Pages 233 - 264 submitted by Kitty Root, January 8, 2010

(name sequence and spellings are as they were presented)


E. Mus---------East Muscatine Cor-----------Corner
S. Mus---------South Muscatine Clk-----------Clerk
N. Mus--------North Muscatine Mfg----------Manufacturer
Av-------------Avenue E--------------East
Res------------Residence W-------------West
Iowa Avenue is the dividing line between East and West Muscatine,
and the streets running east and west are numbered from Iowa Avenue.

A thru K

Abbott C W (Kirk & Abbott), res Mulberry.
Achter Wm (J A Bishop & Co), res 4 e 7th.
Achter Nicholas, res 83 w 2d
Achter Mrs. M, res Lucas Grove road.
Achter John, laborer, bds at Mrs M Achter’s
Adams A F, foreman blacksmith dept Mus Mfg Co, res 66 e 7th
Adams Jonathan, carriage blacksmith, res 79 Chestnut
Adams Dallas, blacksmith, bds 79 Chestnut.
Adams Mrs. S A, dressmaker, 11 w 2d, up stairs
Adams J S, res 13 w 2d, up stairs
Adams W D, blacksmith Mus Mfg Co
Altercrouse Mrs. A, res 45 e 7th
Allhousen John, laborer, res 5 e 8th
Althouse Conrad, harness maker, bds cor Broadway and 7th
Allen & Mull, photographers 16e 2d
Allen, J O (Allen & Mull), res 16 e 2d, up stairs
Althouse August, laborer, res cor Broadway and 7th
Allbright Evangelical Church, 63 Sycamore cor 5ts
Albers J W, res 94 Linn
Albers August, bds 94 Linn
Amlong Wm, laborer, res 55 e 5th
Amlong Robert A, watchman, res S Mus
Ament J P Sr (Ament & Bro), Mayor, res 107 w 4th
Ament & Bro, wagon and carriage factory, 53, 55 and 57 e 3d
Ament W D (Ament & Bro), res 132 e 2d
Ament J P jr, buggy box maker, Ament & Bro, res 69 e 2d
Aming H, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Amlesbouch Joe, laborer, bds at C J Dold’s
Anson Michael, painter, res 67 w 4th
Anderson ----, laborer, res Cedar
Anderson Ellen, washerwoman, res 94 Walnut
Anderson John, carpenter, res E Mus
Anderson Wm, gardener, res Musserville
Anderson George, Laborer, res Butlerville
Anderson J E. laborer, James Weed, res E Mus
Appleton Geo, barber, res 35 w Eighth
Appel John, Wagon maker, res 155 Cypress
Appel Michael, grocer, res S Mus
Appel Mrs B. grocery and saloon, res S Mus
Appel John, bds at Mrs B Appel’s
Appel Martin, laborer, res S Mus
Arnold Mrs M, res 133 e 8th
Arnold L, wood and coal dealer, res 56 Locust
Arnold Capt Geo, steamer Oriole, bds 56 Locust
Ashcraft Thomas, shpg clk Chambers Bros, res 76 e 10th
Ashton Wm, clk R A Smith, bds 149 Cedar
Asthalter Jacob, cigar maker, F Kaufmann
Ashcraft Frank, Chambers Bros, bds 76 e 10th
Aumueller G, bootmaker, res 69 e 2d
Austin Dr P A, office 13 w 2d upstairs, res 30 Linn
Baker Charles, laborer, res Butlerville
Baker John, boiler mfr e Front, res E Mus
Bauer X, carpenter, res Green
Bard Mrs. M, seamstress, res E Mus
Bargerbas J B, grain buyer, res Lucas Grove road
Bartlett M, pork packer, res 30 Cherry
Barry Nicholas sr, plumber and gas fitter, res 135 e 6th
Barry Nicholas jr, plumber and gas fitter, bds 135 e 6th
Barry N & Son, plumbing, gas and steam fitting, bath tubs, &c. 114 e 2d
Bauerbach Jos, wagon maker, res S Mus
Banks Lyman, book-keeper Mus Nat’l Bank, res 69 e 5th
Bauder Rev T J, res 99e 6th, pastor U B Church
Bahr Mrs A, res 41 w 6th
Barnard Ed, grocer, res 22 e 5th
Balluff Charles, cigar maker, res 22 e 5th
Barnard C S, grocer, res 118 e 6th
Barrick Jos, carpenter, res 60 e 7th
Baff Philip, laborer, res 97 w 8th
Baker Alfred, laborer, res 157 e 10th
Barnes Samuel, res 20 w 3d
Baker Charles, hostler, bds 44 w 3d
Bank Mus National, G A Garrettson, Pres, A B Brown, Cashier,
     cor e 2d and Iowa av
Bank Merchants Exchange National, S G stein, Pres, P Jackson, Cashier,
     nw cor 2d and Iowa av
Barclay Dr W D, res 117 e 2d
Bader Wm, cigar maker, bds at Mrs McCormick's
Badgett Zach, barber C Mull, res cor 3d and Sycamore
Batty W E, piano tuner and repairer O S Terry, res Kent House
Barger Mrs, seamstress, res 25 w 2d
Barr H, laborer, Chambers Bros
Barnard A, laborer, Chambers Bros
Baker R M, capitalist, bds Commercial Hotel
Baker Charles, bds W H Snyder’s
Barnard Robert, engineer Mus Mfg Co
Banker Wm, painter, bds Mrs White’s 2d st
Bartholomew Benj, res Iowa City road
Baird R B, traveling agent, res 85 e 5th
Benneger George, laborer, bds Northern Brewery.
Berry George, shingle sawyer, res E Mus
Berry Thomas, foreman Mus Mfg Co, res E Mus
Beesley Thomas, machinist, res E Mus
Beerman C, wagon maker and blacksmith, res S Mus
Bertram Mrs J, res S Mus
Beck John sr, laborer, res S Mus
Beck John jr, laborer, res S Mus
Beck Lambert, laborer, bds J Beck’s, S Mus
Bernie Chris, laborer, Wagner & Plaz, res Musserville
Bernius Philip, saloon, 12 Chestnut, res same
Berry Jas L, laborer, res E Mus
Benson Wm, engineer, res E Mus
Bear T S, engineer, res E Mus
Bebris Frank, laborer, res S Mus
Beckey Jacob, stone mason, res S Mus
Berkshire John, millwright and engineer, res S Mus
Betzhold John, laborer, res S Mus
Beard John, carpenter, res 37 e 6th
Beard Jacob, printer, Tribune, bds 37 e 6th
Bennett Mrs M, res 37 w 6th
Becke Theo, janitor High School, res 4 e 6th
Berry John W (Berry & Tyler), grocery, res 134 e 6th
Betts J B. ag’t tribune, res 97 e 4th
Betts W C, Daily and Weekly Tribune, res 97 e 4th
Betts E H, Daily and Weekly Tribune, res 35 e3d
Beal Barney (H Molis & Co), res 24 e 4th
Beach Benj (Beach & Butts, res 44 w 4th
Beckey Manlice, stone mason, res 12 e 7th
Benson John, laborer, res 14 e 7th
Benson Rev Geo, res 73 e 7th
Beckman Peter, laborer, res 17 w 8th
Becke Henry, stone mason, res 55 w 8th
Beitz Chas, laborer, res 85 w 8th
Beard Joseph, printer, Journal, bds 84 w 2d
Berdle Wm, laborer, res 68 w 3rd
Berry Chas, clk H W Moore, bds Commercial Hotel
Berry & Tyler, groceries, 85 e 2d
Becker Henry, cigars and tobacco, 74 E 2d
Becker Wm, cigar maker, 74 e 2d
Benham M commission merchant, 71 and 73 e 2d, res E Mus
Benzing Dr, physician, 34 e 2d up stairs, res same
Bennett Jos, famer and gardener, res 14 w 2d, upstairs.
Bennett C R, clk McCullough & Lewis, bds Jos Bennett’s
Bergin Ed, (Welker & Co), dealer in butter and eggs
Beach & Butts, Grocers, 9 w 2d
Becker A & W, boots and shoes, 21 w 2d
Becker A (A & W Becker), bds cor Cedar and 5th
Becker Wm (A & W Becker), bds cor Cedar and 5th
Beyer Louis, butcher, 11 w Front, res same
Beyer Christ, butcher, bds 11 w Front
Berry George, car repairer C, R I & P R R
Belden L W, painter, Mus Mfg Co, res cor 2d and Mulberry.
Belden T, painter Mus Mfg Co. Bds cor 2d and Mulberry
Belden Cassius, painter Mus Mfg Co, bds cor 2d and Mulberry
Beckman H, bricklayer, res 141 Cedar
Becker M, res 59 Cedar
Becker Henry (Becker Bros)l, res 59 Cedar
Becker Theo, res 57 Cedar
Beck Andrew, laborer, res 86 Cedar
Bennett Martin, laborer, res Kecklerville
Bernhardt F, feed stable, 52 Iowa av, res 58 Iowa av
Belkey Jos, harness maker, 36 Iowa av
Bierman H, cooper, res S Mus
Bierman H, blacksmith, res S Mus
Bierhuff B, laborer, res Butlerville.
Bitzer Galbraith, butcher, res 54 Mulberry
Bitzer Henry, grocer, res 86 e 5th
Bitzer Mrs, res 83 Orange
Bitzer David, grocer, cor 4th and Mulberry, res cor 6th and Orange.
Bitzer Adam, clk David Bitzer, bds 83 Orange
Bitzer Martin, real estate agt, office cor 4th and Mulberry
Biermann C, wagon maker and blacksmith, res S Mus
Bird J L, farmer, res Musserville
Binz Mrs S, res Musserville
Biermann A, laborer, res S Mus
Bischer Fred, Carpenter, res S Mus
Bird Mrs Maria, seamstress, res 73 w 5th
Bishop J A (J A bishop & co), res 98 e 5th cor Oak
Bishop John M, millwright, res 96 e 4th
Biebush H, res 119 w 8th
Biles D S, justice of the peace, res 135 e 9th
Biermann D, laborer, res 168 e 12th
Bishop J A & Co, wholesale and retail grocers 8 e 2
Blanchard H, stock dealer, res E Mus
Bloomer F. laborer, bds at Mrs. C Shaefer’s
Blocke Wm, watchman at Mussers mill, res Musserville
Bloom John, laborer, res Musserville
Blakemore John, plasterer, res 34 w 5th
Blake Jacob, merchant tailor 22 w 2d, res 11 e 7th
Blockert C, wagon maker, res 101 e 7th
Block Marx, steamboat agt and com merchant, res 36 w 3d
Bloomer Fred, teamster, res cor 8th and Mulberry
Block, W G, agt Keokuk N Line Packet Co, res 20 e 2d
Block & Bro, clothing and furnishing goods, 22 e 2d
Block D H (Block & Bro), res 22e 2d up stairs
Block Myer (Block & Bro), res 21 Walnut
Blackman F E (Garrettson & Co), res 44 e 2d
Blake Chas, clk Jacob Blake, bds same
Blake Philliip, clk Jacob Blake, bds same
Block M & Son, steamboat agts and com merchants, levee
Blockhert Christ, wagon maker, 72 Mulberry
Blumajes J, laborer, res S Mus
Bonden H, laborer, res Foster road
Bodman H V, collection agt, res Lucas Grove road
Bodman M A, clk Garrettson & Co, res Lucas Grove road
Bonner Geo, plasterer, res Foster road
Bonner Wm, plasterer, bds Geo Bonner’s, Foster road
Boland H, laborer, res Foster road
Bowman Gabriel, laborer, res 29 e 5th
Bowman J J, auctioneer, res 87 e 6th
Boydston Mrs James, dressmaker, res 20 e 5th
Bowman Jacob, expressman, res 26 e 4th
Bowman Jos, laborer, res 70 e 7th
Boston Mrs Margaret, washerwoman, res 116 e 7th
Borger Ernest, wagon maker, res 105 e 7th
Bolster Jos, carpenter, res 13 w 8th
Bowman Jacob, teamster, res 139 e 9th
Boughner F A, cooper, 116 e 2d
Bowman C J, clk H W Moore, bds 70 e 7th
Bowan John, res 49 e 2d up stairs
Bodman Henry F, dealer in groceries and provisions, 35 w 2d,
      res 37 w 2d, upstairs, Tappe’s blk
Bodman Robt, clk R R office, res 37 w 2d, up stairs
Bodman Julius, laborer C, R I & P R R, res Grave Yard road
Bowman John, laborer, res 54 Walnut
Bosten Fred, saloon and restaurant, 36 w Front
Browning W L, milkman, res Musserville
Brown Isaac, laborer, res Musserville
Brown Silas, laborer, bds B W Thompson’s
Brown Henry, laborer, res 30 e 6th
Brown & Heaton, Nevada Mills, 1, 3 and 5 e 3d
Brown Wm (Brown & Heaton), res Morford road
Brown Jos, miller, Nevada Mills
Brown O W, book-keeper Hershey’s lumber yard, res 59 w 3d
Brown R F, drug clk, res 59 w 3d
Brown C P, clk, res 59 w 3d
Brown A B, cashier Mus Nat Pank, bds Mrs. McClelland’s
Brown Thomas (Hoffman, Pickler & Prown), lawyer, res 48 w 4th st
Brown Warren, butcher, 44 w 2d
Brown Henry, engineer Cadle, Mulford & Co, res cor 7th and Sycamore
Brown Thos N, book-keeper Shammo & Cummins, res 48 w 4th
Brown Mahlon, house mover, res cor 3d and Mulberry
Brown Rev J c, res 29 Cedar
Breem F, laborer, bds Northern Brewery
Bremer Conrad, stone polisher, res Butlerville
Brent Manufacturing Company, grocery, S Mus
Brent Manufacturing Co, shops, S Mus
Brumfield P A, justice of the peace, room 4 Old’s bldg, res 44 e 3d st
Brannan & Jayne, attorneys at law, office Silverman’s bldg, up stairs
Bruntink Mrs A, res Lucas Grove road
Bruntink Chas, laborer Dillaway’s, bds Mrs A Bruntink
Bruntink G, cooper, res Lucas Grove road
Brickyard Schaefer’s, Lucas Grove road
Browning M H, laborer, res Musserville
Brier Jas, famer, res Musserville
Brenner Mrs Anna, res 17 e 5th
Bretz John, laborer, res 103 e 6th
Braunworth Jacob, boot and shoe dealer, 13 e 6th, res 108 e 6th
Brandenburg J L, finisher S G & P Stein, res 83 e 4th, cor Orange st
Brent R W H, insurance agt, res 53 w 4th
Brent Edward (Brent Mfg Co), bds 43 w 4th
Brent Wm O (Brent Mfg Co), bds 53 w 4th
Brent R H, Planing mill, S Mus, res 49 w 4th
Brent Theo (Brent Bros & Co), res 51 w 4th
Brett Levi, wagon maker Ament & Bro, res 108 e 7th
Brewery Western, Mrs John S Schaefer propr, 134, 136, & 138 w 8th
Brooks N, laborer, res 55 e 7th
Broght Mrs, res 127 e 7th
Breen Daniel, laborer, res 45 w 7th
Bruner Geo, plasterer, res 19 w 8th
Brower Benj, saloon, 21 w Front, res same
Broomhall Allen (Richman, Broomhall & Jones), lawyer,
      res 64 w 3d cor Spruce
Broomhall Clinton, clk, bds 64 w 3d
Branstrup Mrs E, res 118 w 3d
Braunworth Miss J S, M D. office 15 e 2d, res cor 6th & Oak
Brogan Mrs, boarding house, 21 e 2d, up stairs
Brogan Jos, res 21 e 2d, up stairs
Brinlkey Mrs, laborer, dress maker, 38 e2d, up stairs
Brunner Leonard, baker, bds J Koehler’s
Bridgman Fred, book-keeper I Rothschilds & Co, res 54 w 2d
Bridgman Jos, res 59 w 2d
Bridgman C W, traveling agt, bds 59 w 2d
Brandingham David, hostler, bds Thos Collins
Bretz H, laborer Chambers Bros
Brandenburg E H, finisher S G & P Stein, bds cor 4th and Orange sts
Brockway Wm, blacksmith, Mus Mfg Co, res 3d
Buthman N, carpenter, res S Mus
Bush B, painter, res Lucas Grove road
Bubusch Mrs, res Lucas Grove road
Burns S, laborer, res e Mus
Burke David, res 63 w 6th
Burke John, bds 63 w 6th
Butts John, cabinet maker, res 32 w 7th
Butz H, res 27 w 7th
Bumgardner J, grocer, res 15 w3d
Burnett R M, dealer in books and Stationery, 20 e2d, res79 w 3d, cor Locust
Burnett Lew G, clk R M Burnett, bds 79 w 3d
Butler Mrs S O, res 88 w 3d
Butler N W, farmer res 88 w 3d
Burtner Daniel, boarding house, 57 e 3d
Burtner Geo, clk W A Ewing, bds 57 e 2d
Burk W D, lawyer, 17 Iowa av, bds at Mrs McClelland’s
Butts W T (Beach & Butts), 50 w 2d
Burnes Thos, packer Geo W Dillaway
Butler A G, book-keeper Daut & Co, bds 88 w 3d
Burgess Dan’l, blacksmith, bds Park House
Buzard T J, carpenter, res Tipton road
Bundy Mrs E, res 48 Orange
Budebach Henry, harness maker, bds Mrs Shaefer’s
Byrne Jno (Byrne & Murphy), res 11 w 5th
Byrne & Murphy, grocers, 29 and 31 w 2d
Caffee A E, compiler and puplisher of county directories,
      office, Journal bldg, res 92 e 4th
Canfield Rev T H, res 129 Cedar
Cassady Wm, engineer, B, C R & M R R, res 103 e 5th
Carroll Thomas, laborer, res 55 w 5th
Caughlin Mrs M, res 77w 5th
Caughlin John, printer, bds 77 w 5th
Callahan Wm, laborer, res 64 w 6th
Campbell A, farmer, res 120 e 7th
Cassman Peter, laborer, res 64 w 7th
Canon J H, druggist, 17 w 2d, res 66 w 3d
Carpenter Capt A B, laborer, res 73 e 2d
Carskaddan J, lawyer, res 92 w 2d
Cadle, Mulford & Co, shah, door and blind mfg, 32 and 34 e Front
Cadle Richard (Cadle, Mulford & Co), res Iowa City road
Cadle Geo H, carpenter C, M & Co, bds Iowa City road
Cadle Cornelius, lumber dealer, res 104 e Front
Caughlin Chas, drug clk, 3d ward drug store
Calder Wm L, dept sheriff, res 39 Sycamore
Carr Jos, laborer, res Butlerville
Campbell John, laborer, res Musserville
Candee S N, farmer, res Musserville
Candee F P, bds S N Candee
Cessic Joe, engineer elevator
Ceurvorst Albert, laborer, res 99 e 4th
Chambers Anderson (Chambers Bros), res 80 e 6th
Chambers Vincent (Chambers Bros), res 48 e 3rd cor Walnut
Chambers John (Chambers Bros),res 80 e 6th
Chambers Wm (Chambers Bros), res Iowa City road
Chambers G W, book-keeper Chambers Bros, bds 80 e 6th
Chambers Bros, lumber dealers, saw mill, stone saw &c, e Front
Chambers Frank, laborer Chambers Bros, bds Mrs Crow’s
Chaplin Charles, engineer, res 95 w 3rd
Chiddeaur Mrs, seamstress, res 40 e 6th
Chase Ed, carpenter, res 70 e 3d
Christian Samuel, barber, cor 3d and Sycamore, res 6 e 3d
Church Wm, agricultural implements, 75 e 2d, res Iowa av
Chenoweth S B, fire and life insurance, 3 w 2d, res 23 Mulberry
Childs I M, carpenter, res E Mus
Chaudoin A, grocer, Musserville, res same
Chasey Jas, laborer, res S Mus
Chaudoin L, laborer, res Musserville
City Laundry, M D Griffin, proprietor, 12 Sycamore, down stairs
Clark Wm, laborer, res 116 e 2d up stairs
Clark Jno W, harness maker, 65 e 2d, res river road
Clapp & Fisch, dealers in stoves and hardware, 54 e 2d
Clapp W C (Clapp & Fisch), res 97 w 2d
Clapp Geo S, clk Clapp & Fisch, bds 97 w 2d
Clark W A (Underwood & Clark), real estate and loan agents, res 26 Cherry
Clark Wm R, teamster, res 157 Poplar
Cloud D C & R W, attorneys at law, over Thompson’s drug store, 19 Iowa av
Cloud D C (D C & R W), lawyer, res Butlerville
Cloud R W (D C & R W ), lawyer, bds D C Cloud
Cloud G R, clk law office, bds D C Cloud
Clark A, res 39 Chestnut
Climer A, farmer, res Newel road
Cleveland J, book-keeper T C Pound, Musserville
Clinton Mrs. M E, res 147 e 8th
Cook Curtis, horse dealer, res 125 e 5th
Collyer Mrs N, res 101 e 6th
Collyer Samuel, laborer, res 103 e 6th
Commercial Hotel, cor Front & Iowa av
Connell ----, clk H W Moore, res 110 w 4th
Correy Jerry, laborer, res 126 w 5th
Cook G W, C, R I & P R R, res 60 e 6th
Cook G, Sr, res 97 w 4th
Cook Jos, laborer, res 74 e 7th
Cook John L, painter, res 13 e 3d
Cook Edward L, clk C W Draper, bds 97 w 4th
Cook S B (Silverman, Cook & Co), bankers, 3 w 2d
Coover Isaac, grain buyer, res 102 e 7th
Conley Mrs, res 127 e 7th
Conway Mrs c, res 37 w 7th
Connor W H, mason, res 37 e 8th
Corriell James, bricklayer, res 92 Mulberry
Corriell G W, brick mason, res 66 e 9th
Corriell S, carpenter, res 72 e 9th
Connor C R, engineer, res 156 e 10th
Cohn Louis (S & L Cohn), res 37 e 3d
Cohn Saml (S & L Cohn), res 43 e 3d
Connor O P, mason, res 94 e 3d
Cobb Dr S M, Physician and surgeon, res 8 e 3d
Couch Moses, res 102 w 3d
Couch Edward L, clk Demorest & Coe, bds 102 w 3d
Coder Mrs S A, milliner, 67e2d, res same
Connell Bros, livery, sale and feed stable, 99 & 101 e 2d
Connell D (Connell Bros), livery stable, 99 and 101 e 2d
Connell C (Connell Bros), livery stable, 99 and 101 e 2d, res Chicago
Cowles Wm, clk McColm’s bds A G McColm
Cosgrove J H, tailor at D Scholton, bks M Cosgove’s
Cohn S & L, wholesale and retail clothing, 42 e 2d
Coe J E (Demorest & Coe), res 82 w 2d
Collins Thomas, livery and feed stable, 30 e Front, res 110 e Front
Cox John, laborer Chambers Bros, bds Park House
Colbert D E, res 133 Cedar
Conaway S F, res 145 Cypress
Conaway C W, printer, bds D Burtner’s
Connor B, laborer, res 57 Linn
Coe Lewis, cooper, res Newell road
Cowell T, contractor, bds W C Wier
Cosgrove M, tailor, res 45 Locust
Conway Thos, laborer, res E Mus
Courtney Steve, laborer, res S Mus
Colts H, laborer, res S Mus
Connor G W, gardener, res Musserville
Coover Frank, laborer, Musserville
Crandoll Oliver, clk McQuesten and Sawyer, res 20 e 6th
Crow Jas S, traveling agt G W Dillaway, res 60 e 2d
Crandoll C G, clk McQuesten & Sawyer
Craig Mrs M, res 75 Linn
Crafton Peter, laborer, res E Mus
Crippin Wm, planer Musser’s mill, res S Mus
Crippin Mrs, res Musserville
Crocker Andrew, foreman Musser’s mill, res Musserville
Crocker Mrs E, res Green
Currey James, laborer, res83 w 6th
Cunningham John, laborer, res 48 w 6th
Curran Thomas (Stockdale & Curran, res 50 e 5th
Cummins Thomas (Shammo & Cummins), res 96 e 9th
Cunningham Ed, printer Tribune, bds Park House
Cullenburger Dan, laborer, res Musserville
Day T M, telegraph operator, res 34 w 4th
Daniels Julius, res 56 w 4th
Dale P F, laborer, res 25 e 3d
Davis James, cooper, res 30 e 3d
Davidson A, ferry boar, res 57 w 3d
Dale Samuel, teamster, res 104 e 6th
Davidson J T (Davidson & Co), res 46 w 3d
Day E P, deputy U S collector, res 76 w 3d
Dawson E, blacksmith 126 e 2d, res 138 e 9th
Daiber John, bootmaker, res 73 Sycamore
Daniels Frank, apprentice t R Sawyer’s
Davidson A & Co, boots and shoes 32 e 2d
Daut Fred & Co, wholesale tobacco and cigars, 45 w 2d
Daut Fred (Daut & Co), res 130 Mulberry
Dayton & Bridgman, fire ins agts, 41 w 2d
Dayton F L (D & B), res Iowa City road
Davis I, trustee Mus Mfg Co, res country
Dallas Peter, carpenter, res Iowa City road
Davis Chas, laborerer, res Tipton road
Davidson Wm, carpenter, resides 28 Walnut, up stairs
Dancing Academy, 3d story Silverman’s block
Danket John, laborer, res 138 Pine
Dean Dr H M, Physician and surgeon, office Silverman’s bldg, res 77e 6th
Denham Mrs M. res Butlerville
Dean Ira, shoemaker, res 81 e 4th
Dean Jos B, brickmason, res 135 e 8th
Dean Asa, laborer, bds 135 e 8th
Deaner Wm, laborer, res 97 e 8th
Dennison G B, machinist, res 54 e 5th
Deitz John, lumberman, res 98 e 4th
Dellehan John, tailor, 27 e 2d up stairs, res 98 w 4th
Denton E W, res 73 e 8th
DeMoss J D, prop’r National Hotel, cor Walnut and e 2d
Deutchsmann Aug, clk H Geiss, res 21 w 6th
DeFayette Jefferson, laborer, res 84 Walnut
Deling H, bootmaker, bds w 8th
Demorest & Coe, dealers in Books and Stationery, Musical Instruments,
       &c, 4 w 2d
Demorest A F (Demorest & Coe), res Foster road
Derhoff H, Laborer, res S Mus
Detwiller H, laborer, res S Mus
Dill Maj Wm, res 7 e 4th
Dillaway Geo W, wholesale and retail dealer in Queensware, 43 w 2d,
       res 58 w 4th
Dietrich John, tailor J G Hoehl’s, res 9 w 7th
Dilchert H, laborer, res 33 w 8th
Dill Mrs, bds 56 w 3d
Dill A, laborer Chambers Bros, res 5th and Mulberry
Dierk Peter, shoemaker, res 54 Mulberry
Dold Chas J, prop’r City Brewery, res S Mus
Dobbs Thomas, grocer 98 Spring, res 112 e 7th
Dora B, teamster, res 89 e 7th
Dougherty John, saloon , res 137 w 3d
Dougherty J B, drug store, 25 e 2d, res 92 e Front cor Mulberry
Doyle Terrence (Farrell & Doyle), bds National Hotel
Dolman Herman, harness maker, res Butlerville
Dolsen E A (Thurston & Dolsen), res 27 Iowa av, up stairs
Dowe Oscar, druggist, bds Mrs McClelland
Donner Henry, laborer, res 78 Mulberry
Dodson Miss, seamstress, res 10 Walnut
Dolman A, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Dole Jacob, laborer, res E Muscatine
Dougherty Jos, laborer, res S Mus
Dougherty Henry, cooper, res S Mus
Dorn Jacob, res Northern Brewery
Downer E, river pilot, res S Mus
Downey John, laborer, bds A Fritz
Draper C W, groceries &c, 3 e 2d, res 146 Mulberry
Drake F A, dry goods, 31 e 2d, res same
Drury Chas, lumber, res 159 e 2d
Drury W A, clk F A Ogilvie’s res 14 e 2d, up stairs
Drury Ross, bds W A Drury
Droll Frank, bootmaker, 17 Chestnut
Drake Henry, laborer, res S Mus
Drake Jas, laborer, res S Muscatine
Drake H, laborer, res S Mus
Dunn Kimmel, wagon maker, Ament & Bro, res 77 e 5th
Dunn Jno M, wagon maker, Ament & Bro, bds 77 e 5th
Dunn S C, traveling agent, res 120 e 6th
Dunsmore Mrs D, res 103 w 4th
Dunsmore Charles, res 103 w 4th
Dunsmore Will, res 103 w 4th
Dunsmore A, clk W F Johnson & Co, bds 103 w 4th
Dunsmore Douglas, dry goods, 79 e 2d, res same
Dungan J B, barber, res 80 e 4th
Dungan & Christian, O K barber shop, basement 33 e 2d
Durkee R W, with Geo W Dillaway, res 65 w 4th
Dulanty John, laborer, res 73 w 8th
Dugan Wm, laborer, res Musserville
Dugan Thos, laborer, res Green street.
Dugan John, laborer, res S Muscatine
Dunfey J, laborer, res S Mus
Dwyer Patrick, saloon keeper, res 16 w 3d
Dyer J G, stationery and news depot post office, res 5 Iowa av
Eagan O, laborer, res 7 e 5th
Eagan Daniel, laborer, res 65 w 7th
Eaton Fred H, law student, bds 79 w 3d
Eaton Milton, clk McColm’s, bds J A Eaton
Eaton Jas A, res 46 e 2d, up stairs
Eaton Cal E, clk Dillaway’s bds J A Eaton
Earl J, bds P Stohr’s S Mus
Earl Samuel, laborer, res Musserville
Ebberling Jacob, laborer, res 174 e 8th
Eckel L, lumber yard e 2d, res 110 e 2d
Edwards Jacob, laborer, res 160 Orange
Eichenhauer Mrs E, res 127 e 6th
Eichoff Wm, teamster Brown & Heaton, res 8 w 3d
Eichenhauer Geo, cigar maker, bds 127 e 6th
Eichenhauer Charles, tobacco stripper, bds 127 e 6th
Eichoff Aug, fisherman, res 76 w 2d
Eigermann Mrs Mary, Mus Brewery, 98 Mulberry
Eitmann F, grocery and saloon, res S Mus
Eichoff F, carpenter, res Butlerville
Ellis J P, clk grange factory, res 84 e 3d
Elicker Jacob, blacksmith, 112 e 2d, res same
Ellis John, laborer Mus Mfg Co
Emerson G W, sawyer, res S Mus
Engle John J, shoemaker, res 42 w 7th
Endish Chas, laborer, res 115 w 8th
Enstler David, laborer, res 135 e 10th
Engle Ed, blacksmith, res Butlerville
Engles N, laborer, res Green
Epp Henry, res 109 e 7th
Erb Jacob, clk S G Stein, res 33 w 4th
Esterly J W, laborer, res Musserville
Eversmeyer Henry B, Ins Ag’t 13 Iowa av, res 46 e 6th
Eversmeyer Miss M, book-keeper Mus Mfg Co
Evans Mrs D, seamstress, res 52 Mulberry
Evans J G, photographer, 24 Iowa av, res Newell road
Ewing W A, Furniture and Undertaking, 63 e 2d, res 54 Orange
Ewing D L, city marshal, res 42 w 3d
Ewing Wm, engineer ferry boat, res 91 w 2d
Express Co A M U, 34 Iowa av
Express Company United States, 27 Iowa av
Exs Arnold, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Falter H S (Huttig Bros & Falter), res 16 w 5th
Fahey John, farmer, res S Mus
Fahey Tim, teamster, res 40 w 5th
Fahey Thomas, laborer, 90 w 4th Public Square
Farnsworth A, res 83 e 7th
Fahey Pat, laborer, res 69 w 7th
Fahey Mike, blacksmith, bds John Mackey’s
Fackeldy Wm, carpenter, res 35 e 8th
Fangmeyer W, res 119 w 8th
Fayle Wm H, steamboat ag’t, wholesale dealer in flour, feed, lime,
     wood and coal, res 72 e 10th
Fayle Wm sr, res 72 e10th
Farrell & Doyle, blacksmithing, 124 e 2d
Farrell Mike (Farrell & Doyle(, res Iowa City road
Farley Dr M, dentist, P O bldg, bds Dr Lindner’s
Fauble Lewis, laborer Chambers Bros, res suburbs
Faust Henry, wood worker Mus Mfg Co, res cor 3d and Walnut
Farnsworth Mrs H, res 145 Poplar
Fanhauber Barney, laborer, res Green
Fessler Joe, shoemaker, 11 e 2d, res 8 e 6th
Fell Barney, cigar maker, bds Mrs Fell’s
Fell Mrs. Mary, res 89 w 2d
Feedlar Mrs C, res S Mus
Fitzgerald T R, lawyer [Hanna, Fitzgerald & Hughes]. Res 94 e 5th
Fitzgerald John, laborer, res E Mus
Fitzgerald Jas, wholesale liquor dealer, 3 Iowa av
Fimple Andrew J, res 22 w 5th
Fisch Jacob [Clapp & Fisch], res 18 e 4th
Fitzpatrick Mike, laborer, res 26 w 4th
Finke Mrs Mary D, seamstress, res 38 e 7th
Fisher Mrs F, seamstress, res72 e 7th
Fielder John, life insurance agt, res 114 e 8th
Fisher J, laborer, res 105 e 8th
Fielder John, clk W W Church, 75 e 2d, bds Kecklerville
Fisher Frank, grocer 108 e 2d
Fisher C W, tinner McQuesten & Sawyer, bds Butlerville
Fisher Carney, tinner, bds C W Fisher
Fisher Charles, boarding house, 4 e Front
Fisher Capt A, steamer Pearl, res 98 E Front
Fisher James, laborer, Chambers Bros
Fisher John, laborer elevator, res Lucas Grove road
Fisher F, machinist Mus foundry and machine shops, res 25 Walnut
Fisher Jos, laborer, res 156 Cypress
Fisher Wm, fisherman, res 152 Lombard
Fisher Blaze, nurseryman, res Lucas Grove road
Fisher A, laborer, res Butlerville
Finch Jos, laborer, S Mus
Fletcher Wm, res 129 e 5th
Fletcher Mrs J E, res Lucas Grove road
Fletcher Glenn, farmer, bds Mrs J E Fletcher
Fletcher Saml, medical student, bds Mrs J E Fletcher
Flemming John, laborer, res 122 w 5th
Flynn Dennis, laborer, res 52 w 6th
Flannery M, laborer, res 57 w 7th
Flietz Mrs Amelia, res 16 w 3d
Flietz Gabriel, shingle sawyer, bds 16 w 3d
Flietz Robt, carriage trimmer, bds 16 w 3d
Flurk Mrs John, res Morford road
Fleid Robt, painter Groschel & Knowles
Fogarty John, laborer, res 51 w 8th
Foulke S A, res 62 e 8th
Fowler H A, bds Wm Calder’s
Fowler B, jr, bds Wm Calder’s
Fox John, laborer, res 124 w 5th
Fox Alonzo, painter, bds Virginia Hotel
Folleman Henry, laborer, res 167 e 10th
Foster J C, grocer, 48 w 2d
Ford Geo, laborer, res 54 Mulberry
Foley J, tinner, 15 Chestnut, res 89 w 2d
Fogarty Ed, finisher Kegel, Weinker & Wittich
Foster Suel, nurseryman, res Foster road
Freyermuth N, laborer, res 154 Lombard
Freyermuth Jacob, laborer, res 87 w 6th
Freyermuth Geo, eating saloon, 11 e 2d, res same
Freyermuth Henry, laborer, res 102 w 5th
Fry A, book-keeper, res 11 e 3d
Fro John, laborer, res 60 w 5th
Fry Geo, watchman Eommercial Hotel
Franz Wm, teamster, res 78 w 6th
Francis Rev A V, pastor Musserville church, res 88 e 4th
Freeman John, brick mason, res 53 e 7th
Frederick Jos, shoe maker, res 79 e 7th
Frutig Fred, laborer, res 103 w 8th
Freeman J P & Son, jobbers and undertakers, 35 e 3d
Freeman J P [J P Freeman & son], res 28 Sycamore
Freeman Franklin [J P Freeman & Son], res cor 2d and Sycamore
Freeman Chas, clk B, C R & M R R, bds J P Freeman
Frank Aaron, buyer Rothschild & co’s pork house, bds D Rothschilds
Francis P W, clk Mus Elevator
Freeland Wm, res 6 Walnut
Franklin Mrs D, hair worker, res 60 Walnut
Freers H, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Freers Wm, teamster, res Lucas Grove road
Freers John, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Franciscas Peter, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Fritz A, grocery and bdg house, S Mus
Frischtanmair C, laborer, res Musserville
Fuller Henry, brickyard, res 22 e 8th
Fuller Jos, saloon, res 38 w 8th
Fuller John, laborer, res 79 w 8th
Fuller Wm, teamster, res 101 w 8th
Fuller Wm, laborer J S Patten & Co
Fuller Joe, restaurant 34 e 2d, res 38 w 8th
Fuller Barney, groceries and queensware 52 e 2d, res 120 Pine
Fullerman Henry, blacksmith Ament & Bro
Funck Paul, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Funck Henry (Silverman, Cook & Co), res 37 w 3d
Funck Adam, tobacco agt, res 37 w 3d
Funck A S, fireman, bds 9 e 3d
Funck Gaston, laborer, res 94 w 4th
Fulliam Dr G W, botanic physician, res suburbs
Funck Henry (Daut & Co), res cor 3d and Pine
Funck G A (Daut & Co), bds cor 3d and Pine
Funck Geo, grocer, 20 w front, res S Mus
Funck H, laborer, bds P Funck
Fulliam E, drug store
Garlock C F, student, bds 93 e 6th
Garlock J S, lumberman, 82,84,86 e 2d, res 93 e 6th
Garrettson G A, res 72 e 5th, (Garrettson & Co)
Garrettson & Co, wholesale grocers, 6 and 7 w Front
Garrettson Frank, teller Mus Natl bank, bds 72 e 5th
Garlock A N, book-keeper, bds 93 e 6th
Garlock Miss F, dressmaker, 22 Walnut up stairs
Garrett Thos, laborer Chambers Bros, res e Mus
Gabble F M, book-keeper Garrettson & Co
Gamble A, clk and telegraph operator bds D Burtner’s
Garren Mrs D, res e Mus
Gauld A, sec foreman c, R I & P R R, res S Mus
Getter Mrs D, res 117 e 6th
Geisler F [Geisler & Co], res 76 Walnut
Geisler Chas [Geisler & Co], res 46 e 5th
Geisler & Co, manfg pat wagon brake, 39 Mulberry
Gertner Henry R, butcher, res 114 e 7th
Gemmil Mrs Jessie, seamstress, res 162 e 9th
Gerndt Julius, meat market, 23 e 3d, res same
Gerdes F, jewelry and clocks, 44 e 2d
Geisenhaus Fred, grocery, 60 e 2d, res same
George Ausustus, tinner, res S Mus
Georgen G, laborer, res 130 Pine
Geiss Henry, druggist, 42 w 2d, res same
Gesell Chas, bds 4 e Front
Getting Martin, carpenter, res Iowa City road
George Geo, laborer, res S Mus
George Lewis, laborer res S Mus
Getterat A, gardener, res S Mus
Getzman L, gardener, res S Mus
Geiger John, bricklayer, res S mus
Geiger Mrs M, res S Mus
Gertenbach Wm, teamster, res S Mus
Gilmore ----, laborer, res 127 e 8th
Giles Peter, laborer, bds Mrs C Shaefer
Gibney Mike, C, R I & P R R, res 88 e 3d
Gillespie Edward, Virginia Hotel
Gifford Edward, teamster, res 67 Spring
Gleason W D, traveling agt Shammo & Cummins
Glynn Patrick, laborer, res Iowa City road
Glynn Mrs. Res 33 Chestnut
Goldsberry L T, bricklayer, res 133 e 6th
Goldsberry L S, cooper, bds 133 e 6th
Goldsberry F J, brick mason, res 70 e 9th
Goldsberry Silas, teamster, res 92 e 3d
Goldsberry J B, brick mason, res 77 Mulberry
Goldsberry M, seamstress, res 10 Walnut
Goodrich Ezra, carpenter, res 124 e 7th
Goodhue S, marble cutter, res 45 e 3d
Gordon J G, dry goods and notions, 19 e 2d, res 19 Cherry
Gould Chas, clk R R office, bds 65 e 2d
Gottbrecht Adolph [I Rotschilds & Co], res 30 Walnut
Gottschalk E, shoemaker, res Lucas Grove road
Gordon Wm, carpenter, res Iowa City road
Goeser Fred, laborer, res 60 Spruce
Goodman Frank, plasterer, res E Mus
Grotis ----, planning mill s e cor 2d and Mulberry, res 71 e 5th
Gray Dr D W, physician and surgeon, office 66 Mulberry,
       res 79 e 5th cor Orange
Gray Dr F P, physician and surgeon, office 66 Mulberry,
       res 79 e 5th cor Orange
Groth Robt, carpenter, res 87 w 5th
Green Mrs. E, res 63 e 6th
Green Miss M A, res 63 63 e 6th
Griffin M D, laundry and shirt mfg, 33 e 2d down stairs, res over W W Church’s
Greeley J B, machinist, res 42 e 5th
Griffin J E, res 124 e 6th
Griffin D C, res cor 6th and Spring
Greaser Andrew, policeman, res 30 w 4th
Groeschel C, (Groeschel & Knowles), res 94 e 7th
Groeschel & Knowles, carriage and wagon factory, 31 Iowa av
Grossheim Theo, barber shop, res 133 e 8th
Greavink H, laborer, res 113 w 8th
Grant D F, carriage trimmer, Ament Bros, res Cedar
Grosjean E, butcher, res 12 e 3d
Green J A, res 108 w 3d
Green H L, medical student, bds cor 3d and Cherry
Green W R, clk, res 108 w 3d
Green Geo A, job printer, bds 108 w 3d
Griffin & Co, shirt factory and laundry, 33 e 2d
Grant John, miller, Kirk & Abbott
Greeley O K, knit goods, 46 e 2d, res same
Graham Dr. I L, druggist, 64 e 2d, res 65 Iowa av
Grigg Mrs Catherine, res 21 w 3d
Grade Ferd S, music teacher, res 87 w 2d
Griese Mrs Johanna, res 113 w 2d
Greenblade Henry, sawyer Chambers Bros
Grigg S C, Grigg House, 17 and 18 w Front
Grigg John, clk Grigg House
Grant Thos, printer Tribune
Grau Henry, carpet weaver, res 43 Cedar
Groeschel E, painter, 72 Mulberry, bds National Hotel
Griffin M D, ins agt (Hawley, Hoover & Griffin)
Gray Robt H, tel opr, bds cor w 2d and Linn
Grafe Chas, tailor, res 102 Iowa av
Grosjean & Lentz, butchers, Iowa av
Grant Patrick, miller, res 43 Chestnut
Greenaway Wm, barber Mull’s, res 67 Pine
Griffiths Peter, painter, res 98 Pine
Groter Mrs. G, res 59 Spruce
Greenwood Peter, bds P Stohr’s S Mus
Greenwood L, laborer, res S Mus
Gunzenhauser J G & Co, iron and brass founders and machinists,
      Walnut bet 2d and 3d, res 161 e 9th
Hawley Cyrus (Hawley, Hoover & Griffin, insurance, 115 w 5th
Hawley, Hoover & Griffin, general insurance office 21 Iowa av
Hann N, res 121 w 5th
Hagerman H, harness maker, res 73 e 6th
Hartman B, blacksmith, res 13 e 7th
Hartman J C, wagon maker, res 129 e 6th
Hartman John, cigar maker, res 22 e 6th
Hartman Wm, laborer, res 81 w 8th
Hartman Henry, fireman Brown & Heaton, res 16 e 3d
Hartman F F, lock maker, res 42 e 3d
Hartman Wm (Hartman Bros), bds Commercial
Hartman Bros, livery and sale stable, 10 e 3d
Hartman, Adam, harness maker, res 51 e 2d
Hartman John, laborer, res 21 w 2d up stairs
Hartman Adam, carpenter, res S Mus
Hartman Wm, carpenter, res Musserville
Harget Albert, res 35 w 6th
Hardman Dr J, D D S, office over Norman’s store, res 96 e 5th
Hatch C U, carpenter, res 3 e 4th
Hanna, Fitzgerald & Hughes, attorneys and counselors at law,
      office over Mus Nat’l Bank
Harrison F M, ag’t Davis sewing machine, 28 Walnut
Hall C W, laborer, res 54 Walnut
Harrison Wm W, engineer, res 54 Walnut
Hanson John, saw filer Hershey’s, res S Mus
Hart David, laborer, res Butlerville
Hart Wm, brick mason, res Butlerville
Hayes Judge W I, judge district court, res Clinton
Hahn John, clk Hershey’s, res S Mus
Harrish H, laborer, res Musserville
Herwig Mrs H, res 33 e 6th
Herwig J H, harness maker 39 e 2d, res cor 6th and Cedar
Herwig John, harness maker, bds 33 e 6th
Herwig Daniel, laborer, res 14 e 6th
Hermann ----, horse doctor, res 59 e 6th
Hershey Jacob, res 104 e 5th
Hesler H, laborer, res 110 e 7th
Hern Mrs. M res 41 w 7th
Heizer S B, grocer 44 w 2d, res 57 e 8th
Hermann S, laborer, res 59 e 8th
Held Wm, cigar maker at F Kaufmann’s
Held H, laborer, res 99 e 8th
Held Mrs, Res 114 e 2d upstairs
Heaton F M (Brown & Heaton), res 113 e 8th cor Spring
Hedley John, carpenter, res 141 e 9th
Hessler H, teamster, res 171 e 10th
Henneker Ed, laborer, res 136 e 10th
Heller John, res 89 e 3d
Hershey Mrs Dr, res 70 e 3d
Heppe C, boot maker 5 e 2d, res 121 w 3d
Hershe Dr A B, druggist at John B Dougherty’s
Hess Jacob, harness maker 41 e 2d, res Fletcher’s add
Herbaugh L, butcher, res 87 e 2d
Herrett Peter, hostler Connell Bros, bds samt
Heine John, bootmaker A Davidson & Co
Heine John, jr, tobacco stripper at F Kaufman’s
Hettinger Adam, wagon painter, res 58 e 2d
Hetzell & Co, meat market, 55 w 2d
Hetzell Chris (Hetzell & co), res cor 2d and Linn
Hawley Geo R, clk, res 79 e 4th
Hawley Romulus, lumber dealer, res 111 w 4th
Hampton R P, wood worker Mus Mfg Co
Hampton A B, plow maker, res 95 e 4th
Hale F P, broom maker, res 78 e 4th
Hahn John, clk H W Moore, res 48 w 7th
Hale Saml, carpenter, 136 e 8th
Haas Mrs M, res 83 e 7th
Hart John, painter, res 15 w 8th
Hallam T J, vet surgeon, res 157 e 10th
Hanlon John, laborer, res 158 e 9th
Hanson H, tinner Clapp & Fisch, res 40 e 3d
Haney Rich’d, colored, res 20 w 3d
Hacker Fred, paper hanger, res 46 w 3d
Hacker Conrad, clk Daut & Co, res 46 w 3d
Havercamp M, groceries and provisions, 49 e 2d, res 9th and Iowa av
Hall C W, salesman J A Bishop & Co
Hague Wm, clk McColm’s, bds McColm’s
Hahn John jr, cigar maker, bds 48 w 7th
Halter Wm A, clk J M Wier
Hale ----, teamster Webster’s marble yard
Hancks Herman, tinner, res Morford road
Hampe Bros, harness makers, 27 w 2d
Hampe J J (Hampe Bros), res 27 w 2d
Hampe Chas (Hampe Bros, res 27 w 2d
Hampe Miss, dressmaker, res 27 w 2d
Hanna Thos (Hanna, Fitzgerald & Hughes), lawyer, res 105 w 2d
Haslett B F, laborer Chambers Bros
Hacker Adam, laborer, res 40 w Front
Harrington W E, confectionery and ice cream saloon 45 Mulberry,
     bds Park House
Hall Harry, laborer, res rear 73 Mulberry
Hagerman H, broom factory, cor 6th and Mulberry
Hayes Daniel, stock farm and dealer in fine stock, Iowa City road
Harris John, res Iowa City Road
Hagerman W, laborer, res Morford road
Hawley Rev, farmer, res Morford road
Hatch Mrs A B, boarding house 41 Sycamore
Hebard D B, res 108 e Front
Heller Chas, car repairer C, R I & P R R, bds J Heller
Hegerman H, harness shop, 73 Mulberry
Hess George, laborer, res Butlerville
Henneger F, laborer, res Tipton road
Hess Mrs. C P, washerwoman, res E Mus
Hess Adam, machinist, bds E Mus
Herman H J, butcher shop, res S Mus
Higley Mrs, washerwoman, res 57 e 6th
Hine John, shoemaker, res 148 e 8th
Hine John, miller, res138 e 6th
Hine Andrew, plasterer, res 106 w 4th
Hildebrand Chas, laborer Mus Elevator
Hill Mrs H, res 103 e 7th
Hilt Conrad, laborer, res 17 e 8th
Hine H, carpenter, res 39 e 3d
Hine N H, clk John Lemp’s, bd 39 e 3d
Hittinger Adam, painter Ament & Bro
Hill Wm S, farmer Musserville, res 105 w 3d
Hill Mrs M J, res 105 w 3d
Hill R G, printer Journal, res 107 w 3d
Higgins John, blacksmith, bds Mike Farrell’s
Hine John B, with Tyler and Tallant, bds Wm Hine’s
Hill S B, carpenter and architect, res 103 W 2d
Hintermeister Jake, teamster, res 31 w Front
Hine Wm, plasterer, res 69 Spring
Hickey Con, laborer, res S Mus
Hintermeister John, teamster, res S Mus
Hine Chas, laborer, res Musserville
Hine Henry, laborer, res Musserville
Hogen Christ, at Hershey’s mill, res 100 w 5th
Hoffman Thos J, res 59 e 5th
Hoffman John, teamster, res 24 e 7th
Hoffman D B, fisherman, res 50 e 7th
Hoffman W (Hoffman, Pickler & Brown), res 22 w 5th
Hoffman, Pickler & Brown, attorneys at law, office P O bldg up stairs
Hoffman Wm, millwright, res 91 e 3d
Hoffman Herman, bootmaker W F Johnson & Co
Hoffman George, cabinet maker Cadle, Mulford & Co
Hoffman ----, sawyer Chambers Bros mill
Hoffman, John, laborer, res 68 Mulberry
Hoffman C, laborer, res 156 Lombard
Hopkinson J G, laborer, res 128 e 6th
Hopkinson, Perry, carpenter, res 69 e 8th
Hoerr Geo, city baker, res 8 w 4th
Hoch E, lumberman, res 39 w 4th
Hoehl J G, merchant tailor 34 e 2d, res 6 w 7th
Hoehl J L , tailor, bds J G Hoehl
Hoehl J , cutter, bds J G Hoehl
Hole J, canvasser, res 28 Walnut up stairs
Howe Mrs Mary, seamstress, res 135 e 9th
Houser Saml, bds 25 e 3d
Howley Mrs Thos, seamstress, res 5 w 3d
Houlahan John, laborer, res 129 w 3d
Howell Miss E, music teacher, bds 84 w 3d
Holliday James, carpenter, res 128 w 3d
Hoeffin M, jr, boot maker at Braunwarth, res Graveyard road
Howe Sim, grain buyer, res 135 e 2d
Hookey Henry, teamster J S Garlock, res Morford road
Hogermeyer John, polisher W W Webster, bds same
Howe W E, clk post office, bds Mrs Howe’s
Hopkinson Francis, res 114 Cedar
Hopkinson J D, clk city hat store, res cor 9th and Cedar
Hopkinson Amos, printer, bds 114 Cedar
Holmes E E (Humphrey & Holmes)
Holcomb F D, res 73 w 2d
Hoch W A, traveling agt, res S Mus
Hopkinson J G, laborer Chambers Bros
Hopkins ----, laborer Chambers Bros
Howe M Y, school teacher, res 83 e 5th
Howe S K, secy and treas Mus Mfg Co, res country
Hoopes W Y, res 88 Oak
Hoopes L, Trustee Mus Mfg Co, res country
Hockey Henry, teamster, res Morford road
Hoehr J, saloon 32 Walnut, res same
Hofflin M, shoemaker, res Newell road
Hoover Henry (Hawley, Hoover & Griffin), res 43 Pine
Hoefflin M, laborer, res Newell road
Howard H V, sawyer Musser’s mill, res Musserville
Horton James, farmer, res Iowa City road
Horton Ed, farmer, bds J Horton
Hogan Mrs H, res E Mus
Howry Peter, laborer, bds N Buthman
Hopson A, gardener, res Musserville
Hoopes W H, gardener, res Musserville
Hunter Wm, engineer, res 108 e 5th
Hummel Benj, teamster, res 112 e 5th
Huttig Wm (Huttig Bros & Falter), res 8 w 5th
Huttig Bros & Falter, sash, door, blind and moulding factory, w Front
Huttig Fred (H Bros & F), res cor Chestnut & 4th
Huffman ----, stone mason, res 39 e 7th
Humphreys F E, ins sgt, res 7 e 3d
Hubbard C W, carpenter, 45 e 2d, res 101 e 8th
Hughes Mrs Sarah, res 110 w 3d
Hughes Wm, bds 110 w 3d
Hughes Samuel M, lawyer [Hanna, Fitzgerald & Hughes], bds 110 w 3d
Hunt T G F, salesman Gordon, bds 12 w 5th
Hunter Frank, clk Dr C W Smith, 71 and 73 e 2d
Husted H (A Davidson & Co), res 90 Oak
Humberger J B, boots and shoes, 72 e 2d, res same
Huer Wm, cigar factory, 10 w 2d, res 62 Linn
Huer Rudolfe, cigar maker, bds 62 Linn
Hutchinson P V, clk Shammo & Cummins, res 66 w 2d
Humphreys & Holmes, ins agts, 3 w 2d
Hutchinson C W, book-keeper Musser & Co, res 82 e Front
Humes Giles, saloon, res 102 e Front
Hunter Frank, laborer, res 40 Walnut
Hubacher N, carpenter, res Newell road
Hubacher John, clk S G Stein, res Newell road
Hultzhauer Geo, laborer, res S Mus
Hurd H, shingle sawyer, bds H Howard’s
Hurd W, shingle sawyer, bds H Howard’s
Hunt Benton, laborer, res E Mus
Hyde Mrs E A, seamstress, res 50 Mulberry
Hyenke H J, tinner, res Morford road
Hyenke Garrett, teamster, res 80 w 5th
Iowa Bible Publishing Co, Tyler & Tallant, proprietors, office 7 w 2d up stairs
Irwin Robt, laborer, res E Mus
Ineichen Jos, laborer, res E Mus
Jayne Henry, lawyer, res 94 e 6th
Jacob Wm, whitewasher, res 23 e 8th
Jackson Wm, painter, res 103 e 8th
Jackson Geo, clk McColm’s res 78 w 3d
Jackson Peter, cashier merchant’s exchange national bank, res 80 w 3d
Jackson Jacob, clk S & L Cohn, res 43 Iowa av
Jackson A, Secy Gas Co, res 90 w 2d
Jackson & Lillibridge, grocers, 7 w 2d
Jackson James [Jackson & Lillibridge], res 61 Sycamore
Jack O G, printer Journal office, publisher Humming Bird
Jardon Dennis, 24 w Front
Jewett Robt, sheriff, 52 and 54 e 4th
Jepson Silas, clk S B Heiser, res 31 w 4th
Johnson W F & Co, boots and shoes, 28 w 2d
Johnson W F (W F Johnson & Co), res 109 w 2d
Johnson Geo H [W F Johnson and Co.], res 80 w Front
Johnson G W, tinner, 80 e 2d
Johnson Wm, carriage painter Ament & Bro, res Graveyard road
Johnson Dr D P, res 15 w 3d
Johnson Mrs, dressmaker, res 80 w 2d
Johnson Wm, laborer, bds Mrs Jane Johnson’s, S Mus
Johnson Mrs Jane, res S Mus
Jones F P, lawyer [Richman, Broomhall and Jones) res 147 e 8th
Jones H P, carpenter Kirk & Abbott, res Iowa City road
Jones W H, agt B C R & M R R, res 53 Mulberry
Jones Geo, gardener, Musserville
Johem George, shoemaker, res 79 e 10th
Joy W H, farmer, res Iowa City road
Johaningmirer Dr Herman, physician and surgeon, res E Mus
Junkin Mrs, res 94 w 2d
Juettner Barney, tailor, res 23 w 6th
Kahn Simon, clothing 5 w 2d, res 57 w 4th
Kark John Jr, Painter Ament & Bro, bds John Kark sr
Kark John sr, painter Ament & Bro, res Lombard
Kark Adam, blacksmith Ament & Bro, res Lombard
Kasper F A, machinist, res 74 e 3d
Kane Chas, hostler, bds 44 w 3d
Kaufman Ferdinand, cigar manufactory 44 e 2d, res 92 Sycamore
Kaufman Adolph, cigar maker, bds F Kaufman
Kaufman Wm, cigar maker, bds F Kaufman
Kann Chas, laborer, bds W H Snyder’s
Kegel Christian (Kegel, Wienker & Wittich], res 21 e 5th
Kegel, Wienker & Wittich, manfrs and dealers furniture 50 e 2d
Kegel Wm jr, book-keeper Journal office, bds Chris Kegel sr
Kennedy W M, county recorder, res 81 e 5th
Kennedy A, surveyor, res 81 e 5th
Kessinger E M, fanning mill mfg 117 e 2d, res 82 e 5th
Keifner Geo, woodsawyer, res 132 e 6th
Keifner Wm, res 90 e 3d
Keppey Chas, laborer, res 38 w 6th
Kempner Fred, teamster, res 40 e 7th
Kempner Ed, res 102 Spring
Keckler John, res 30 e 8th
Keckler George, miller Brown & Heaton, res 144 e 8th
Keller Conrad, carpet weaver, res 37 e 7th
Kentler August, laborer, res 91 w 8th
Keller John, res 73 e 3d
Kemmer Chas, machinist, res 157 e 2d
Kilpin Fred, bakery, 76 e 2d
Kern Chas, butcher, 40 w 2d, res same
Kern Rev V, pastor German Evangelical Synod of West, res 28 Cedar
Kern, Isaac, carpenter Cadle, Mulford & Co
Keefner Geo, laborer Chambers Bros
Keefner John, laborer Chambers Bros
Kennicot John, clk Commercial Hotel
Kelley Patrick, laborer, bds Virginia Hotel]
Kellum S O, bds 72 e Front
Kessler Chas F, dealer in staple and fancy groceries
      65 Mulberry cor 5th, res 71 Mulberry
Kemerer Chas F, machinist Mus foundry and machine shops 25 Walnut
Keath Rippin B, prop’r Ripp’s Dining Hall 5 Iowa av, res 11 Iowa av up stairs
Kerrick John, teamster, bds John Logan
Keefenheim O, laborer, res S Mus
Keating W H, clk John Lemp’s, bds Commercial Hotel
Kemmer C, saloon and res S Mus
Kemper B, gardener, Musserville
Kirk W F (Kirk & Abbott), res 71 e 5th
Kirk & Abbott, planning and grist mill 123 and 125 e 2d cor Mulberry
Kiefner John, laborer, res 91 e 5th
King H, laborer Chambers Bros
King Geo W, laborer, res 129 e 5th
King John, laborer, res 178 e 12th
King Lewis, butcher, res 60 Mulberry
King John, teamster, res E Mus
King Mrs. weaving, 69 and 71 e 4th
Kirsch Peter, painter, res 152 e 9th
Kirsch Andrew, stone cutter, res 61 w 4th
Kirsch Casper, painter, res 29 e 3d
Kintzel Israel, cabinet maker, res 134 e 7th
Kindler Fred, teamster, res 92 w 7th
Kindler Peter, laborer, res 94 w 7th
Kindler Christ, teamster, res 94 w 7th
Kile Chas, butcher, 50 Mulberry, res 122 e 9th
Kincaid Wm, machinist, res 59 e 3d
Kindler Fred, laborer J S Patten & Co, res Newell road
Kirk John, laborer, res 168 Lombard
Kinder Mrs. res E Mus
Kielan C, laborer, res Butlerville
Kinsley G M, laborer, res Musserville
Kinstlel Isreal, cabinet maker Kegel, Wienker & Wittich
Klein Eugene, clk J G Gordon, res 92 4th
Klein Isaac, clk D Rothschild & Co, res over store
Kleinfelder Joseph, res 34 w 8th
Kleinfelder B, bds A Fritz
Knopp J L (Welsh & Knopp), res 7 e 2d up stairs
Knopp John sr, stone mason, res 14 w 8th
Knopp Geo, cabinet maker 12 w 6th
Knowles A S, carriage maker, res 92 e 7th
Knowles L (Groeschell & Knowles), res 99 e 7th
Kneese Geo, carpenter, res 125 Mulberry
Kneese M, carpenter, res 121 e 8th
Knolte Chris, blacksmith Ament & Bro, res Butlerville
Knott Jacob, shoemaker, res S Mus
Knopp C, laborer, res Musserville
Korta Mrs G, seamstress, res 88 w 5th
Koehler Bros, confectionery and bakery, ice crea, strawberries,
      &c, 36 w 2d cor Chestnut
Koehler John (Koehler Bros), res 52 w 4th
Koehler Geo (Koehler Bros), res 24 e 4th
Koehler Mrs. seamstress, res 130 e 9th
Koehler John, butcher, 40 w 2d
Korn Peter, baker, res 44 w 7th
Kopp Mrs B, res 138 e 8th
Korz Thos, laborer, res 99 w 8th
Koeting Martin, carpenter, res Iowa City road
Koepping John, expressman, res 62 Walnut
Koeppen A, bakery 22 Iowa av, res same
Koallman Herman, cooper res Lucas Grove road
Koendig John, teamster, res S Mus
Kohl Henry, laborer, r es Green
Koll Claus, painter, res 144 e 6th
Kripp Fritz, laborer, bds Charles Dold’s
Kranz Conrad, florist, res 4 w 8th
Krahl ----, res 159 e 7th
Krahl Bernhardt, teamster Brown & Heaton
Krehe J T, drugs and medicines, 77 e 2d, res same
Krall Bernard, teamster, res 93 w 2d
Krug Harry, laborer Chambers Bros, res e 12th
Kramer M, laborer, res S Mus
Kramer F, laborer, res Lucas Grove road
Kramer George, laborer, res Butlerville
Kritts Henry, clk Dold’s brewery, bds C Dold’s
Kramer Wm, shoemaker, res E Mus
Kuhl Rev Phillip, pastor German Methodist church, res 32 e 4th
Kulp Dr J S, dentist, office 13 w 2d, up stairs, Hare’s Hall, res 46 Locust
Kurz J J, barber, 7 Iowa av, res same
Kuchman John, res Burlington road
Kuebler Jacob, cooper, res S Mus
Kyle A C, carpenter, res 63 e 7th

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