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Austin ----, shoemaker
Brenneman C, blacksmith
Butcher John, Jr
Barrett J
Buser J H, Minister Reformed Church
Butcher L
Buser A M, carpenter
Butcher J, restaurant
Cone W d, physician and surgeon
Crocker W H, Jr, restaurant
Cone J R, plasterer
Cone J E
Calhoun J, carpenter and wagon maker
Davison Wm R, blacksmith
Emerson H, farmer
Emerson C
Fulmer H
Gunderson J, section boss B C R & N R R
Gay J, blacksmith
Hamilton J
Hill J B, merchant and grain buyer
Hill Wm, book-keeper and clerk
Ingraham D W, carpenter
Ingraham W
Jones J W, farmer
Johnson M, carpenter
McCurdy A, farmer
McCurdy S D, notary public and grain dealer
McCullough J, Jr
McLeod J, proprietor saw mill
Minard J, harness maker
Norttay N, farmer and proprietor of saw mill
Norris Wm a, farmer and township clerk
Northy Wm, Star Saw Mill
Nelson W F, farmer
Northy G, Star Saw Mill
Norris J W, justice of the peace
Northy S, merchant
Rive R
Reeder J
Riciketts R F, clerk
Rosceo R
Singleton A, farmer
Shull C
Stafford L, farmer
Shull J, proprietor Union Hotel
Sanderson J, blacksmith
Sanderson F, carpenter
Snyder J, carpenter
Snighton Wm, proprietor Rockamaker House
Terry E L, merchant
Tice J, blacksmith
Tyte J
Tyte E, farmer
Tipton T
Woolford S, book-keeper and clerk
Wheelan M, constable
Walker C A, agent B C R & N R R
X, Y, Z - none

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