
Dickett P, shoemaker S B Windus
Drake C S, res e 5th
Dolson L, laborer, res w 6th
Dillingham E, dentist, res w 4th
Davis J, barber, shop on 3d, res Calhoun
Deemer J A, lumber dealer, res Columbus
Devlin H A, farmer, re Calhoun
Dawson Mrs, seamstress, res e 5th
Davin H, section man C R I & P R R, res e 1st
Dewitt J W, nursery, S Prairie road
Dawson P, apprentice G Burkart, bds Mrs Dawson
Elliott I R, with W C Farguson, res Calhoun
Eigenzauch H, harness maker, res w 5th
Evans P R, grain and implement dealer, res e 7th
Evans F A, clk E C & Co, bds P R Evans
Evans Mrs L, dressmaker, res Calhoun
Evans Wm C, Farmer, res n Columbus street
Elliott R, boarding house, res cor Calhoun and 5th
Evans M C, plasterer, res e 2d
Elliott C (B & C), res cor Calhoun and 4th
Evans F A, clk E C & Co, bds P R Evans
Evans P R ( E, C & Co), res e 7th
Evans, Childrs & Co, Dealers in Gran, Stock, Farm Machinery,
      & c, w 3rd, bet Calhoun and Clay
Elbert E, barber, bds Calhoun
Elliot U, wheelwright, res Calhoun
Fisher J, horse doctor, res S Prairie road
Farguhor W C, hardware and agricultural implements,
     office w 3d, res same
Floyd A M, teamster, res w 6th
Force W H, laborer, res e 1st
Franklin T, laborer, res e 4th
Floyd J, brick mason, res Miller
Fulton A W, clk A & G, bds w 5th
French E P, clk People’s Bank, res e 6th
Alton A, wind power corn sheller, res w 5th
Frosty J, porter Hise House, bds same
Fulton A, wind feed mill, cor 4th and Sycamore
Gretz J E, groceries and dry goods e 3d, res e 4th
Gannon M, laborer, res 2nd
Greenwood H, whitewasher, res Calhoun
Gibson A, laborer, res e 1st
Grant J L, laborer, res e 4th
Gregg A, collector and notary public, res e 4th
Gaskell N, grain dealer, res w 4th
Gliddan J, carpenter, res Columbus
Gibbs R A, (A & G), res Moulton, Iowa
Gifford A M, farmer, res Calhoun
Givans J W, carpenter, re Elm
Gibson J M, farmer, res e 6th
Goetz J E, dry goods and groceries 3d st, res e 4th
Green O, painter, bds J Green, e 2nd
Green J, printer, res e 2d
Givans J L, Livery Sale and Feed Stable, Calhoun bet 3d
      and 4th, res Calhoun
Gibson J M, carpenter, res e 6th
Givans E, farmer, res e 2d
Harrison E E, Vice Prest Peopl’s Bank, res outside city limits
Hinshillwood G, machine pattern maker, res e 3d
Hinshillwood G H, bds G Hinshillwood
Huzind B, blacksmith, res w 4th
Hoover J K, McClem & Bro, res w 4th
Henning W, plasterer, res e 3d
Heald I, grain dealer, res e 3d
Harden W, laborer, res e 3d
Harris W C, merchant tailor e 3rd, res e 4th
Haines I S, clk D F Smith, bds D F Smith’s
Harrison E, agt A M ex Co, grain and coal dealer,
        officer cor 2d and Calhoun
Henderson W A, clk E Harrison, res Calhoun
Hise Wm, agent C R I & P R R, res Hise House
Hay J C, res e 5th
Hise H, clk C R I & P R R, res Calhoun
Hise A, clk C R I & P R R, res w Elm
Hardy F, Deputy Sheriff, res e 1st
Hoge C W, freight agt B C R & N R R, res w 5th
Holmes J, res e 4th
Hormel J C, restaurant, res w 4th
Henderson W, res Calhoun
Henderson L, farmer, res Calhoun
Hand A A, (West Liberty Mills), res Clay
Hand & Rogers, proprs West Liberty Mills, cor 4th and Clay
Harnell G, clk Manfull & Bro, bds w 4th
Halter V (S & H), res e 5th
Henneker W S, butcher S & H shop, res e 2d
Holmes & Brooke, lawyers, e 3d, bet Calhoun and Spencer
Holmes K O (H & B), res Calhoun
Haldeman I, traveling man, res Calhoun
Hughes J A, farmer, res Calhoun
Hawley A H, farmer, res Elm
Hussey E, groceries w 5th, res same
Hise House, Wm Hise, propr, w 4th
Hoyt L S & F J, cooper shop, e 4th
Haskell S, jeweler, res e 2d
Hardy T, shoemaker, res cor 1st and Spencer
Hollister & Webster Drs, Drugs and chemicals, e 3d bet Calhoun
        and Spencer, res e 3d
Heller ----, carpenter, res spencer
Hartzel J N, carpet weaver, res cor Spencer and 7th
Irwin Mrs Hannah, res Calhoun
Imghram W G H, blacksmith, res w 5th, (Mitchell & Imghram)
Imghram H, blacksmith, res w 5th
Jewell R T, res Clay st
Jewell & Bowman, groceries and queensware, e 3d
Johns T, carpenter, res e 3d
John Z W, mover of buildings, res w 5th
Jakway E G, carpenter, res Calhoun st
Jakway M, carpenter, bds E G Jakway’s
Jakway J W, carpenter, bds E G Jakway’s
Johnson & Baine, clothing, hats and caps, e 3d,
        bet Calhoun and Spencer
Johnson D M (J & B), res cor w 4th and Clay
Junctin House, C A Carpenter, prop’r, w 4th
Jackson E, farmer, res e 2d
Johnson J D, clk A McKinney, bds same
Keith C (Keith & Son), bds w 4th
Keith R S (Keith & Son), res w 4th
Keith A F ( A F Keith & Son), res R S Keith’s, w 4th
Keith A F & Son, hardware, stoves and tinware, w 3d
Kelly H, laborer, res e 4th
Kelly M, laborer, res e 4th
Kinsey E, clk R J Lewis, res w 4th
Keislar J, farmer, res Calhoun st
King Z N, drugs and chemicals, e 3d st, bet Calhoun
        and Spencer, res same
Kindoon E, farmer, res Elm st
King J, laborer, res e 6th
Keith Mrs R, res w 5th
Kelly C, teamster, res e 1st
Kloher Mrs C, res cor 2d and Calhoun sts
Lewis J, farmer, res e 4th
Luse J B (Luse & Luse), res out of town
Luse & Luse, bakery and grocery, w 3d st
Lundy H R, photographer, over D F Smith’s bookstore, res w 4th
Lohay J, section boss B, C R & N railroad, res Elm st
Long ----, traveling ag’t, res Miller st
Linn ----, Laborer, res e 5th
Lewis R G, dry goods and carpets, e 3d st, bet Spencer
        and Calhoun, res same
Langley D, farmer, res Calhoun st
Mayor’s Office, over Bagley & Co, e 3d st
Manby C W, clk T K Chase, res e 3d
Morgridge G O, res e 3d
McClem A H ( McClem Bros), res n Calhonn st
McClem Bros, hats caps and gents’ furnishing goods, w 3d
Morris V, stoves and tinware, e 3d, res up stairs
McFadden ----, res e 3d
Manly ----, res e 3d
Mason C W, clk D F Smith, res n Calhoun
Metcalf J P, dry goods and notions, ladies’ and
       children's shoes, e 3d st, res same
Meal F C, clk J E Goetz, res Calhoun st
Myce Mrs Mary, res e 5th
McClintock Rev A, pastor M E church, res e 5th
McFarland A, teamster, res 2d st
Mickerson Wm, laborer, res e 4th
McCarty C, laborer, res Elm st
Michols W a, grain dealer at Evans, Childs & Co, res Calhoun
Mead Mrs R A, res Calhoun st
Manfull C, produce and grain, res Spencer st
Miller H, laborer, res Calhoun st
Mitchell S M (Mitchell & Imghram, blacksmiths) res w 4th
McMoty A, carpenter, res Columbus st
Manfull L C (Manfull & Ball), res e 5th and Spencer
Morgan E, tinner M B & Co, bds J Morgan’s
McClem O H (McClem Bros), res Calhoun st
Maxwell Wm, vineyard, res Calhoun st
McElravy J W, prop’r West Liberty Enterprise, res Elm st
Manfull E, res w 6th
Madison T, telegraph operator, res w2d
McMiller S e, farmer, res Columbus st
McKinney A, restaurant and confectionery, Calhoun st,
       bet 3d and 4th, res same
Nichols Bros, dry goods and carpets, ready-made suits, res w 5th
Nichols I A (Nichols Bros), res w 5th
Nichols C M (Nichols Bros), res Calhoun st
Nichols W A (E, C & Co), res n Calhoun st
Osburn W, ice cream saloon, w 4th, over Luse & Luse
Ohl F, carpenter, res e 4th
O’Donald J, laborer, res Elm st
Osborn W, city bakery, res Miller st
Potter J, tailor, res south of city
Patterson I W, printer, res near Nichols Station road
Porter Dr Wm, res e 3d
Porter Rev A, pastor Presbyterian church, res e 3d
Patterson, J, junk dealer, res near depot
Pickering J J, agricultural implements, res e 5th
Phelps W, laborer, res w 6th
Purvis Mrs H, res w 4th
Potter Jas, express driver, res w 4th
Pond C, teamster, res Calhoun st
Pennell J, school teacher, res Columbus st
Phillips R S (M, B & Co), res w 5th
Post Office, J Maxon, postmaster, e 3d, bet Calhoun and Spencer
Porter Dr W H, office 3d st, bet Calhoun and Spencer, res e 3d
Pond L, wood yard, res w 4th
Polder P, shoemaker, res w 4th
Patterson T W, teamster, res w 2d
Polder H, clk P Polder’s, bds P Polder’s
Pickering J C, farmer, res Spencer st
Quinn E, seamstress, res e 2d
Reep & Clapper, meat market, e 3d
Reep Wm, res Calhoun st
Rodgers & Hand, prop’rs flour mill, Clay st
Richards W, plasterer, res e 3d
Reynolds, P, farmer, res cor 2d and Clay
Randall E B, blacksmith, shop on Spencer st
Rodgers T, miller, res w 4th
Reghal Mrs L, res Elm st
Randall A C, boarding house, cor 4th and Columbus
Robinson W, laborer, res cor Calhoun and 1st
Reece N, painter, res cor 7th and Elm
Richards S, farmer, res e 4th
Richards W A, carpenter, e 2d
Regnier C F, salesman B & Co, res n Calhun
Ross Mrs A B, seamstress, res Calhoun st
Swem Mrs P H, dressmaker, res e 3d
Strafton T C, printer, res Calhoun st
Swen Wm, ice cream saloon, over Jewell & Bowman, e 2d
Spencer House, cor 3d and Spencer sts, G L Blakesly, prop’r,
        M M Blakesly, clk
Savage ----, clk King’s drug store, res e 3d
Smith D F, books and stationery, e 3d, res e 3d
Shaw Mrs L A, telegraph operator C, R I & P and
       B, C R & N railroads, res w 5th
Scott J, carpenter, res w 5th
Stewart J, whitewasher, res Calhoun st
Stafford Wm, shoemaker, res w 6th
Schooly L, furniture dealer, res cor 5th and Clay
Summer R L, lumber dealer, res Spencer
Shipman G C
Smith G W, harness maker, bds w 4th
Smith & Halter, meat market, e 3d, bet Calhoun and Spencer
Smith J W (S & W), res e 5th
Scranton J W, millinery and dry goods, e 3d, bet
       Calhoun and Spencer, res e 3d
Staples C, traveling man, res Calhoun
Stiles A, Carpenter, res Elm
Smith H, clk Clifton House, bds same
Stewart S, carpenter, res w 4th
Stewart Mrs N C, res w 4th
Schooley J, at Thomas & Co, res w 4th
Sullivan J, section boss B C R & N R r, res w 1st
Slater I, school teacher, res w 2d
Summer R L, salesman B & Co, res Cor 5th and Spencer
Stratton C, carpenter, res Calhoun
Trumbo Geo, Job Printer, “Real Estate Reporter,” office e 3rd,
       bet Calhoun and Spencer, res corn Elm and 7th streets
Tucker J, laborer, res Elm
Thomson & Co, furniture dealers, cor 3d and Calhoun
Thorne M E, res cor 1st and Columbus
Vore J, laborer, res Columbus
Vore H C, carpenter, res e 4th
Woodward A W (Bagly & Co), res 2nd
Wright C, shoemaker, res Calhoun
Windus S B, boots and shoes, e 3rd, res Miller’s add
Wiley ----, carpenter, bds M Wiley
Wiley M, carpenter, res w Calhoun
Westland W C, merchant tailor, e 3rd
Wright J, carpenter, bds e 3d
Weisflog C, miller, bds w 4th
Watkins Mrs, res w 5th
Wells G, laborer, res e 2d
Weiner J, insurance agt, res e 7th
Wiker S A, carpenter, res e 4th
Weaver G, grocery, res e 4th
Wilson J L, cattle dealer, res w 7th
Wilkins B, farmer, res Elm
Webb J, farmer, res Elm
Wright O (Wright & Bros), res Calhoun
Wright Bros, dealers in produce, butter, eggs and poultry, e 2d
Wright G D (Wright Bros), res Clay
Wallingford W F, ice cream and confectionery,
       Calhoun bet 3d and 4th, res up stairs
Westfall J, insurance agt, res Spencer
Wilson J S, harness shop, e 3d bet Colhoun and Spencer, res w 4th
Westland A, harness maker, res n Jefferson
Wright C, shoemaker, res Calhoun
Wright G W, farmer, res Elm
Walker Wm, traveling man, res e 6th
Webster Dr I, denstist, res e 4th
West Liberty Fair Grounds, bet Calhoun & Clay on 1st
Williams J, tender stock yards C R I & P R r, res e 2d
Westland N C, merchant tailor, e 3rd, res Columbus
Wright I P, carpenter, res Spencer
Weaver G B, groceries and provisions on Calhoun, bet 3rd and 4th
Yontz P A, with Reep & Clapper, bds Geo Clapper
Young W J, bds over W C Harris, e 3d

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