Early Schools of Mills County, Iowa
Glenwood High School
Glenwood Township
Class of 1893
18th Annual Commencement Exercises
Takes place at the Opera House Friday Evening. The Largest Class ever Graduated from Glenwood High School.

Motto: "Our Golden Age is Before, not Behind us".
Staff: Professor Fort and Miss Greck
Music: composed of Professor Bickness, Messrs. Ed Myers, Will McCluskey, Corwin Jones, Walt Jamison, Lin Hanson and Dr. Frank Douclan.
Invocation: Given by Reverend F. L. Hayward

  • All 15 Graduates gave a commencement speech:
    • Miss Jennie Davies - "We Sail Today: Where Shall We Anchor"; dressed in green silk, white lace, Nile green slippers. She wore pink roses.
    • Miss Grace Brown - "The Polish Boy"; dressed in a cream serge, cream lace and ribbons. She wore red roses.
    • Walter Sabin - "Good and Bad Luck".
    • Miss Louise Moulton - "The Immortality of Literature"; dressed in a gown of white mull and cream lace. She wore red roses.
    • Miss Bess Mills - "King Robert of Sicily"; she was dressed in pink silk crepe, pink lace, with pink gloves, fan and slippers. She wore cream roses.
    • Mr. Ray French - "Value of the Public Schools".
    • Miss Blanche Donnell - "A Young Authoress"; she was dressed in pink silk, with lace trimmings. She wore cream roses.
    • Miss Mabel Baker - "Three Political Terms"; she wore a cream satin finish Henrietta, cream lace and ribbons. She wore pink roses
    • Mr. Fred Osborn - "Our Future".
    • Miss Rose Pitzer - "Living Temples"; her gown was lavender silk, white lace and ribbons, with smilax.
    • Mr. Bert Hardman - "Industry vs. Genius".
    • Miss Josie Richards - "Rifts in the Clouds" - she was dressed in cream serge. She wore red roses.
    • Mr. Alfred L. Green - "Education of the Freedman" (Alfred was the first young man of color to graduate Glenwood H.S.)
    • Miss Jessie De Lashmutt - "Tale of Two Cities"; she was dressed in green silk trimmed with white lace.
    • Miss Etta Ewing - "Advantages of Adversity"; she wore lemon silk. She wore carnation pinks.
The young gentlemen were all dressed in becoming black.

Professor W. H. Fort gave a few chosen words of counsel, and farewell. He presented each with the well-earned parchments signifying the completion of their studies in the Glenwood High School. Reverend G. W. Porter pronounced the Benediction; the Glenwood Mandolin Club played a final selection and the 18th annual commencement of the Glenwood high school was at an end.

~ Transcribed by Karyn Techau. The complete article can be found in the "Mills County Journal", 01 June 1893, Page 5

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