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Artz J, blacksmith
Bernard M, laborer
Baker M, general merchandise and drug store
Chase Mrs J
Chase J P, postmaster
Christian W, laborer
Christian A, proprietor of Iowa House
Church Lutheran
Church Christian
Coanelly J, laborer C, R I & P R R
Danner J, blacksmith
Desmond P, laborer
Edwards ----, laborer
Eaton J, carpenter
Fiddlar Christian, blacksmith
Freman A, laborer
Gesy S, beer saloon
Gardner J, laborer
Goetnitz J, wagon maker
Hetter George, brick maker
Hilton J, laborer
Hunt H, traveling ag't G W Hunt
Jamieson J W, physician and surgeon
Johnson J, laborer
Kelly H, farmer
Lyon Christian, ag't C, R I & P R R and U S Express Co
Lowe I, laborer
Long H, farmer
Lasdner J, laborer
Martin M, section man
Marsh H, laborer
Neibert J, laborer
Robinson Jos, section boss C R I & P R R
Stoneburner M, seamstress
Stager C, laborer
Simmons Z, carpenter
Smith J S, carpenter
Snyder H, boarding house
Temple J, boots and shoes
Weaver & Judson, hotel
Weaver E, saloon and billards
Weise Chas, Saddlery and Harness Hardware,
        and Carriage Trimmer
X, Y, Z - none

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