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A - none
Boston Jos, dry goods and groceries
Berry Wm, brick mason
Berry J, carpenter
Bosten & Kaufman, general merchandise store
B C R & N depot, S D Fulmer agt
Church Catholic, Nichols
Church Christian, Nichols
Church Dutch Evangelisch, Nichols
Crane J, justice of the peace
Coalman D, farmer
Cliftord T, baggageman
Caynor Martin, L, farmer
Emerick J C, grist mills
Eisman J, saloon
Ginger J, laborer B C R & N R R
Geist A, laborer
Graff S, laborer, bds A Schmidt
Gabriel J P, blacksmith
Hartman H S, farmer
Hunt G, laborer B C R & N R R
Hawker T, car repaiser B C R & N R R
Henning J, laborer
Hooley J, clk B F Nichols general merchandise store
Kincher B, general merchandise store
Keon L, blacksmith
Kaufmann ----, (B & K)
Methodist Episcopal Church
Mapes H M, carpenter
Michals B, carpenter
Mansfield S, boarding house
Muhlfield J, wagon maker
McChesney Wm, farmer
Nichols B F, general merchandise store and post office
Rickey C
Rope J, laborer
Rickster Wm, laborer
Rusk S M, section foreman Muscatine Western Railroad
Ronemus F, photographer, cor 4th and Main sts
Reynolds V, school teacher, res Nichols
Smith Dr S H, Main st
Stafford J, office Main st
School House No 6
Schelpaper W, beer and billiard hall, Main st
Smith C F, drugs and medicines, Main street
Slade F, painter
Smith J B, engineer Nichols Mill
Slater H C, harness maker 4th st
Staford T J, brick mason
Sessions J B, brick mason
Smith Geo, farmer
Smith Dr M R, physician
Stafford E J, saloon and Billiard hall
Schmidt A, saloon and billiard hall
Speer J P, livery stable
Wesson D, physician
Wickey A carpenter
Wamsley J, saloon and restaurant
Wildhach H A, wagon maker
Wickey J, blacksmith
Yealey M, laborer
Younkins D W, proprietor St. Nicholas
Z - none

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