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       Vacation time for our boys and girls has ended for this year except the Thanksgiving and Christmas times. Every town school and most of the country districts begin this week. Seven of our former rural schools have lost their identity by reason of consolidated schools. Three because of lack of pupils and one because the burned down building has not been rebuilt. One school reports no teacher as yet. A good number of the rural schools will have teachers who are beginners in the work. One noticeable thing among the rural teachers is that 13 have the title, Mrs. There will be one male teacher in the rural schools. Last year the average pay of rural teachers in the county was $93.71 per month. In the town schools the average compensation for females was $129.64 per month and for males $221.36 per month.
        The following are the rural teachers for the fall term of 1922.


Center Township

Teacher School Town
Margaret Moses Barbee Glenwood
Thelma Roberts Hawthorne Glenwood
Lucile Evans Little Brick Glenwood
Mrs. Mina Bennett Reasoner Glenwood

Glenwood Township

Teacher School Town
Edith Buffley Goheen Glenwood
Mildred Moses Plainview Glenwood
Lucile McKnight Williams Glenwood

Plattville Township

Teacher School Town
Frances McFerren Bethlehem Pacific Junction
Mrs. Anna Pein Lincoln Pacific Junction
Dora Borene Pacific City Pacific Junction
Winifred McCormack - Glenwood

Rawles Township

Teacher School Town
Mrs. Nettie Patterson Center Glenwood
Mrs. A. H. Evans Estes Tabor
Pauline Hardy Forest Grove Tabor
Mrs. Beulah Snyder Four Corners Tabor
Mrs. Myrtle Hofmockel Goodfellow Malvern
Desda Evans Maple Grove Malvern
Erville Butterfield Pleasant Ridge Glenwood
Mable Leeka Shady Grove Tabor
  West -- Closed  

~ source: Mills County Tribune newspaper, September 6, 1922. Copied, with permission, from the Mills County Genealogical Society Newsletter, April, May, June 2003.

~ contributed and transcribed by Cay Merryman



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