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(name sequence and spellings are as they were presented)

Ady H H, farmer
Andy J, farmer
Bagley Geo, drugs, groceries and queensware,
        books and stationery
Barkman J, wagon maker
Berry T C, carpenter
Barkhurst J, farmer
Brokaw Wm, carpenter
Barnes B
Carr P H, shoemaker
Cole F M & Bro, barbers
Christian Church
Doughney M, section man C R I & P R R
Doyle C O, carpenter
Doyle J R, farmer
Embree B, traveling man
Gaynor ----, Principal Atalissa district School
Guile J, farmer
Hurd & Crane, grain buyers
Hiatt J, harness maker
Harper A P, tanner
Howard L, machinist
Hampton S, carpenter
Jones W H
Jones A, land owner
Jones T, painter
Lundy Wm, farmer
Lamb L, carpenter C R I & P R R
Manning W, harness maker
McAnnich & Co, meat market
Manly A, laborer
Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian Church
Neff G W, agt C R I & P R R
Parvin J N B, carpenter
Riddle Wm, blacksmith
Rowe D L, physician and surgeon
Riddle WW, physician and surgeon
Stiles R, carpenter
Sanders E D, blacksmith
Scott G M, general merchandise store
Stratton E D, jeweler and watchmaker
Terry Geo, blacksmith
Tobin M, farmer
Wright Mrs L, millinery
Wilshire John, harness shop, general assortment harness and
        hardware, carriage rimming and repairing done,
        all work warranted
Worrall Geo, boot maker
Walker D, stock and grain buyer
Weaver J, teamster
Worrell A, general merchandise store
Wildman B, laborer
X, Y, Z - none

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