Mills County, Iowa

Ghost Towns of Mills County, Iowa
by Allen Wortman

(used with permission)

Published as a part of Mills County's observance of the Bi-Centennial of the American Revolution 1975, Malvern, Iowa. We are most grateful to Mr. Wortman for giving us permission to post this material on the Mills County IAGenWeb site. ~     Cay Merriman.
Table of Contents
  Mills County Map, Locating Former Towns and Post Offices I
  Foreword V
  Former Towns and Post Offices XIII
One The Indians ~ Waubonsie's Bequest 3
Two St. Mary ~ the Town that Vanished 12
Three Sharpsburg ~ from Bethlehem to East Plattsmouth 17
Four Rushville ~ The Saints March In ~ and On 22
Five Plumer Settlement ~ Travel by Stage ~ Getting There 27
Six Stage Coach Inn ~ Country Hostelry 35
Seven White Cloud ~ Rail Magnet Drew the Town Away 41
Eight Pacific City ~ the Town Not Pacific 57
Nine Louden and Fayette ~ Ambition Alone Not Enough 69
Ten Hillsdale ~ the Deserted Village 75
Eleven Harmony ~ a Mile Made a Difference 99
Twelve Weston ~ Left at the Starting Line 102
Thirteen Folsom ~ and the Petrified Man 103
Fourteen Strahan ~ the Vigorous Commercial Center 107
Fifteen Clark ~ Flourished Four Years 125
Sixteen Solomon ~ Its Glory Faded 127
Seventeen Peaceville ~ that wasn't Really a Town 133
Eighteen Wall Street ~ the News Writer's Fantasy 140
Nineteen Balfour ~ a Town Started Too Late 148
Twenty Cemeteries ~ Country Burial Grounds 156
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