Mahaska County 




June 2021
Added family and school photos for Fisher family & Bryan and New Sharon High School
February 2021
Added marriage certificate image for Ellis - Dunham marriage
January 2021
Added historic postcard images
December 2020
Added historic Wright, IA postcard
November 2020
Added Mahaska County Patent & Inventors for years 1857 - 1875
August 2019
Added Mahaska County's Inventors and Their Patents (1843 - 2009)
Off-site link to State Library of Iowa

Added 6 photos of Civil War Vets and new information about 7 Civil War Vets (Contributed by Jeanie Belding)
Added 15 Obituaries  (Contributed by Jeanie Belding)
Added "Attempted Lynchings in Mahaska County, IA"
March 2019
Added historical postcards donated by David Shedlock (Volunteer Submission)

February 2019

Added link to Mahaska county Civil War Vet Virtual Cemetery (Volunteer Submission)

Added nearly 850 Mahaska county Civil War veterans (Volunteer transcription & submission)

Added Civil War casualty John M Jarvis (transcription)

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