Mills County Schools
Perfect Attendance
Malvern Leader
Malvern, Iowa
Thursday June 8, 1933, Page 7

Perfect Attendance Awards:
With the closing of the rural schools of the county many records of good attendance have been reported. The following is a list of those pupils in rural schools who were neither absent nor tardy during the last six weeks of school:

  • Bethlehem school:
    • Raymond Lincoln, Earl Lincoln, Vera Lincoln, Sarah Jane Lincoln, Franklin Lincoln, Dean Lincoln, Franklin Lincoln, Dean Lincoln, Mary Ellen Richardson, Wannetta Bacon and Betty Bacon.
  • Forester school:
    • Kenneth Evans, Alice Lang, and Leala Templeton.
  • Ingraham Center school:
    • Viola Pierce, Lucille Pierce, and Kenneth Schoening.
  • Mt. Vernon school in Ingraham:
    • Martin Jenkel, Bonnie Custer, Phyllis Williams, Norma Williams, Albert Jenkel, Lola Collier, Richard Bishop, Shirley Burgoin, and Lois Bishop.
  • Oaks school:
    • Ivy Lucile Kraenke, Evelyn Harman, LeVon Harmen, Velma Mahan, Jewell Mahan
  • Pleasant Valley school:
    • Lucille Knop, Fern Maddocks, Donald Clyde Jackson, Betty Barger, Bernald Schoening, Darlene Knop, Sarah Ruse, Viola Knop, Billy Zanders, Richard Whitesides, and Lola Knop.
  • Sandiland School:
    • Doris Darland, Eva Huntsman, Emmett Stephens, Maxine Collier, Donovan Darland, Albert Washburn, Richard Lee Bowers, Isabelle Stephens, and Junior Benedict.
  • Sand Hollow School:
    • Harry Hunt, Ward Hunt, Joe Krabbenhoft, Roy Krabbenhoft, Glen Schoening, Catherine Schoening, Pauline Schoening, LaVerne Deitchler, and Carol Deitchler.
  • Vogler school:
    • Lee Roenfeld, Linda Heitmann, Eldon Deltchler, Virginia Kruse, Allice Roenfeld, Marvin Heitmann, Lou Rita Kruse
  • Wearin school:
    • Margaret Robbins, Josephine Haden, Betty Haden, Roberta Moore, Lawrence Cargill, and Gerald Moore.
  • West Liberty school No 1:
    • Russell Crouch, Henry Vohns, Minna Vohns, Herman Vohns Viola Marjorie Jens, Ervin Jens, Robert Hunt, Marian Hunt, Esther Graalfs, George White and Clifford White.
Spelling Awards:
The pupils listed below are those who have had 100 perfect spelling lessons during the school year:
  • Excelsior school:
    • Otha Mass, Wade Freeman, Leon De Bolt, Herbert Freeman, Frances De Bolt, Florence Adams, and Mabel Laws.
  • Lincoln school:
    • Louise Barker, Jackie Cowardin, Herchel Nuss, Emory Kuhl.
  • Vogler school:
    • Lou Rita Kruse, Juanita Queen, and Leona Hansen.
  • White Cloud school:
    • Lorene Bryan, Donald Piburn, Jack Buffingyon, Ruth Summers, Clifford Baldozier, Otha Bryan Marvin Piburn, and Josephine Baldozier.

Transcribed by Jaime Hockett

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